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Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2022 Qtr 2 up to 30 Jun (September 18, 2022, 05:56:36 PM) quote  
2022 Bird List - first reported date.
Great Crested Grebe (28th Jan 2022), Little Grebe (2nd Jan 2022), Cormorant (2nd Jan 2022), Bittern (Not yet recorded in 2022), Grey Heron (2nd Jan 2022), White Stork (Not yet recorded in 2022), Little Egret (2nd Mar 2022), Great White Egret (17th Jan 2022), Mute Swan (1st Jan 2022), Black Swan (Not yet recorded in 2022), Greylag Goose (20th Jan 2022), Canada Goose (12th Jan 2022), Barnacle Goose (3rd Apr 2022), Egyptian Goose (5th Jan 2022), Shelduck (Not yet recorded in 2022), Mandarin (11th Mar 2022), Wigeon (17th Jan 2022), Goosander (Not yet recorded in 2022), Pintail (Not yet recorded in 2022), Teal (2nd Jan 2022), Gadwall (2nd Jan 2022), Garganey (Not yet recorded in 2022), Mallard (2nd Jan 2022), Shoveler (2nd Jan 2022), Pochard (29th Jan 2022), Red-crested Pochard (26th Feb 2022), Tufted Duck (2nd Jan 2022), Goldeneye (30th Mar 2022), Red Kite (19th Feb 2022), Sparrowhawk (30th Jan 2022), Buzzard (2nd Jan 2022), Kestrel (20th Jan 2022), Hobby (14th May 2022), Peregrine Falcon (Not yet recorded in 2022), Osprey (Not yet recorded in 2022), Pheasant (21st Jan 2022), Water Rail (2nd Jan 2022), Moorhen (2nd Jan 2022), Coot (2nd Jan 2022), Oystercatcher (15th Feb 2022), Little Ringed Plover (Not yet recorded in 2022), Golden Plover (Not yet recorded in 2022), Lapwing (29th May 2022), Ruff (Not yet recorded in 2022), Snipe (2nd Jan 2022), Jack Snipe (Not yet recorded in 2022), Redshank (Not yet recorded in 2022), Greenshank (Not yet recorded in 2022), Green Sandpiper (12th Jan 2022), Common Sandpiper (Not yet recorded in 2022), Mediterranean Gull (3rd Apr 2022), Common Gull (16th Jan 2022), Black-headed Gull (2nd Jan 2022), Herring Gull (16th Jan 2022), Lesser Black-backed Gull (16th Jan 2022), Greater Black-backed Gull (Not yet recorded in 2022), Common Tern (27th Apr 2022), Arctic Tern (Not yet recorded in 2022), Stock Dove (12th Jan 2022), Collared Dove (6th May 2022), Woodpigeon (2nd Jan 2022), Feral Pigeon (Feral Rock Dove) (19th Feb 2022), Ring-necked Parakeet (2nd Jan 2022), Cuckoo (6th May 2022), Barn Owl (Not yet recorded in 2022), Tawny Owl (Not yet recorded in 2022), Swift (4th May 2022), Kingfisher (4th Jan 2022), Green Woodpecker (12th Jan 2022), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st Jan 2022), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Not yet recorded in 2022), Skylark (24th Apr 2022), Swallow (24th Apr 2022), House Martin (Not yet recorded in 2022), Sand Martin (Not yet recorded in 2022), Meadow Pipit (Not yet recorded in 2022), Yellow Wagtail (Not yet recorded in 2022), Grey Wagtail (2nd Mar 2022), Pied Wagtail (12th Jan 2022), Wren (9th Jan 2022), Dunnock (11th Jan 2022), Robin (1st Jan 2022), Blackbird (11th Jan 2022), Fieldfare (Not yet recorded in 2022), Song Thrush (6th Jan 2022), Redwing (2nd Jan 2022), Mistle Thrush (19th Feb 2022), Cetti's Warbler (11th Jan 2022), Sedge Warbler (Not yet recorded in 2022), Reed Warbler (24th Apr 2022), Garden Warbler (22nd Apr 2022), Whitethroat (Not yet recorded in 2022), Lesser Whitethroat (Not yet recorded in 2022), Blackcap (20th Mar 2022), Chiffchaff (20th Mar 2022), Willow Warbler (22nd Apr 2022), Goldcrest (26th Jan 2022), Firecrest (Not yet recorded in 2022), Spotted Flycatcher (Not yet recorded in 2022), Stonechat (Not yet recorded in 2022), Long-tailed Tit (1st Jan 2022), Coal Tit (7th Mar 2022), Blue Tit (1st Jan 2022), Great Tit (2nd Jan 2022), Nuthatch (11th Jan 2022), Treecreeper (5th Jan 2022), Magpie (2nd Jan 2022), Jackdaw (2nd Jan 2022), Rook (15th Apr 2022), Carrion Crow (12th Jan 2022), Raven (2nd Jan 2022), Jay (2nd Jan 2022), Starling (26th Jun 2022), House Sparrow (Not yet recorded in 2022), Chaffinch (2nd Jan 2022), Brambling (13th Feb 2022), Greenfinch (27th Jan 2022), Goldfinch (3rd Jan 2022), Siskin (2nd Jan 2022), Lesser Redpoll (Not yet recorded in 2022), Bullfinch (Not yet recorded in 2022), Hawfinch (Not yet recorded in 2022) and Reed Bunting (11th Feb 2022).

Jun 1st - Jun 30th 2022 (LF = Lynsters Farm)
Great Crested Grebe (1st (2, no chick), 2nd (1), 6th (1 adult) Jun), Reed Warbler (1st (2), 3rd, 4th (3+), 9th, 15th (4), 16th (3), 18th (and young), 19th , 25th (3), 30th (3 pairs +) Jun), Cetti’s Warbler (1st (2), 9th , 15th Jun), Blackcap (1st , 4th (f), 9th , 18th Jun), Coot (1st (3 pairs with 8 chicks), 2nd - 4th (with 1 chick), 6th (with 2 chicks), 15th, 18th (5 pairs with 2, 4, 2, 4 & 2 young), 26th (12), 28th (with young), 30th (with 2 chicks) Jun), Black-headed Gull (1st (5+ chicks on island & 10+ on rafts), 4th Jun), Shoveler (1st (1), 26th (1) Jun), Gadwall (1st (5), 4th (m) Jun), Garden Warbler (2nd (singing), 9th, 11th, 15th - 16th, 18th, 19th (singing) Jun), Chiffchaff (1st , 15th Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2nd (m&f and juvs), 4th - 5th , 12th (2), 14th (f), 15th (m&f), 18th - 19th (m), 26th (juv), 27th (f), 28th, 30th (juv) Jun), Tufted Duck (1st (2), 2nd (pair), 3rd (f with 7 ducklings), 4th (2m&1f), 9th (with 4 ducklings), 15th (f & 3 young), 18th (with 2 young), 30th (7 juvs seen off by Coot) Jun), Pochard (1st (1), 4th (m), 11th (with 6 young), 15th (f with 2 young) Jun), Cormorant (1st (3), 4th (1), 18th , 30th Jun), Great Black-backed Gull (1st (1) Jun), Grey Heron (1st - 4th , 6th , 9th (2), 15th (2), 18th, 25th, 30th Jun), Little Grebe (1st , 3rd, 4th (3 adults), 15th , 18th , 20th (with 2 chicks) Jun), Jay (2nd , 4th (2), 6th - 7th, 15th, 16th (2), 19th (youngster), 25th (2), 30th Jun), Cuckoo (2nd - 4th (heard), 12th (calling at 5pm) Jun), Canada Goose (3rd (gosling), 6th (Adult and 1 gosling), 11th (with 3 young), 15th (3), 28th, 30th (4 adults) Jun), Moorhen (3rd (eating Water Vole’s apple which chick would not eat), 4th (broods of 2, 3 & 2), 15th, 26th (1), 28th, 30th (juv and adult eating apple put out for Water Vole) Jun), Little Egret (3rd , 18th , 20th (3), 25th (3) Jun), Mallard (4th (with 6 ducklings + one in box opp Teal Hide on at least 1 (visible) egg)), 15th, 19th (5 ducklings), 25th (with 6 young), 28th (with 3 ducklings) Jun), Dunnock (4th , 30th Jun), Blackbird (4th Jun), Goldeneye (4th (f on CH Lake) Jun), Ring-necked Parakeet (4th (3), 15th, 30th Jun), Stock Dove (4th (1) , 6th (2), 19th, 27th , 30th (3) Jun), Chaffinch (4th (m), 18th (m), 30th (m) Jun), Long-tailed Tit (4th Jun), Treecreeper (4th , 12th Jun), Kingfisher (5th, 15th, 18th , 28th (1), 29th (Pair and young male), 30th Jun), Robin (6th (young), 18th (with 2 young), 30th Jun), Wren (7th , 19th (young), 30th Jun), Swift (11th, 26th (8), 30th Jun), Song Thrush (12th Jun), Pochard (13th (f with 1 duckling) Jun), Reed Bunting (15th Jun), Nuthatch (15th Jun), Red Kite (15th Jun), Buzzard (16th (2), 30th, Jun), Green Woodpecker (18th Jun), Magpie (19th , 25th 30th Jun), Goldcrest (19th Jun), Grey Wagtail (25th Jun), Common Tern (26th - 27th (1) Jun), Starling (26th (2 flocks) Jun) and Great Tit (30th (20+adults and juvs) Jun).

Peacock (1st - 2nd, 9th (20+ caterpillars), 10th (larvae), 18th (caterpillars) Jun), Green-veined White (2nd Jun), Red Admiral (2nd , 9th, 11th (5), 12th (2), 15th - 16th, 18th , 28th , 30th Jun), Brimstone (2nd (including female ovipositing on Alder Buckthorn), 3rd (m& f and pupating caterpillar), 4th (m), 5th (adult and larva), 10th - 11th , 15th , 16th (2m) Jan), Orange Tip (5th, 9th, 10th (m), 12th - 13th (m) Jun), Small Tortoiseshell (9th - 10th , 16th , 18th Jun), Speckled Wood (10th , 12th , 16th Jun), Meadow Brown (11th (2), 15th (2), 18th , 30th Jun), Comma (15th (2), 16th, 18th, 24th , 28th Jun), Large White (16th (1), 30th (3) Jun), Small White (16th (2) and Large Skipper (26th , 28th Jun).

Buff-tip (2nd Jun), Gold Spot (2nd Jun), Psyche casta - Common Bagworm (micro moth) (4th (Larval case), 9th (Larval Case), 30th Jun), Celypha lacunana - Common Marble (4th Jun), Poplar Grey (Subacronicta megacephala) (4th Jun), Bright-line Brown-eye (7th Jun), Common Nettle-tap (9th Jun), Buff Ermine (Spilosoma lutea) (9th (unusual form) Jun), Small Magpie (9th Jun), Light Cinnabar (11th (2), 22nd (caterpillar on Ragwort), 26th (caterpillar on Ragwort), 30th (caterpillars) Jun), Emerald (13th Jun), Hummingbird Hawk-moth (24th - 25th Jun), Common Footman (26th Jun) and Poplar Hawk-moth (29th Jun).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 1 Jun 2022. Just 34 moths of 23 species from the reserve, with cool, clear conditions taking their toll. Highlight was a Gold Spot which remains a very uncommon moth in Herts.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 3 Jun 2022. 176 moths of 57 species from the reserve. Common Footman, White-point, Burnished Brass, Grey Pug, Tortrix viridana, Parapoynx stratiotata, Agapeta hamana, Hofmannophila pseudospretella, Pandemis heparana, Hedya nubiferana, Argyresthia spinosella, Aethes smeathmanniana and Eucosma cana were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 24 Jun 2022. 307 moths of 83 species from the reserve. Having been away for a couple of weeks, there were 41 species which were new for the year. Highlights included Elephant and Poplar Hawk-moth, White Satin Moth, Obscure Wainscot, Peach Blossom, Pinion-streaked Snout, Brown-tail, Anania lancealis and Mompha ochraceella.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 25 Jun 2022. Slow going on the moth front at the reserve as cooler temperatures and an evening downpour put a cap on activity. 134 moths of 47 species put in an appearance with Least Carpet, Bordered Beauty, Gypsonoma sociana, Bright-line Brown-eye, Rustic and Mottled Beauty new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 28 Jun 2022. 386 moths of 86 species from the reserve. Highlights were Rhyacionia buoliana - Pine Shoot and Purple Clay (Diarsia brunnea) which were both new for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 29 Jun 2022. 336 moths of 85 species from the reserve. The highlight was the immigrant moth Bordered Straw (Heliothis peltigera) which is new for reserve list. Apologies for photo!

Azure Damselfly (2nd , 5th , 10th , 12th Jun), Common Blue Damselfly (2nd , 3rd (ovipositing on new pond), 4th - 5th , 8th, 10th , 12th Jun), Blue-tailed Damselfly (2nd , 4th (2), 5th, 7th, 10th, 12th - 13th , 18th (Blue, Green, Lilac and Red forms) Jun), Large Red Damselfly (2nd Jun), Red-eyed Damselfly (2nd , 10th , 12th Jun), Banded Demoiselle (2nd , 4th , 8th - 9th, 12th - 13th Jun), Broad-bodied Chaser (2nd , 8th (m&f), 9th - 10th , 16th (2), 22nd, 26th , 28th Jun), Black-tailed Skimmer (2nd , 11th , 18th , 28th Jun), Hairy Hawker (2nd (ovipositing), 9th, 13th Jun), Emperor Dragonfly (3rd , 10th , 12th (2 ovipositing), 16th, 24th (ovipositing), 26th (ovipositing), 28th Jun), Four-spotted Chaser (10th , 12th (1), 13th Jun) and Brown Hawker (28th Jun).

Leafhopper Bug sp (Eupteryx urticae) (1st (new to the ML Species List) Jun), Hornet (3rd, 4th (2) Jun), Cranefly sp (Nephrotoma quadrifaria) - a Tiger Cranefly (3rd (new to the ML Species List) Jun), Leafhopper Bug sp (Oncopsis subangulata) (3rd (new to the ML Species List) Jun), Alderfly (3rd Jun), Red-headed Cardinal (3rd, 5th , 9th Jun), Harlequin Ladybird (3rd , 29th Jun), Mirid Bug sp (Grypocoris stysi) (was Calocoris stysi but renamed) (3rd Jun), Scorpion Fly (4th , 9th Jun), Black-headed Cardinal (4th Jun), Shieldbug sp (tbc) (4th Jun), Hoverfly (Volucella bombylans (var plumata (yellow bands and white tail))) - Bumblebee Hoverfly (7th (new to the ML Species List) Jun), Hazel Leaf-roller Weevil (Apoderus coryli) (9th (2) Jun), 7-Spot Ladybird (10th Jun), Southern Cuckoo Bee (11th (Comma Corner) Jun), Orange-vented Mason Bee (Osmia leaiana) (19th Jun), Leafcutter Bee sp (22nd Jun), Ectemnius Wasp sp (one of 110) (24th Jun), Mirid Bug sp (Grypocoris stysi) (24th Jun), Speckled Bush-cricket (16th (imm), 24th (nymph) Jun), Figwort Sawfly (24th Jun), Miridae sp. (Heterotoma planicornis) (24th Jun), European Ground beetle (Carabus nemoralis) aka Bronze Carabid (Carabus nemoralis) (25th Jun), Roesels Bush-cricket (26th Jun), Ground Beetle sp (Pterostichus niger) (26th Jun), Brown Chafer (28th Jun), Summer Chafer (28th Jun) and Cranefly sp (Nephrotoma flavescens) - a Tiger Cranefly (29th Jun).
Crab Spider sp (24th Jun).
Rabbit (1st (3), 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 30th Jun), Water Vole (1st (caught on video cam feeding on apple from feeding raft), 12th (eating apple), 13th (Seen from Double Decker Hide, plus on video eating apple) Jun), Grey Squirrel (13th, 18th - 19th Jun), Brown Rat (30th Jun) and Fox (24th (Clubhouse) Jun).

Great Pond Snail (Lymnaea stagnalis) (3rd, 18th (pair) Jun), Red Slug (Arion rufus) (6th Jun) and Smooth Newt (25th Jun).

Grass Snake (1st (in new pond), 16th (Squashed skeleton on road), 24th Jun).

Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus) (3rd (new to the ML Species List), 24th Jun), Water Lily (3rd Jun), Cherry (4th (fruit at back of Plantation) Jun) and Common Soapwort (Saponaria officinalis) (11th (introduced to the Reserve, new to the ML Species List) Jun).

Common Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus) (12th (shoal near DD Hide) Jun) and Stickleback (13th (small shoal in new pond) Jun).

May 1st - May 30th 2022 (LF = Lynsters Farm)
Garden Warbler (1st - 3rd (singing), 4th (2 singing), 5th, 6th (4 singing), 7th (3), 8th (2), 12th May), Reed Warbler (1st (2), 2nd, 5th (2), 6th (3), 8th (3+), 12th (3), 14th , 17th (lots), 19th (2-3 pairs), 21st - 23rd , 31st (3 pairs) May), Gadwall (1st (12, 6th (2), 8th (f), 9th , 11th (2), 14th (2) May), Pochard (1st (9), 6th (4), 8th (pair), 10th (2m), 14th (2m), 31st (m) May), Tufted Duck (1st (10), 6th , 8th (pair), 10th (pair), 14th (pair), 31st (pair) May), Little Grebe (1st (9), 6th (5), 8th (fighting over territory), 9th (with chick), 12th (with 2 chicks), 14th (carrying food), 15th , 18th , 31st (2) May), Great Crested Grebe (1st , 9th (pair with 1 chick), 10th (pair), 12th (pair with a chick), 13th - 14th (pair with 2 chicks), 18th , 31st (1) May), Lesser Black-backed Gull (1st (17, including a group of 15 flying south), 27th (diving on Coot chicks) May), Common Tern (1st (2), 8th (flying South) 12th, 15th (2 on Marsh Lake), 21st May), Little Egret (1st (4), 14th (1), 27th May), Green Woodpecker (1st (2), 5th (heard), 6th (1), 8th (calling) May), Chiffchaff (1st (5), 6th (3), 8th , 14th May), Blackcap (1st (15), 2nd, 6th (12 - (7+males)), 8th (2), 14th May), Cetti’s Warbler (1st (4), 5th (m), 8th , 11th , 12th (2 heard), 14th, 17th May), Reed Bunting (1st - 2nd , 5th , 10th , 23rd (m) May), Canada Goose (1st (Adult and 4 goslings on nest on Tern Raft), 2nd (with 4 goslings), 3rd (Adult with gosling), 6th (2 with 4 goslings), 8th (2 with 4 goslings), 9th (goslings), 12th (pairs with 3 & 4 goslings), 13th (pair with 4 goslings), 14th (on nest), 15th (pair with 4 goslings), 16th (gosling), 17th (pair with 5 goslings), 18th (3 goslings) May), Long-tailed Tit (2nd (chick gaping from entrance of Nest), 6th (2), 8th - 9th , 13th (adult feeding juv), 14th - 15th May), Great Tit (2nd (busy in and out of Nest Box 4), 6th (3), 20th May), Coot (2nd , 6th (17, young & at least 1 occupied nest), 7th (3 broods - 4, 4 & 1), 12th (3 chicks), 13th (with chick), 14th (on nest. Pairs with 1, 3 & 4 chicks), 19th (feeding chick), 27th (with chicks), 31st (with 2 & 3 chicks and 3 juvs) May), Cormorant (2nd , 6th , 7th (6), 9th - 10th , 12th, 14th , 22nd - 23rd , 29th May), Kingfisher (2nd (pair), 5th (2 nest sites), 12th (1), 27th May), Robin (2nd, 6th (4 adult & 1 juvenile), 31st (1 young) May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2nd (f), 5th - 6th (1), 14th , 16th , 22nd , 27th, 30th (m&f), 31st May), Magpie (2nd, 6th (2), 18th May), Black-headed Gull (2nd, 6th (120 - at least 60 occupied nests on rafts and islands), 10th (first chick), 12th (with chick), 14th - 15th (60+ on nests including adult with 4 chicks on nest) May), Grey Heron (2nd , 12th (3), 14th (2), 27th , 31st (2) May), Swift (4th (3 over), 9th , 10th (11 over), 12th (7 & 3) May), Treecreeper (4th (1), 10th , 12th May), Greylag Goose (5th (pair with 1 gosling), 6th (2 with goslings), 14th (pair), May), Jay (5th - 6th (2), 10th , 18th - 19th , 22nd , 27th , 31st (1) May), Stock Dove (6th (6), 8th (2 calling), 31st (2) May), Woodpigeon (6th (10) May), Collared Dove (6th (1) May), Cuckoo (6th - 8th (calling), 12th - 13th (in tree near Rotunda Hide), 14th - 15th (calling), 19th - 21st (calling) May), Moorhen (6th (6 plus recent eggshell), 9th (2), 14th (4), 27th (chicks), 31st (with 1 chick) May), Ring-necked Parakeet (6th (2), 8th , 14th (1 in tree nest hole), 31st (3) May), Jackdaw (6th (4) May), Crow (6th (3), 8th , 29th May), Blue Tit (6th (2), 7th (nesting in grey box at left hand row of boxes on the top shelf of the Lean-to), 15th (at entrance of Bat Box) May), Wren (6th (12), 8th May), Song Thrush (6th (3, 1 carrying food), 8th , 31st (1) May), Blackbird (6th (5) May), Dunnock (6th (2), 31st May), Greenfinch (6th (1) May), Sparrowhawk (7th (2), 14th (1), 31st (1) May), Pied Wagtail (7th (1) May), Mallard (8th (3 juvs), 9th, 13th (f with 4 juvs), 14th (4, plus pair with 3 young. 1 on egg), 15th (4 juvs), 17th (5 ducklings), 27th (f with 8 ducklings this week), 31st (in middle nest box opp Teal Hide) May), Oystercatcher (11th (I on LF) May), Egyptian Goose (12th (2) May), Hobby (14th May), Goldeneye (17th (f) May), Nuthatch (20th (calling) May), Lapwing (29th - 30th May) and Chaffinch (31st (m) May).

Shuttle-shaped Dart (2nd (1) May), Pebble Hook-tip (8th May), Green Carpet Moth (9th , 11th (2) May), Eyed Hawk-moth (Smerinthus ocellata) (10th May), Cinnabar Moth (14th May), Silver Ground Carpet (15th , 17th, 21st May), Snout (19th May), Clouded Border (21st May), Buff Ermine (23rd May), Orange Footman (28th May) and Yellow-barred Long-horn (Nemophora degeerella) (28th May).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 1 May 2022. Fairly standard fare from the traps with 24 moths of 14 species. Orange Footman and Green Carpet were new for the year.

On 2 May 2022, Paul Davis photographed Cacoecimorpha pronubana - Carnation Tortrix on the reserve. New to the ML Species List.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 5 May 2022. 30 moths of 20 species from the reserve. Oak-tree Pug, Clouded Border, Common Carpet (Epirrhoe alternate), Treble Lines, Cochylis atricapitana and Syndemis musculana were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 6 May 2022. The most productive haul of the year so far from the reserve in better trapping conditions. Highlights of the 78 moths of 30 species included Barred Hook-tip (Watsonalla cultraria), a new species for the reserve list and Lobster Moth (Stauropus fagi), Mottled Pug, Alder Moth, Silver-ground Carpet, Eudonia angustea and Clepsis spectrana which were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 7 May 2022. 86 moths of 36 species from reserve. The highlight was the micro moth Elachista canapennella - Little Dwarf, a new species for the reserve list. Small Seraphim, Buff-tip, Broken-barred Carpet, Ruby Tiger, Iron Prominent, Turnip Moth, Cataclysta lemnata and Alucita hexadactyla were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 9 May 2022. An overcast night with a mild southerly airflow produced the largest haul of the year so far with 142 moths of 45 species. Cinnabar, Puss Moth, Silver Y, Eyed Hawk-Moth, Marbled Minor agg, Dingy Shell, Setaceous Hebrew Character, Figure of Eighty, White Ermine, Peach Blossom, Vine’s Rustic, Scrobipalpa costella, Celypha lacunana and Swammerdamia pyrella were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 11 May 2022. Just 13 moths of 11 species from the traps at the reserve in unfavourable conditions. Common Swift was new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 13 May 2022. 41 moths of 21 species from the reserve. Pale Oak Beauty, Buff Ermine, Common White Wave and Epiphyas postvittana were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 17 May 2022. 92 moths of 37 species from the reserve. Heart and Dart, Willow Beauty, Light Emerald, Sandy Carpet, Chinese Character, Common Marbled Carpet, Straw Dot, Anania hortulata, Argyresthia semifusca, Notocelia cynosbatella and Plutella porrectella were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 19 May 2022. 126 moths of 50 species from the reserve. Small Square-spot, Blood-vein, Snout, Mottled Rustic, Grey Pune Carpet, Phtheochroa rugosana, Acentria ephemerella, and Donacaula forficella were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 20 May 2022. Just 45 moths of 20 species from the reserve as the dusk downpour put a cap on activity. The highlight of the catch was Freyer’s Pug (Eupithecia intricata arceuthata, previously Eupithecia intricata) which is new for the reserve list. Poplar Grey was new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 21 May 2022. 74 moths of 30 species from the reserve. Scorched Wing, Garden Carpet and Dark Spectacle were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 22 May 2022. 118 moths of 49 species from the reserve. The highlights were a couple of micro moths which are being sent to the county recorder for confirmation. Both of these will be new for the reserve list. The most interesting one is a probable Cydia illutana - Larch Piercer, which if confirmed will be the fourth record for Herts. New for the year were Rustic Shoulder-knot, Light Brocade, Cream-bordered Green Pea, Coxcomb Prominent, Ingrailed Clay, Tinea semifulvella, Scoparia ambigualis, Nematopogon metaxella, Incurvaria oehlmanniella and Pammene regiana.

Update from Simon Buckingham received on 26 May 2022. Five new moths for the reserve list confirmed by the county moth recorder. Cnephasia communana - May Shade (30/4/22), Bactra lancealana - Rush Marble (9/5/22), Coleophora caespititiella - Buff Rush Case-bearer, Nemapogon koenigi - White-speckled Clothes Moth and Cydia illutana - Larch Piercer (all 22/5/22). This was the fourth record of Cydia illutana (photo below) for Herts.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 26 May 2022. 177 moths of 55 species from the reserve. Marbled Brown (Drymonia dodonaea) was new for the reserve, whilst Elephant Hawk-moth, Miller, Small Fan-foot, Coronet, Common Rustic agg, Yellow-barred Brindle, Common Wainscot, Flame and Ptycholoma lecheana were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 27 May 2022. Just 73 moths of 34 species from the reserve as the cooler temperatures kept a cap on activity. Hot on the heels of yesterday’s first record of Marbled Brown came a second individual. Poplar Kitten, Angle Shades and Evergestis forficalis were all new for the year.

Green-veined White (2nd, 5th, 8th (4+), 12th May), Red Admiral (5th (1), 27th (1) May), Brimstone (5th (m), 9th (larva), 13th (pair), 14th (3), 15th (egg), 16th (m), 19th , 21st (and a larva), 27th (m&f (ovipositing on Alder Buckthorn)) May), Orange Tip (5th (2m), 7th, 12th (m), 14th 19th, before 31st (undated) May), Small Tortoiseshell (7th May), Peacock (7th, 12th May), Holly Blue (9th , 12th , 14th May), Small White (12th May) and Speckled Wood (14th May),

Damselfly sp (7th (Blue or Azure) May), Brown Hawker (7th May), Broad-bodied Chaser (8th , 12th , 14th , 19th (m&f), 21st (m&f), 22nd (m), 27th (2m&1f (ovipositing)) May), Blue-tailed Damselfly (8th (rufescens form), 12th (female rufescens form), 19th , 21st May), Azure Damselfly (8th, 9th (m), 13th , 19th , 21st , 27th (lots of pairs) May), Large Red Damselfly (8th, 9th (3, 2 coupled), 19th (1) May), Red Damselfly (8th, 12th May), Common Blue Damselfly (8th, 12th (2), 13th , 19th , 21st , 27th May), Hairy Hawker (9th (at pond), 12th , 14th (ovipositing), 19th , 21st , 27th (ovipositing) May), Exuvia (13th (3 on Reedmace near Shell Hide), 19th (Broad-bodied Chaser, on edge of new pond), 26th (Black-tailed Skimmer at Sanctuary Hide) May), Red-eyed Damselfly (19th (1) May), Banded Demoiselle (19th (2), 21st (1), 27th May), Black-tailed Skimmer (26th (freshly emerged and exuvia), 27th (fresh), 28th May), Small Red-eyed Damselfly (27th (1) May), Downy Emerald (27th May) and Four-spotted Chaser (27th (1) May).

Acorn Weevil (1st , 15th May), Sausage (aka Granulated) Ground Beetle (Carabus granulatu) (1st May), Pied Shieldbug (1st , 9th May), Black-headed Cardinal Beetle (2nd (1), 8th , 12th , 21st May), Honey Bee (2nd (swarm), 3rd - 4th (swarm), 6th (swarm), 8th (swarm) May), Pond Skater (2nd May), Red-headed Cardinal Beetle (3rd (1), 5th (1), 7th (5), 8th - 9th , 12th , 23rd May), Hornet (3rd, 8th May), Harlequin (5th May) Caddisfly (Phryganea bipunctata (5th (new to the ML Species List) May), Cranefly (Ptychoptera contaminata) ( 5th May), Wasp Beetle (5th (2), 9th , 27th May), Alderfly (Sialis lutaria) (6th May), Scorpion Fly (8th - 9th , 12th (2), 21st May), 14-Spot Ladybird (9th May), Batman Hoverfly (Myathropa floea) (9th May), Caddisfly (Stenophylax permistus) (10th (New to the ML Species List) May), Alder Leaf Beetle (10th May), Bryony Mining Bee (12th , 14th May), Ruby-tailed Jewel Wasp (12th , 14th (sp) May), Red Mason Bee (Osmia bicornis) (12th (faded) May), Yellow Dung Fly (Scathophaga stercoraria) (15th May), Hoverfly (Xylota segnis) (15th May), Stilt-legged (Micropezidae) Fly sp (15th (new to ML Species List) May), Chalcid Wasp sp (15th May), Bryony Mining Bee (14th May), Beetle sp (Lasiorhynchites cavifrons) (c15th (New to the ML Species List) May), Mirid Bug sp (Dryophilocoris flavoquadrimaculatus) (15th May), Soldier Beetle (Cantharis cryptica) (17th (new to the ML Species List), Caddisfly (Stenophylax permistus) (18th (new to the ML Species List) May), Great Diving Beetle (19th May), Geendrake Mayfly (Ephemera danica) (21st May), Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina polita) - Knotgrass Leaf Beetle (21st May), Mint Leaf beetle (Chrysolina menthastri, later herbacea) (21st May), Soldier Beetle (Cantharis rustica) (23rd May), Chrysolina polita mating with female Chrysolina herbacea(24th May), Hoverfly (Anasimyia contracta) (24th May), Hoverfly (Eristalis tenax) (24th May), Hoverfly (Merodon equestris) - The Narcissus Bulb Fly (24th May), Hoverfly (Xanthogramma pedissequum) (24th May), Elaphrus riparius - a Carabid Beetle (24th May) and Hazel Leaf-roller Weevil (Apoderus coryli) (31st May).

Red Mite type sp (8th (in pond) May), Larinioides sclopetarius (Bridge or Grey Cross Spider) (1st May), Wolf spider sp (5th May) and Spider sp (9th May).

Brown Rat (3rd (1), 5th (1 at CH), 31st (1 at CH) May), Grey Squirrel (3rd , 19th (blooded), 23rd May), Rabbit (5th (7), 8th (1 young), 12th , 26th (2), 31st (2 adults & 1 young) May), Wood Mouse (7th, 17th May), Water Vole (10th (survey done showing signs of activity (feeding signs, droppings, fresh tunnelling into the banks of the Reed bed and the spoil heaps) at 3 places around the reserve, but no further sightings as yet), 15th (caught on Video c7.30pm from DD Hide eating apple put out for it), 21st (again, caught on video eating apple on feeding raft), 23rd (early morning 1.48am footage), 25th (several videoed sightings between 1.56am and 8.44am), 29th - 31st May), Mole (8th (hills), 26th (1 hill near Rotunda) May), Muntjac (15th (2 near Rotunda), 22nd May), Common Shrew (19th (dead), 31st (running in lower DD hide) May) and Red Fox (26th (carrying something in its mouth (not Water Vole) near DD hide) May).

Water Snail sp (8th (producing grey egg mass) May), Stickleback (6th, 19th (2 adults and a small shoal of young) May), Grass Snake (7th (2 (1 ft), 17th (2), 20th May) and Smooth Newt (14th (possibly), 19th (2) May).

Yellow Flag Iris (3rd (in bloom), 12th, 19th (lots in bloom) May) and Southern Marsh (var) Orchid (21st (c30), 23rd (c12 flowering near Rotunda), 26th (sadly a max of 39 this year - the grazing geese goslings had a huge impact for the last couple of years) May).

3 Typhula species of fungi found and photographed by Barry Webb Dec 2021. Posted on Web Site Gallery and Facebook forum c May 2022, plus two species yet to identify.

Apr 1st - Apr 30th 2022 (LF = Lynsters Farm)
Snipe (1st (2), 3rd (1), 4th (2), 8th - 9th (2) Apr), Canada Goose (1st (2 nests), 7th , 9th , 11th (pair), 13th , 15th , 18th, 21st (25 on LF), 24th - 25th (pair with 5 goslings), 26th (with goslings), 28th (4+, 1 on nest), 30th (with 4 goslings) Apr), Redwing (1st (5), 3rd (5) Apr), Little Grebe (1st, 3rd - 4th, 7th (5), 9th (3 fighting), 11th (2), 15th , 18th, 21st (4), 26th (with stickleback dinner) 28th (4 fighting), 30th Apr), Chiffchaff (1st, 3rd (7), 7th , 9th , 14th , 24th (3), 26th Apr), Kingfisher (1st - 2nd (pair mating), 3rd (2), 4th (mating), 6th, 7th - 8th (mating pair), 9th - 10th (2), 14th (at least 2), 15th , 16th (pair, fishing), 18th (mating pair), 21st (m feeding f), 22nd (pair mating and feeding), 24th (pair), 26th, 28th (1), 30th (m&f) Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st (m), 3rd - 4th (f), 13th , 18th (f), 23rd, 28th - 29th Apr), Dunnock (1st (with crossed beak), 10th , 28th (3) Apr), Coot (1st , 6th - 7th , 9th , 16th (4 chicks on nest), 21st - 22nd , 24th , 28th (adult with 2 chicks & 6 adults fighting), 30th Apr), Robin (1st, 3rd, 4th (2), 7th (Reg perhaps (moulting around the head) in Shell Hide), 9th - 10th , 13th , 18th, 21st (4), 22nd - 23rd, 28th (4), 30th Apr), Magpie (2nd, 6th - 7th , 21st (5+) Apr), Brambling (3rd (m) Apr), Barnacle Goose (3rd (1 on LF) Apr), Mediterranean Gull (3rd chased off by Black-headed Gulls) Apr), Black-headed Gull (3rd , 7th (214 on Marsh Lake, 66 on LF), 9th - 10th, 14th (197 on or around Marsh Lake rafts), 15th , 18th (mating), 21st (205 on Marsh Lake, Islands and rafts - including c40 nests on Willow island + c15 on rafts), 18th, 22nd, 28th (40+ nests), 30th Apr), Treecreeper (3rd (pair, one with nesting material in bill), 9th, 14th (1), 16th , 18th, 24th (3) Apr), Great Tit (3rd (visiting Nest Box 14 on the Double-decker Hide), 6th - 7th , 13th , 18th Apr), Cetti’s Warbler (3rd (2), 5th (1), 7th ( 2 heard), 10th (2), 14th (2), 15th , 17th, 21st - 22nd, 24th (3), 28th Apr), Blackcap (3rd (5), 5th , 7th , 9th (m&f) , 10th , 13th - 15th , 16th (m&f), 18th (m), 21st (4), 24th (15), 26th (m), 28th (pair) Apr), Reed Bunting (3rd , 16th, 18th (m), 24th (m) Apr), Jay (3rd , 14th , 18th, 24th, 28th (2) Apr), Ring-necked Parakeet (3rd - 4th, 6th - 7th (5+), 14th , 23rd, 28th (2) Apr), Teal (3rd - 4th (m), 18th (m&f) Apr), Mallard (3rd, 4th (lone duckling), 6th (m&f), 7th (adults and 1 lone duckling), 16th , 21st (mum with 6 ducklings), 28th (in box), 30th (m&f) Apr), Goldeneye (3rd (m), 23rd - 24th (pair diving on Clubhouse Lake), 27th Apr), Gadwall (4th (m&f), 6th , 11th (4), 16th , 22nd (m&f) Apr), Tufted Duck (4th (pair), 7th , 9th (m&f), 16th , 18th (m&f), 22nd (m&f), 25th (8), 26th (m&f), 28th (7+m& 3f), 30th (m&f) Apr), Greylag Goose (4th, 7th (LF), 9th (2), 18th, 21st - 22nd , 26th - 27th , 30th Apr), Shoveler (4th (m), 7th (pair), 28th Apr), Pochard (4th (m), 9th (m&f), 14th , 21st (2m), 25th (4m&2f), 26th, 28th (4m&3f), 30th (m attacked by Coot) Apr), Moorhen (6th - 7th , 21st - 22nd , 28th Apr), Stock Dove (6th , 25th, 28th (2) Apr), Blue Tit (6th - 7th , 9th , 18th, 22nd - 23rd, 25th (at Nest Box 21) Apr), Long-tailed Tit (6th , 9th, 14th (nest), 21st Apr), Jackdaw (7th (50+) Apr), Chaffinch (7th (1m) Apr), Green Woodpecker (7th (heard), 14th , 24th (2) Apr), Red-crested Pochard (8th , 9th (m), 11th , 17th (pair), 26th (2), 28th (f), 30th Apr), Egyptian Goose (9th - 10th , 22nd Apr), Grey Heron (9th , 15th (2), 18th, 20th - 22nd , 25th - 26th , 28th , 30th Apr), Blackbird (9th (m&f) Apr), Song Thrush (9th , 18th Apr), Wren (9th - 10th , 16th , 21st (2), 28th Apr), Mandarin (10th (pair in Kestrel Nest Box 24 by Slice Hide), 11th , 16th (pair still prospecting Nest Box 24) Apr), Sparrowhawk (10th (3), 24th, 25th (possible nest but not being used - could be nest of Crow. Still there 30th ) Apr), Goldfinch (10th Apr), Rook (15th (flew over), 24th (2) Apr), Kestrel (15th (2) Apr), Great Crested Grebe (15th, 18th (on nest), 22nd, 28th Apr), Cormorant (15th , 22nd, 26th (1), 28th (2), 30th Apr), Green Sandpiper (16th Apr), Mute Swan (18th Apr), Little Egret (21st (2), 22nd, 24th - 25th (1), 28th Apr), Garden Warbler (22nd (seen and heard), 28th (heard) Apr), Willow Warbler (22nd (heard) Apr), Reed Warbler (24th (2), 30th Apr), Skylark (24th (First sighting for many years) Apr), Swallow (24th (3) Apr), Goldcrest (24th, 25th (pair chasing each other) Apr), Common Tern (27th (2) Apr) and Lesser Black-backed Gull (28th (1) Apr).

White Plume Moth (17th (2) Apr),

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 15 Apr 2022. A cool night and a large moon were not ideal trapping conditions, but 20 hardy individuals of 14 species did make it into the notebook. New for the year were Pale Tussock, Red-green Carpet, Nut-tree Tussock, Muslin Moth, Frosted Green, Chestnut, Tachystola acroxantha, Agonopterix arenella and Dyseriocrania subpurpurella. A Cream-spot Ladybird was also of note.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 16 Apr 2022. Same overnight conditions and the same outcome. Just 18 moths of six species from the reserve last night. Nothing new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 17 Apr 2022. A slightly more respectable 31 moths of 15 species from the reserve. Purple Thorn, Spectacle and Phyllonorycter rajella were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 21 Apr 2022. 19 moths of 10 species from the reserve. Chocolate-tip and Pebble Prominent were new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 22 Apr 2022. 35 moths of 18 species from the reserve. Early Grey (Xylocampa areola) and Phyllonorycter quercifoliella - Common Oak Midget were both new for the reserve list, whilst Flame Shoulder, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Common Wave (Cabera exanthemata), Pale Prominent and Endrosis sarcitrella were new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 23 Apr 2022. Just 28 moths of 14 species. Flame Carpet and May Highflyer were new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 28 Apr 2022. Fairy quiet on the moth front at the reserve as the cool temperatures reduced activity. Seraphim and Common Pug were new for the year amongst just 13 moths of 10 species. Interest came in the form of caddisfly (Limnephilus sparsus), a new species for the reserve.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 30 Apr 2022. Moths! 30 moths of 20 species were trapped at the reserve. Poplar Hawk-moth, Knot Grass, Brimstone, Least Black Arches, Pebble Hook-tip, Peppered Moth and Phyllonorycter coryli were all new for the year.

Speckled Wood (2nd, 8th , 15th (2), 16th , 18th, 20th (ovipostiting), 21st - 22nd (1), 24th , 28th, 30th Apr), Peacock (8th (2), 10th, 11th (3 or 4), 14th - 16th , 18th, 21st (7) 24th , 26th , 30th Apr), Brimstone (8th, 11th (a few, including female laying eggs on Alder Buckthorn), 14th (m&f), 15th(4), 18th (m&f and eggs), 21st (6m), 24th , 30th (15 including mating pairs) Apr), Orange Tip (11th (m (Garlic Mustard is appearing), 12th , 15th (4), 16th , 18th, 20th , 21st (3), 24th , 26th (m), 28th, 30th (m) Apr), Comma (11th (1), 15th (3), 16th Apr), Holly Blue (11th (1), 15th - 16th , 21st (2), 24th , 26th (m) Apr), Small White (14th (1), 21st (4) Apr), Green-veined White (14th , 16th (1), 17th (around Garlic Mustard on Woodland Walk), 18th, 20th , 21st (1), 24th (mating), 26th , 30th (mating) Apr), Comma (14th , 18th Apr), Painted Lady (15th (very early, so maybe incorrect id) Apr), Red Admiral (18th, 21st (1) Apr) and Large White (21st (2) Apr).

Alderfly (Sialis lutaria) (5th, 30th Apr), Bee sp (17th (swarm), 21st (nest in Poplar), 30th (swarming in two bunches in trees near new pond) Apr), Midge sp (18th Apr), Dark-edged Bee Fly (18th, 21st Apr), Aradus depressus - most common UK flatbug (18th (new to the ML Species List) Apr), Wasp (21st Apr), Hoverfly (Melanostoma scalare) (23rd Apr) and Black Sexton Beetle (Nicrophorus humator) (30th (new to the ML Species List) Apr).

Grey Squirrel (3rd - 4th, 9th, 21st, 28th (1) Apr), Brown Rat (4th (2 in feeder), 6th, 7th (in Rotunda feeder), 21st Apr), Vole sp (10th (Shell Hide), Muntjac (12th, 16th (m&f), 24th (1), 26th (1) Apr), Rabbit (14th (7), 18th, 21st (3), 22nd, 24th - 26th (1), 28th (3 include 1 young), 30th Apr), Muntjac (12th 13th 16th (m&f), 24th (1), 26th (1) Apr), Badger (13th, 18th Apr), Water Vole (10th (photographed - 1st sighting for over 25 years), 21st (no sight but possible signs at Shell Hide) Apr) and Red Fox (16th , 23rd Apr).

Algae bloom on Clubhouse Lake (Early - mid Apr).

Snakes-head Fritillary (9th, 10th (a white one) Apr), Cuckoo Pint (Lords and Ladies) (16th (flowering), 18th, 22nd Apr), Red Campion (22nd Apr), Bluebell (20th, 30th Apr) and Borage (30th Apr).

Stickleback (21st (2 seen in new Pond) Apr) and Roach (30th (caught by Cormorant) Apr).

Grass Snake (16th Apr).

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