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Pond Dipping at Maple Lodge - Surveys by Jane Archer. (August 14, 2015, 03:17:19 AM) quote  
Maple Lodge Discovery Day results of pond dipping 9 Aug 2015

3 x Smooth Newt efts - Triturus vaulgaris
Water hog louse - Ascellus aquaticus
Diving beetle x2 unidentified
Dragonfly larva - probably Migrant Hawkers
Lesser Water Boatman - 1 shed its skin see photos on web site (note colour change from orange to brown)
Daphnia species
Midge larva - Tanypus
1 frog disturbed at pond edge Rana temporaria
Lumbriculus worms
Pond olives - Cleon dipterum
Cased Caddis fly larva ( probably pupating) photo on web site
Diving Beetle larva

1 new species to pond dipping list:
Phantom Crane fly larva - ptychoptera contaminate photo on website.

Maple Lodge Open weekend results of pond dipping 9/10 May 2015

Agabus conspersus diving beetle larvae x 2
Dytiscuss sp Great diving beetle larva x 1
Lesser water boatmen present Corixidae family
Water Measurer present Hydrometra sp
Pond Skaters present Gerris sp
Hawker dragonfly nymphs x 3 not identified
Waterflea - Daphnia
Juvenile smooth newt x 1 Triturus vulgaris
Grass snake x 1 Natrix natrix (not pond dipped!)

Smooth newt from pond (gravid) x1 Triturus vulgaris
Hawker Dragonfly nymphs x 3
Agabus conspersus diving beetle larvae x 3
Water measurer as above
Pond skaters as above
Hog Louse x 1 Asellus aquaticus
Great diving beetle larva x 1 as above
Leech x 1
Worms Lesser water boatman as above
Empty cased caddis fly case- possibly Limnephilus genus x 1

Open Weekend 11th May to 12th May 2013:
1. Water Hog Louse - Asellus aquaticus some pairs mate guarding
2. Water fleas - Daphnia sp abundant
3. Waterflea - Cyclops
4. Great diving beetle male- Dytiscus marginalis
5. Aquatic worms - lumbricus sp
6. Flatworms (planaria) Polycelis nigra
7. Small shrimp - unable to identify
8. Pond skaters - Gerris sp
9. Water measurer - Hydrometridae sp
10. Dragonfly larva - Brown Hawker - Aeshna grandis
11. Mayfly larvae - Pond Olive - Cloeon dipterum
12. Case of a cased caddisfly larva - green and brown leaves making it difficult to id especially as occupant not present. Possibly Limnephis decipens (green leaves) or Phacopteryx brevipennis (dark leaves)
13. Diving beetle larva - ? Agabus conspersus found in ponds according to one book but adults found in brackish pools in another book??
14. Middle sized diving beetles - ? Agabus sp
15. Small diving beetles - not identified
16. Lesser water boatmen
17. Black midge larvae

Previous Year - 12th May 2012:
1. Water hog louse
2. Limpet
3. Phantom midge Chaoborus sp
4. Bloodworms (tubifex) - Chironomidae sp
5. Mayfly larvae- pond olive
6. Diving beetles
7. Diving beetle larvae - Dytiscus sp (great diving beetle)
- Acillus sp
8. Male Smooth Newt Triturus vulgaris
9. Pond skaters

Evening of 11th May 2012:
1. Great silver diving beetle larva - Hydrophilus piceus

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