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Maple Lodge is a wonderful 40 acre nature reserve consisting of lakes, marsh, hedgerows and wooded plantation. The reserve is in Maple Cross near junction 17 of the M25 (see the Lodge Map page for location details). It can be accessed by members any time of the year. Details regarding membership and access can be found on the Contacts Info page of this web site.

A full record of all the different species recorded on the reserve can be seen or downloaded from the link below: (Last updated February  11th 2018)

The Society’s Facebook Page is used to post all the latest news & announcements and to show links to other liked organisations. It is the official Facebook Page for the Society and Reserve and can be viewed by people who don't even use Facebook. Just click on the link in the top righthand panel or click below:

We also have a Facebook Group. This is the Maple Lodge (Facebook) Forum where people can post their latest sightings, thoughts, suggestions, questions and photographs and get replies from other members via the link below. This can only be seen by people signed up to Facebook, but this is free and really easy to do:

If you wish to review the latest summarised sightings logs or see the annual nest box & bat box survey results then go to (Website) Forum Page or click on the link below:

You do not need to sign up to view the content of the above site but if you do (free of charge) you can make comments, post relevant notices or open up a discussion topic - For this purpose, however, you are encouraged to use the above Facebook Forum instead. Recent 'Website' Forum activity is listed at the bottom of every page of this web site.

From November 2014 we now have a Maple Lodge Flickr group so that photographers, whether on Facebook or not, can share photos taken on the reserve. Many RSPB and Wildlife Trust reserves have their own Flickr groups; they are another way of capturing what's happening on the reserve and sharing it with others. They are also beneficial from a publicity point of view.

So feel free to start posting photos now at:

[ Maple Lodge 'Flickr Group' ]

Also visit our Gallery page on this website to select and view a wide range of photographs all of which were taken on (or associated with) the Reserve.

* Jan 21 2018: BIRD FLU - Please be aware that Bird Flu has been confirmed locally at Amwell in Herts.  If anyone sees a dead bird on the reserve please do not touch it! Please call the Maple Lodge contact number 07580 535986 to report the sighting and we will alert the relevant authorities. 

* Dec 28 2017: 46 more photos added to the Gallery Page, including  Great White Egret which is a first for the reserve. 

* Sep 29 2017: 188 more photos added to the Gallery Page, including a number of species new to the ML Species List.

* Apr - Aug 2017: More photos added to the Gallery Page, including c180 most recently Aug 26th.

* Mar 2017: Species List updated (see above). 2016 Maple Lodge Wildlife report posted (see Birds and other Wildlife tab) and 2017-18 membership details and updated Rules available (on Contacts and Membership tab). 

April 2016: See Links Page for video of Great Crested Grebe chicks by Adrian Lee. Hairy-footed Flower Bee added to Species List.

* April 20th 2016:  AGM held.

* March 2016: 2015 BIRD REPORT now available for viewing or download on the 'Birds Seen' page. Includes the year's Flora and Fauna records.

* February 2016: Species List includes recent new entries and the Gallery Page has 50+ new photos added.

* January 2016: Species List includes recent new entries (including two fungi) and the Gallery Page has a number of new photos added over the last couple of months.

* March 2015: 2014 BIRD REPORT now available for viewing or download on the 'Birds Seen' page.  Includes the year's Flora and Fauna records.

* January 2015: More photographs added to Gallery, including Hoverflies and Beetles not previously recorded. 'Species recorded on the reserve' have now been separated from the 'Management Plan' and held in a new document (see link above).

* September 2014: The Gallery page now automatically displays the latest (i.e. the most recent) 50 photos uploaded to the site and also gives an option to display the latest 50, 100, 150, 200 or 250 photos.

* See Links Page for video Presentation of Maple Lodge by Colin Rowe - [ ML Presentation ]

* February 2014: Facebook Forum link added - see link above

* January 2014: Facebook link/likes added - see header panel above where the Kingfisher's beak points to

* July 31st 2013: MAPLE LODGE CONSERVATION SOCIETY is now a Registered Charity (Number 1153157).

* February 2012: We now have a Maple Lodge main contact phone number - Mob: 07580 535986

For more detailed information about the reserve, its objectives and its plans, view the document below (Current version = March 18th 2015): 

Maple Lodge Conservation Society (MLCS),
Maple Lodge Close, off Denham way,
Rickmansworth, Herts. UK. WD3 9SN
07580 535986
Registered Charity Number 1153157



Maple Lodge Conservation Society (MLCS),
Maple Lodge Close, off Denham way,
Herts. UK.