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Maplelodge Forum :: Maple Lodge Forum :: General Chat :: Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2015 up to August 9th.  ::

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Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2015 up to August 9th. (August 12, 2015, 01:43:54 AM) quote  
2015 Bird List - first reported date.
Great Crested Grebe (9th Mar), Little Grebe (18th Jan), Cormorant (2nd Apr), Bittern (Not recorded 2015), Grey Heron (4th Apr), White Stork (Not recorded 2015), Little Egret (10th Apr), Mute Swan (18th Jan), Black Swan (Not recorded 2015), Greylag Goose (2nd Apr), Cackling Goose (Not recorded 2015), Canada Goose (2nd Apr), Egyptian Goose (2nd Apr), Mandarin (14th Apr), Wigeon (Not recorded 2015), Teal (18th Jan), Garganey (Not recorded 2015), Gadwall (1st Apr), Mallard (18th Jan), Shoveler (18th Jan), Pochard (18th Jan), Red-crested Pochard (Not recorded 2015), Tufted Duck (18th Jan), Goldeneye (24th May), Red Kite (2nd Apr), Marsh Harrier (Not recorded 2015), Sparrowhawk (18th Jan), Buzzard (18th Jan), Kestrel (Not recorded 2015), Hobby (6th May), Peregrine (Not recorded 2015), Osprey (Not recorded 2015), Red-legged Partridge (11th Apr), Pheasant (2nd May), Water Rail (26th Apr), Moorhen (18th Jan), Coot (18th Jan), Oystercatcher (5th Apr), Lapwing (Not recorded 2015), Snipe (5th Apr), Woodcock (Not recorded 2015), Redshank (Not recorded 2015), Green Sandpiper (2nd Apr), Common Sandpiper (28th Jun), Common Gull (Not recorded 2015), Black-headed Gull (18th Jan), Lesser Black-backed Gull (Not recorded 2015), Common Tern (15th Apr), Stock Dove (2nd Apr), Woodpigeon (2nd Apr), Collared Dove (Not recorded 2015), Ring-necked Parakeet (2nd Feb), Cuckoo (4th Jun), Barn Owl (Not recorded 2015), Little Owl (Not recorded 2015), Tawny Owl (30th May), Swift (29th Apr), Kingfisher (9th Feb), Green Woodpecker (1st Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4th Apr), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (30th Jun), Sand Martin (Not recorded 2015), Swallow (1st Apr), House Martin (19th Apr), Meadow Pipit (Not recorded 2015), Grey Wagtail (12th Apr), Pied Wagtail (19th Apr), Wren (2nd Apr), Dunnock (2nd Apr), Robin (4th Apr), Wheatear (Not recorded 2015), Blackbird (2nd Feb), Fieldfare (9th Feb), Song Thrush (6th Apr), Redwing (9th Feb), Mistle Thrush (2nd Apr), Cetti's Warbler (Not recorded 2015), Sedge Warbler (23rd Apr), Reed Warbler (15th Apr), Garden Warbler (25th Apr), Whitethroat (17th May), Blackcap (5th Apr), Chiffchaff (9th Mar), Willow Warbler (10th Apr), Goldcrest (18th Jan), Spotted Flycatcher (Not recorded 2015), Long-tailed Tit (9th Mar), Blue Tit (2nd Apr), Great Tit (2nd Apr), Nuthatch (21st Apr), Treecreeper (26th Mar), Magpie (4 Apr), Jackdaw (4th Apr), Rook (Not recorded 2015), Carrion Crow (2nd Apr), Raven (Not recorded 2015), Jay (2nd Feb), Starling (20th Apr), Chaffinch (2nd Apr), Greenfinch (2nd Apr), Goldfinch (9th Feb), Siskin (10th Apr), Linnet (Not recorded 2015), Lesser Redpoll (Not recorded 2015), Bullfinch (13th Apr) and Reed Bunting (5th Apr).

Aug 9th 2015 - Discovery Day - a warm day
Little Egret (9th Aug), Mallard (9th Aug), Black-headed Gull (9th Aug), Great Tit (9th Aug), Coot (9th Aug), Moorhen (9th Aug), Little Grebe (adult and 1 young on 9th Aug), Kingfisher (9th Aug), Great Spotted Woodpecker (9th Aug), Great Crested Grebe (Adult and 2 young on 9th Aug), Long-tail Tit (9th Aug), Grey Heron (9th Aug), Pochard (9th Aug), Tufted Duck (Adult and 3 young on 9th Aug), Green Woodpecker (9th Aug), Jay (2 on 9th Aug), Carrion Crow (9th Aug), Canada Goose (9th Aug), Greylag Goose (4 on lake on 9th Aug), Common Tern (2 on 9th Aug), Shoveler (2 on 9th Aug), Cormorant (9th Aug), Green Sandpiper (9th Aug) and Chaffinch (9th Aug).

The results of pond dipping from Discovery Day:

3 x Smooth Newt efts Triturus vaulgaris
Water hog louse Ascellus aquaticus
Diving beetle x2 unidentified
Dragonfly larva - probably migrant hawkers
Lesser water boatman - 1 shed its skin see photos on web site ( note colour change from orange to brown)
Daphnia species
Midge larva - Tanypus
1 frog disturbed at pond edge Rana temporaria
Lumbriculus worms
Pond olives - Cleon dipterum
Cased Caddis fly larva ( probably pupating) photo on web site
Diving beetle larva

1 new species:
Phantom Crane fly larva - ptychoptera contaminate photo on website.

Comma (9th Aug), Green-veined White (9th Aug), Speckled Wood (9th Aug), Meadow Brown (9th Aug), Marbled White (9th Aug), Skipper sp (9th Aug), Brimstone (9th Aug), Peacock (9th Aug), Large White (9th Aug), Small White (9th Aug), Holly Blue (9th Aug), Purple Hairstreak (9th Aug), Brown Argus (9th Aug) and Mother-of Pearl (9th Aug).

Brown Hawker (9th Aug).

Shrew (1 dead and 1 alive on 9th Aug).

Frog (9th Aug).

Black Ladybird with yellow spots (9th Aug), Parasitic Wasp (9th Aug) and Wasp (9th Aug).

Puff Ball (9th Aug).

Wild Carrot (9th Aug) and Purple Loosestrife (9th Aug).

Jul 5th - Aug 8th 2015
Little Grebe (15th & 17th Jul and 5th Aug, Adult and 1 young on 8th Jul & 4th & 7th Aug, 2 adults and 1 young on 2nd & 8th Aug, adult plus 2 young on 5th Jul, 4 on 24th Jul, 4 adults and 2 young on 26th Jul, 4 adults and 4 chicks on 10th Jul), Great Crested Grebe (31st Jul,1 young on 2nd Aug, Adult plus 1 young on 12th Jul, 2 on 5th Aug, Adult plus 2 young on 5th & 21st Jul, 2 adults and 1 young on 26th Jul, 2 adults and 2 young on 15th & 24th Jul, 4 on 1st Aug), Little Egret (5th & 6th Jul and 7th Aug), Pochard (2 on 23rd Jul, plus 5 young on 5th Jul), Grey Heron (young one 5th Jul), Black-headed Gull (fledglings on 5th Jul), Blackcap (Adult on 5th, 17th & 19th Jul & 4th Aug, juvenile on 30th & 31st Jul, 2 adults on 21st Jul, female and 2 young on 30th Jul), Stock Dove (5th Jul, 2 on 11th Jul, 3 on 21st Jul), Common Tern (5th, 20th, 24th, 26 & 30th Jul and 6th Aug, 2 on 17th & 19th Jul, 3 on 2nd Aug, 4 on 31st Jul and 5th Aug), Sparrowhawk (10th, 11th, 26th & 31st Jul and 6th Aug, young on 9th Jul, pair by nest on 5th & 8th Jul, 2 on 5th Aug, female and 2 young on 6th Jul), Teal (13th Jul & 2nd & 7th Aug, 2 on 8th, 12th, 16th & 29th Jul, 3 on 19th Jul, 4 on 26th & 30th Jul and 5th Aug, 8 on 24th Jul), Shoveler (21st Jul & 5th Aug, 2 on 8th Jul, 2m & 1f on 10th Jul, 3 on 7th Aug, 4 on 12th & 16th Jul, 4 adults and 2 ducklings on 1st Aug, 6 on 26th Jul, 12 on 24th Jul, 8 on 30th Jul), Reed Warbler (9th Jul and female 4th Aug), Reed Bunting (10th, 30th & 31st Jul), Buzzard (12th, 17th & 23rd Jul and 8th Aug, 2 on 10th Jul), Kingfisher (17th-20th, 23rd-24th, 30th-31st Jul & 1st-4th & 7th & 8th Aug, 2 on 12th & 16th Jul and 5th-6th Aug, 4 on 10th Jul), Greenfinch (10th & 12th Jul), Treecreeper (11th & 26th Jul and 5th Aug), Great Spotted Woodpecker (11th & 12th Jul & 8th Aug, adult and young on 31st Jul 2 on 26th Jul), Chaffinch (4+ on 11th Jul), Swallow (11th Jul), Green Woodpecker (11th Jul and 5th & 8th Aug, 2 juveniles on 30th Jul), Red Kite (11th, 17th & 26th Jul & 8th Aug), Long-tailed Tit (11th & 30th Jul and 5th Aug), Ring-necked Parakeet (12th Jul & 4th Aug, 9 on 26th Jul), Green Sandpiper (16th & 23rd Jul and 5th Aug), Gadwall (2 ducklings on 16th Jul), Song Thrush (3rd Aug, 2 on 17th Jul), Swift (17th Jul), Wren (baby on 19th Jul), Hobby (23rd Jul), Garden Warbler (26th Jul), Tufted Duck (Adult and 2 ducklings on 29th Jul & 2nd Aug, with broods of 2 and 4 on 5th & 7th Aug, Adult and 4 ducklings on 26th Jul), Cormorant (26th Jul), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (26th Jul), Kestrel (28th Jul), Whitethroat (30th Jul), Blue Tit (30th Jul), Great Tit (30th Jul), Chiffchaff (30th Jul & 4th Aug), Starling (c 70 on 30th Jul), Tawny Owl (30th Jul), Egyptian Goose (3 on 2nd Aug), Jay (5th & 8th Aug), Goldcrest (6th & 8th Aug) and Robin (8th Aug).

Stoat or Weasel (5th Jul), Brown Rat (11th Jul), Rabbit (4 on 11th Jul), Squirrel (11th Jul), Mole hill forming (23rd Jul), Pipistrelle Bat sp (23rd Jul), Soprano Pipistrelle (1st Aug, many on 28th Jul), Common Pipistrelle (1st Aug, many on 28th Jul), Nathusius Pipistrelle (1st Aug, 2 on 28th Jul), Daubentons (28th Jul, 1st Aug), Common Noctule (28th Jul, 1st Aug), Serotins Bat (28th Jul), Fox (6th Jul, 1st Aug, 3 on 6th Aug) and Muntjac (6th Aug).

Grass Snake (13th & 23rd Jul, 2 on 25th Jul & 6th Aug), Toad (25th Jul), Smooth Newt (4 on 25th Jul) and Frog (young - 1st Aug).

Meadow Brown (5th, 9th, 11th & 12th Jul), Ringlet (5th Jul), Cinnabar Moth caterpillars (5th and 28th Jul), Comma (5th, 9th & 15th Jul, 6+ on 11th Jul, 10+ on 25th Jul, 23 on 17th Jul), Red Admiral (9th, 11th, 25th & 31st Jul & 7th Aug, 2 on 5th & 8th Jul), Large White (9th, 11th, 17th & 25th Jul, 4th & 8th Aug), Small White (9th & 11th Jul, 8th Aug), Green-veined White (9th, 11th, 17th & 25th Jul), Large Skipper (9th Jul), Small Tortoiseshell (9th & 11th Jul), Yellow Shell (11th Jul), Mother-of-Pearl (11th Jul, 10s on 8th Aug), Purple Hairstreak (11th & 29th Jul, 2nd Aug), Brimstone (11th & 31st Jul, 2nd 6th & 8th Aug), Gatekeeper (11th, 12th, 15th & 17th Jul), Small Skipper (11th Jul, m on 7th Aug), Essex Skipper (15th Jul & m on 7th Aug, 6+ on 17th Jul), Holly Blue (15th Jul, 3+ on 7th Aug, 4 on 25th Jul), Speckled Wood (4th Aug, 2 on 17th Jul), Silver-washed Fritillary (18th Jul - 1st record for the reserve, 8th Aug), Peacock (31st Jul & 4th Aug, 2 on 8th Aug, 3 on 25th Jul), Marbled White (18th Jul), Painted Lady (19th Jul), White-letter Hairstreak (21st Jul - 1st record for the reserve), Common Blue (25th & fresh male on 30th Jul, pair on 7th Aug, 4+ on 2nd Aug, 6+ on 31st Jul), Brown Argus (2 on 29th Jul - 1st record for the reserve, 3 on 7th Aug, 3+ on 2nd Aug, 4+ on 31st Jul, 1 on 5th & 8th Aug), Small Copper (31st Jul & 2nd & 7th Aug, 2 on 30th Jul) and Common Footman (5th Aug).

Common Blue Damselfly (5th & 30th Jul), Black-tailed Skimmer (8th Jul), Brown Hawker (23rd Jul & 6th Aug, 2 on 10th, 15th, 17th & 25th Jul, 3+ on 19th Jul, 4 on 31st Jul & 2nd Aug), Ruddy Darter (11th, 22nd & 25th Jul and 5th Aug), Southern Hawker (25th Jul, 2m on 17th Jul), Common Darter (17th Jul), Red-eyed Damselfly (19th Jul & 5th Aug) and Banded Demoiselle (25th Jul).

Nusery Web Spider (5th & 26th Jul). Leaf-cutter Bee (magachile contuncular) (3rd Aug).

Figwort (5th Jul), Woundwort (5th Jul), Pink Purslane (5th Jul), Red Campion (5th Jul), Scabious (5th Jul), Teasel (5th & 12th Jul), St. Johns Wort (5th Jul), Nipplewort (5th Jul), Vipers Bugloss (5th Jul), Musk Mellow (5th Jul), Knapweed (5th & 12th Jul), Meadow Cranesbill (5th Jul), Hogweed (5th & 12th Jul), Cow Parsley (5th Jul), White Bryony (5th Jul), Great Burdock (5th Jul), Valerian (12th & 25th Jul), Rosebay Willowherb (12th Jul), Mugwort (12th Jul), Swinecress (12th Jul), Mignonette (12th Jul), Sloe (12th Jul), Guelder Rose (12th Jul), Ragwort (12th Jul), Black Horehound (12th Jul), Spear Thistle (12th & 25th Jul), Wild Carrot (25th Jul), Creeping Thistle (25th Jul), Purple Loosestrife (25th Jul), Watermint (25th Jul), Spindleberry (25th Jul), ripe Blackberry (25th Jul), Sow Thistle (25th Jul) and Hedge Bindweed (25th Jul).

Jun 18th - Jul 4th 2015
Kingfisher (18th & 19th Jun and 2nd Jul, 2 on 21st, 22nd, 28th & 29th Jun), Pochard (18th Jun, Adult + 3 young on 19th Jun, With 5 young on 26th Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (19th & 20th Jun), Red Kite (20th , 21st & 24th Jun), Grey Heron (20th Jun), Black-headed Gull (50+ (including young) on 20th Jun), Robin (20th Jun), Long-tailed Tit (20th Jun), Blackbird (3 on 20th Jun), Chaffinch (3 on 20th Jun), Blue Tit (20th Jun), Great Tit (20th Jun, young on 28th Jun), Dunnock (20th Jun), Tufted Duck (20th Jun), Gadwall (34 on 24th Jun, 43 on 23rd Jun, 48 on 2nd Jul, 48+ on 20th Jun), Cormorant (2 on 20th Jun), Wren (20th Jun), Sparrowhawk (Adult and chick on 21st Jun, Adult and 2 young on 26th Jun, 4 young on 22nd, 23rd & 27th Jun, Adult and 4 young on 28th, 29th & 30th Jun and 1st Jul), Little Grebe (juvenile on 21st Jun), Buzzard (21st Jun, 3 on 22nd Jun), Swift (21st Jun, c20 on 24th Jun), Little Egret (22nd Jun and 2nd Jul), Stock Dove (23rd Jun, 2 on 28th Jun), Little Grebe (Adult and 1 young on 24th Jun, 2 adults and 1 young on 28th Jun), Mallard (with 8 young on 26th Jun), Tawny Owl (young calling 26th Jun), Great Crested Grebe (28th Jun, 2 adults and 2 young on 2nd Jul), Common Sandpiper (28th Jun), Goldcrest (young on 28th Jun), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (male on 30th Jun) and Green Woodpecker (2nd Jul).

Small Magpie Moth (20th Jun), Snout (20th Jun), Moth-of-Pearl (20th Jun), Cinnabar Moth (20th Jun, 2 on 24th Jun + 3 lots of caterpillars, caterpillars on 2nd Jul), Small Tortoiseshell (20th Jun & 2nd Jul, 4 on 24th Jun), Meadow Brown (2nd Jul, 4 on 20th Jun, 12+ on 24th Jun), Red Admiral (20th Jun & 2nd Jul, 3 on 24th Jun), Large Skipper (2 on 23rd & 24th Jun), Speckled Wood (5 on 24th Jun), Peacock (24th Jun + 3 lots of caterpillars), Large White (4 on 24th Jun), Brimstone (24th Jun), Marbled White (27th & 29th Jun), Ringlet (27th Jun & 2nd Jul, 10+ on 29th Jun, 12+ on 28th Jun), Gatekeeper (2nd Jul), Comma (2nd Jul) and Small or Essex Skipper (2nd Jul).

Black-tailed Skimmer (2 on 20th Jun), Banded Demoiselle (24th Jun), Large Red Damselfly (3 on 24th Jun), Azure Damselfly (24th Jun), Common Blue Damselfly (lots on 24th Jun), Broad-bodied Chaser (female on 24th Jun, male on 2nd Jul), Emperor (male on 24th Jun & 2nd Jul) and Brown Hawker (2nd Jul).

Rutpela maculate (3 on 24th Jun), Black-header Cardinal (2nd Jul), Jewel Wasp (2 on 24th Jun) and Red-tailed Bumblebee (28th Jun).

Dead Rabbit (dead young one on 20th Jun), Rabbit (20th Jun, c10 on 24th Jun), Black Rabbit ( 19th, 20th, 24th and 28th Jun), Dead Mouse (20th Jun), Squirrel (20th Jun), Fox (20th & 24th Jun), Pipistrelle Bat (c 7 on 26th Jun) and Dead Mole (27th Jun).

Grass Snake (20th & 24th Jun) and Common Newt (2 on 24th Jun).

May 30th - Jun 17th 2015
Red Kite (31st May, 8th & 16th Jun, 2 on 30th May, 3 on 6th Jun), Hobby (11th & 15th Jun, 2 on 30th May, 3+ on 7th Jun), Sparrowhawk (30th May, female at nest 5th Jun), Swift (30th May), Jackdaw (30+ on 30th May), Magpie (10+ on 30th May), Greylag Goose (Adults with 5 & 5 large goslings & 5 smaller goslings on 30th May), Great Crested Grebe (with 1 young 30th May, 2 and 1 young on 3rd Jun, 3 with 1 young on 31st May, 1 young on 10th Jun, 2 adults and 2 young + older young on 11th & 16th Jun, 3 adults and 2 young + older young on 17th Jun), Common Tern (31st May & 7th Jun, 2 on 30th May), Canada Goose (2 with 2 young on 30th May, 18 young on 15th Jun), Tawny Owl (young heard 30th May and 11th & 17th Jun), Little Grebe (2 chicks on 5th Jun, 2 adults + 3 young on 3rd Jun, 8 adults and 3 young on 31st May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (31st May, 5th & 7th Jun), Buzzard (31st May & 5th Jun, 2 on 6th Jun, 3 on 7th Jun), Song Thrush (31st May, 8th Jun), Gadwall (4 on 8th Jun, with 5 ducklings on 13th Jun, 29 and female with 7 young on 5th Jun), Pochard (Adult and 1 young on 3rd & 13th Jun, Adult and 3 young on 11th Jun, Broods of 6 and 3 on 5th & 17th Jun, 6 chicks 7th Jun, 3 adults and broods of 2 & 3 on 8th Jun), Cuckoo (4th & 6th Jun), Kingfisher (4th, 15th & 16th Jun, 2 sightings on 14th Jun), Green Woodpecker (5th & 10th Jun), Wren (5th Jun), Garden Warbler (6th Jun), Moorhen (Adult and 2 chicks on 6th Jun), Coot (Adult and 3 chicks on 6th Jun), Mallard (with 8 recent ducklings on 6th Jun), Blackcap (7th & 10th Jun, 2 on 8th Jun), Little Egret (8th Jun), Pheasant (10th Jun), Cormorant (7 on 10th Jun), Chiffchaff (10th Jun), Tufted Duck (with 1 young on 14th Jun, with 3 ducklings on 13th Jun),

Southern Marsh Orchid (1431 counted 30th May).

Orange Tip (30th May), Common Blue (4th & 5th Jun), Peacock (30th May, 7th, 10th, 11th & 15th Jun, 2 on 4th & 9th Jun), Brimstone (30th May, 15+ caterpillars on 31st May, 6th, 7th & 15th Jun, 2 on 16th Jun, 10 caterpillars on 10th Jun), Painted Lady (6th Jun), Speckled Wood (7th-10th Jun, 3 on 11th Jun, 4 on 15th & 16th Jun), Holly Blue (7th Jun), Small Tortoiseshell (7th Jun, 4 on 15th & 16th Jun), Red Admiral (7th, 8th, 10th, 11th & 16th Jun), Large White (7th & 15th Jun), Comma (7th Jun), Meadow Brown (15th Jun, 4 on 16th Jun) and Skipper sp. (15th Jun). Magpie Moth (6th Jun), Cinnabar Moth (4th, 7th, 8th, 10th & 11th Jun, 2 on 15th Jun, 4 on 16th Jun), Mint Moth (7th Jun), Longhorn Moth sp (2 on 30th May, 10+ on 10th Jun) and Angle Shades (15th Jun).

Broad-bodied Chaser (female 30th May, 4th & 7th Jun), Blue-tailed Damselfly (6th & 15th Jun), Large Red Damselfly (30th May, 6th & 15th Jun), Banded Demoiselle (6th Jun, 4 on 15th Jun), Black-tailed Skimmer (11th & 15th Jun), Red-eyed Damselfly (1st Jun, 2 on 15th Jun, 5 on 17th Jun), Common Blue Damselfy (15th Jun) and Azure Damselfly (15th Jun).

Tenthredo mesomelas Sawfly (30th May), Cranefly (Nephrotoma maculate) (31st May), Hornet (2 on 10th Jun), Woundwort Shieldbug (10th Jun), Sloe Bug (10th Jun) and Garden Chafer (15th Jun).

Rabbit (30th May), Squirrel (30th May), Badger (30th May, 11th Jun 10:30pm), Fox (31st May), Field Vole (31st May), Serotine Bat (11th Jun), Common Noctule (11th Jun), Daubentons (30th May, 11th & 17th Jun), Nathusius Pipistrelle (11th Jun, 2+ on 17th Jun), Common Pipistrelle (30th May, 11th Jun, 15 on 17th Jun), Soprano Pipistrelle (30th May, 11th Jun, 12+ on 17th Jun), Brown Long-eared Bat (tbc) (17th Jun), Brandts Bat (tbc) (17th Jun), Wood Mouse (13th Jun), Vole sp. (11th Jun, dead 16th Jun) and Muntjac (15th Jun).

Grass Snake (4th Jun, 13th Jun). Signal Crayfish (17th Jun).

May 16th - May 29th 2015
Common Tern (16th May, 2 on 18th, 21st & 22nd May, 3 on 24th May, 4 on 17th May), Swift (16th May), Greylag Goose (24th May with 4 young, 5 broods on 16th May, 16 goslings on 17th May), Robin (16th May), Buzzard (16th & 24th May), Pochard (16th, 24th & 27th (3 young) May, with broods of 2 and 3 on 25th May, 5 on 17th May), Reed Bunting (16th, 17th & 24th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (18th, 22nd, 24th & 27th May, 2 on 16th, 17th & 23rd May), Cormorant (2 on 16th May, 3 on 17th May, 1 adult and 3 young on 27th May), Grey Heron (16th, 17th & 19th May), Mallard (27th May, Pair on 16th May and 3 young), Great Crested Grebe (16th & 17th May, Feeding chick on 19th May, pair and 1 young on 22nd May), Tufted Duck (27th May, 2 pairs on 16th May, 14 on 17th May), Blue Tit (16th & 27th May), Ring-necked Parakeet (27th May, 5 on 16th May), Great Tit (16th & 27th May, 3 on 17th May), Chaffinch (16th May), Magpie (16th May), Moorhen (16th May, with young chick on 19th May), Coot (plus 1 young 16th May), Black-headed Gull (3 young on 20th May, c14 nests on 16th May), Woodpigeon (16th May), Stock Dove (3 on 16th & 17th May, 4 on 18th May), Little Grebe (16th & 17th May, with 1 young on 27th May, with 1 and 2 young on 20th May, pair with 3 young on 22nd May, 2 adults and 3 young on 29th May), Jackdaw (16th May), Sedge Warbler (16th, 17th & 22nd May), Song Thrush (16th May), Blackcap (24th May, 2 on 17th May), Whitethroat (22nd May, 2 on 17th May), Red Kite (18th May, 2 on 27th May, 3 on 17th May), Dunnock (2 on 17th May), Shoveler (17th May), Wren (17th May), Hobby (4 on 17th May, 6 on 21st May), Oystercatcher (22nd May, 2 on 17th May), Sparrowhawk (17th & 24th May, on nest 22nd May), Reed Warbler (17th & 24th May), Egyptian Goose (10+ on 17th May), Chiffchaff (17th & 24th May), Willow Warbler (Heard 17th May), Green Woodpecker (17th & 19th May), Jay (17th-19th May), Gadwall (17th May), Treecreeper (19th & 24th May, 3 on 21st May), Pied Wagtail (24th May), Goldeneye (female in 24th May), Little Egret (24th May), Lesser Black-backed Gull (24th May - took young Coot), Mistle Thrush (4 on 24th May) and Canada Goose (27th May).

Earthworm (16th May).

Peacock (16th May), Small White (16th May), Small Tortoiseshell (16th May and Caterpillars), Brimstone (16th May, Caterpillars 21st & 29th May and fresh eggs), Comma (16th May), Speckled Wood (16th May), Orange Tip (16th May, 2 on 17th May) and Green Veined White (19th May).

Common Blue Damselfly (16th & 21st May, 50+ on 17th May), Southern Hawker (16th May), Large Red Damselfly (21st May, 5+ on 17th May), Blue Tailed Damselfly (21st May, 4+ on 17th May), Azure Damselfly (21st May, 4+ on 17th May, 4 'paired' on 24th May), Black-tailed Skimmer (17th May), Hairy Dragonfly (17th & 21st May) and Broad-bodied Chaser (21st & 26th May).

Squirrel (16th & 27th May), Rabbit (16th & 17th May) and Fox (17th, 22nd & 27th May).
Shoal of fish (24th May).
Marsh Orchid (21st May) and Honesty (21st May).

Spitfire aircraft noted overhead 17th May.

May 11th - May 15th 2015
Egyptian Goose (8 on 15th May, 8 on Lynsters and 2 on lake on 12th May, 11 on 11th May), Greylag Goose (5 pairs with 18 young on 12th May on Lynsters), Common Tern (4 on 12th May), Great Crested Grebe (young on 13th May, Adult and young on 12th May), Kingfisher (12th May), Treecreeper (2 on 12th May), Pochard (6 on 12th May), Tufted Duck (6 on 12th May), Little Grebe (12th May), Grey Heron (12th May), Great Spotted Woodpacker (13th & 14th May), Jay (13th May), Red Kite (13th May), Buzzard (13th May), Sedge Wardbler (14th May), Wren (14th May), Reed Warbler (6 singing on 14th May) and Swift (7 on 15th May).

Common Blue Damselfly (11th May). Brimstone (12th May), Peacock (12th May), Orange Tip (12th May), Speckled Wood (12th May) and Holly Blue (12th May).

Muntjac (15th May).

May 9th & May 10th 2015 - Open Weekend
Grey Heron (9-10th May), Chiffchaff (9-10th May), Black-headed Gull (9-10th May), Coot (Adults & 1 chick 9-10th May), Great Tit (9-10th May), Cormorant (9-10th May), Tufted Duck (9-10th May), Red Kite (9-10th May), Swift (9-10th May), Jay (9-10th May), Chaffinch (9-10th May), Magpie (9-10th May), Great Crested Grebe (9-10th May), Mallard (with broods of 5 & 10 9-10th May), Ring-necked Parakeet (9-10th May), Robin (9-10th May), Moorhen (9-10th May), Wren (9-10th May), Kingfisher (9-10th May), Egyptian Goose (9-10th May with 6 on 10th May), Greylag Goose (9-10th May), Long-tailed Tit (9-10th May), Blue Tit (9-10th May), Dunnock (feeding young 9-10th May), Blackbird (9-10th May), Little Grebe (9-10th May), Mute Swan (9-10th May), Pochard (9-10th May), Gadwall (9-10th May), House Martin (9-10th May), Blackcap (9-10th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (9-10th May), Stock Dove (9-10th May), Crow (9-10th May), Oystercatcher (on cricket field 10th May), Treecreeper (nesting in bat box 10th May) and Hobby (10th May).

Just 8 moths from 2 traps: Pebble Prominent (9th May), Poplar Hawkmoth (2 on 9th May), Nut-Tree Tussock (9th May), Dark Spectacle* (9th May - a Herts rarity), Seraphim (9th May), Flame Shoulder (9th May) and Syndemis musculana *. * = new for the Reserve.

Grass Snake (9-10th May) and Newt (9th May). Rabbit (9-10th May) and Grey Squirrel.

Soldier Beetle (9-10th May) and Black-nosed Cardinal (9-10th May).

Small White (9-10th May), Orange Tip (9-10th May), Peacock (9-10th May), Brimstone (9-10th May), Comma (9-10th May) and Red Admiral (9-10th May).

Common Blue Damselfly (9-10th May).

Maple Lodge Open weekend results of pond dipping 9/10 May 2015

Agabus conspersus diving beetle larvae x 2
Dytiscuss sp Great diving beetle larva x 1
Lesser water boatmen present Corixidae family
Water Measurer present Hydrometra sp
Pond Skaters present Gerris sp
Hawker dragonfly nymphs x 3 not identified
Waterflea - Daphnia
Juvenile smooth newt x 1 Triturus vulgaris
Grass snake x 1 Natrix natrix (not pond dipped!)

Smooth newt from pond (gravid) x1 Triturus vulgaris
Hawker Dragonfly nymphs x 3
Agabus conspersus diving beetle larvae x 3
Water measurer as above
Pond skaters as above
Hog Louse x 1 Asellus aquaticus
Great diving beetle larva x 1 as above
Leech x 1
Worms Lesser water boatman as above
Empty cased caddis fly case- possibly Limnephilus genus x 1

Apr 28th - May 8th 2015
Garden Warbler (29th & 30th Apr, 3rd May), Swift (29th Apr, 3rd & 4th May, 4 on 30th Apr, c50 on 6th May), House Martin (29th Apr, 3 on 29th Apr), Greylag Goose (8th May, Adults and 5 goslings on 29th Apr, Adult and 6 goslings on 30th Apr, 2nd & 3rd May, 4 pairs with young on 6th May), Treecreeper (30th Apr, 2nd-4th May, 2 on 6th May, At least 3 chicks 5th May), Chiffchaff (30th Apr), Jay (30th Apr, 7th & 8th May, 4 on 2nd May), Pochard (2nd, 3rd, 7th & 8th May, 2 on on 30th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (30th Apr, 1st & 8th May), Reed Warbler (30th Apr, 5 on 3rd May, 7 on 8th May), Blackcap (2nd, 3rd & 8th May, 6 on 30th Apr), Cormorant (4 on 30th Apr), Grey Heron (2 on 30th Apr), Black-headed Gull (8th May, 40+ on 30th Apr, 26 occupied nests on 6th May, 50+ on 2nd May), Oystercatcher (30th Apr, 3rd & 6th May), Red Kite (1st & 2nd May), Pheasant (2nd & 8th May), Green Woodpecker (2nd & 8th May), Reed Bunting (4th & 8th May, Pair on 2nd May), Great Crested Grebe (chick on 2nd May, Adult and chick on 3rd May, Rebuilding nest 4th May, 4 adults + 1 chick on 6th May), Coot (chick on 2nd May, Adult and chicks on 8th May), Stock Dove (3 on 2nd May), Egyptian Goose (8th May, 2 on 2nd May, 13 on 5th May on Lynsters), Canada Goose (2nd & 8th May), Robin (2nd May), Blackbird (3 on 2nd May), Chaffinch (2nd & 3rd May), Dunnock (2nd May, 2 on 8th May), Little Grebe (2 on 2nd May), Tufted Duck (2nd & 3rd May), Mallard (2nd & 8th May, 4 broods on 6th May), Gadwall (2nd & 3rd May, 16 on 8th May), Ring-necked Parakeet (2nd May), Shoveler (3rd & 8th May), Long-tailed Tit (3rd & 4th May, 2 on 8th May), Woodpigeon (3rd May), Great Tit (3rd May, 4th May (Nest box 13)), Sparrowhawk (6th May), Hobby (6th & 8th May), Common Tern (6th May), Sedge Warbler (6th Apr), Wren (7th & 8th May), Buzzard (7th May) and Song Thrush (6th May).

Fox (29th & 30th Apr, 8th May) and Rabbit (With spilt ear on 2nd May, 8th May, 8 on 30th Apr).

Speckled Wood (29th Apr), Orange Tip (4th May, 2 on 8th May, 3 on 29th Apr), Painted Lady (3th May), Peacock (8th May), Green-veined White (4th May, 3 on 8th May), Large White (4th May), Holly Blue (4th & 8th May) and Brimstone (4th & 8th May).

Large Red Damselflies (4th May).

Crane Fly (2nd May).

Yellow Flag (3rd May), Cuckoo Flower (3rd May), Jack by the Hedge/Garlic Mustard (3rd May), Cuckoo Pint (3rd May), Red Campion (3rd May), yellow and white Dead Nettle (3rd May), Guelder Rose (3rd May) and Black Sedge (3rd May).

Apr 18th - Apr 27th 2015
Mallard (with 7 ducklings 18th & 20th Apr), Blackcap (19th & 25th-26th Apr, Pair on 18th Apr, 6+ on 24th Apr), Jay (18th Apr), Green Sandpiper (18th Apr), Reed Bunting (18th, 20th & 23rd Apr, 2 on 26th Apr), Swallow (20th Apr, 2 on 18th Apr), Gadwall (18th & 19th Apr, 4 on 26th Apr, 12 on 22nd Apr), Pochard (18th & 19th Apr, 2 on 22nd Apr), Shoveler (18th & 19th Apr, 2 on 20th Apr, 6 on 23rd Apr), Tufted Duck (18th Apr), Little Grebe (18th & 19th Apr, 2 on 26th Apr, 4 on 22nd Apr), Red Kite (18th & 21st Apr, 2 on 27th Apr), Grey Heron (18th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (on nest 18th Apr, 1 on 26th Apr, Adult + chick on 25th Apr, Pair+1 young on 24th & 26th-27th Apr, Pair+1 young & 1 singleton on 20th Apr, 4 adults+1 juv on 22nd Apr), Canada Goose (nesting 19th Apr), Mistle Thrush (19th & 22nd Apr, 2 on 26th Apr), Green Woodpecker (19th, 22nd & 27th Apr), Pied Wagtail (19th Apr), House Martin (19th Apr), Kingfisher (20th Apr), Sparrowhawk (20th & 26th Apr), Mandarin (male 20th Apr), Treecreeper (20th & 21st Apr, 2 on 24th, 26th & 27th Apr taking food into nest), Reed Warbler (21st, 24th-25th & 27th Apr, 2 males on 20th Apr), Little Egret, Jackdaw (45 on 20th Apr), Starling (2 on 20th Apr), Oystercatcher (20th Apr), Egyptian Goose (2 on 20th, 22nd & 26th Apr), Nuthatch (21st Apr), Snipe (22nd Apr), Dunnock (3 on 22nd Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (22nd & 26th Apr), Goldfinch (22nd Apr), Sedge Warbler (23rd-25th & 27th Apr), Buzzard (23rd & 27th Apr), Coot (with young 23rd Apr), Cormorant (11 on 24th Apr), Garden Warbler (25th & 27th Apr), Chiffchaff (25th Apr), Grey Heron (26th Apr), Water Rail (26th Apr) and Common Tern (2 on 27th Apr).

Peacock (18th, 21st & 23rd Apr), Orange Tip (18th Apr), Comma (18th & 21st Apr, 2 on 20th Apr), Holly Blue (2 on 20th Apr), Speckled Wood (21st Apr, 2 on 20th Apr), Brimstone (21st & 23rd Apr, 4 on 20th Apr, eggs on Alder Buckthorns on 26th Apr) and Small Tortoiseshell (23rd Apr).

Bluebells (19th Apr) and Apple Blossom (19th Apr).

Rabbit (young on 19th Apr) and Fox (20th, 21st & 27th Apr, 2 dead on manure heap on Lynsters Farm on 26th Apr), Muntjac (20th Apr).

Grass Snake (20th, 21st & 23rd Apr).

Apr 9th - Apr 17th 2015
Blackcap (9th Apr, 4 on 12th Apr), Oystercatcher (16th & 17th Apr, 2 on 9th-11th & 13th Apr on Lynsters), Willow Warbler (10th & 15th Apr, 2 on 13th Apr), Green Sandpiper (10th & 13th-15th Apr), Little Egret (10th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (12th Apr, 2 on 10th Apr, 2 adults +1 juv on 13th-14th & 16th (plus 2 eggs on 14th & 16th Apr), Redwing (10th Apr), Goldcrest (10th & 12th Apr), Siskin (10th Apr), Blackcap (10th, 11th & 14th Apr, 2 on 13th Apr), Little Grebe (10th-12th, 14th & 15th Apr, 6 on 10th Apr), Long-tailed Tit (10th-12th Apr, 3 on 11th Apr), Teal 4 on 10th Apr), Gadwall (14th Apr, 4 on 10th & 11th Apr, 3m_2f on 15th Apr), Cormorant (3 on 10th Apr, 4 on 11th Apr, 7 on 12th Apr , 8 on 14th Apr), Grey Heron (10th-12th, 14th & 15th Apr, 2 on 11th Apr, 3 on 12th Apr), Tufted Duck (Pair on 15th Apr, 6 on 10th & 14th Apr), Pochard (10th-12th & 15th Apr, 5m+2f on 11th Apr, 11m+7f on 12th Apr, 6 on 14th Apr), Chiffchaff (10th-14th Apr, 3 on 11th & 13th Apr), Green Woodpecker (14th Apr, 2 on 10th Apr), Egyptian Goose (2 on 10th & 11th Apr), Buzzard (10th & 11th Apr, 3 on 13th Apr, 2 on 14th Apr), Wren (10th & 12th Apr), Mute Swan (15th Apr, 2 on 10th & 12th (building nest) Apr), Jay (11th Apr, 2 on 10th & 14th Apr), Goldfinch (10th & 12th Apr), Stock Dove (2 on 10th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (10th Apr), Ring-necked Parakeet (10th, 12th & 14th Apr), Black-headed Gull (10th Apr, 20+ on 11th Apr), Canada Goose (10th Apr, 2 on 11th Apr), Chaffinch (4 on 11th Apr), Red Kite (11th Apr, 2 on 14th Apr), Swallow (11th & 15th Apr), Shoveler (11th Apr, 7 chicks on 14th Apr), Reed Bunting (11th-12th Apr), Greylag Goose (3 on 11th Apr), Red-legged Partridge (1 on car park 11th Apr), Sparrowhawk (12th Apr), Grey Wagtail (12th Apr), Treecreeper (15th Apr, 2 on 12th Apr), Kingfisher (13th Apr), Bullfinch (Pair on 13th Apr), Mandarin (14th Apr), Carrion Crow (14th Apr), Reed Warbler (15th & 16th Apr), Great Tit (2 on 15th Apr), Common Tern (2 on 15th Apr) and Mallard (Adult with 6 juv on 17th Apr).

Peacock (9th-12th & 15th Apr, 2 on 9th Apr), Brimstone (9th, 10th & 15th Apr), Orange Tip (9th,-12th Apr , m+f on 10th Apr), Small Tortoiseshell (10th, 12th & 15th Apr), Comma (11th, 12th & 15th Apr), Large White (15th Apr), Small Blue (2 on 15th Apr), Speckled Wood (15th Apr), Red Admiral (15th Apr) and Holly Blue (16th Apr).

Cowslips (10th Apr).

White-tailed Bumblebee (12th Apr) and Hairy-footed Bumblebee (12th Apr).

Red Fox (13th & 17th Apr) and Rabbits (13th Apr).

Apr 5th (Re-opening Day) - Apr 8th 2015
Blackcap (5th Apr, 2 on 8th Apr), Little Grebe (6th Apr, 6 on 5th Apr), Mistle Thrush (5th Apr), Mallard (5th Apr), Coot (5th Apr), Cormorant (3 on 8th Apr, 5 on 5th Apr), Chiffchaff (2 on 5th Apr), Green Woodpecker (5th & 7th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (5th & 8th Apr), Great Tit (5th & 8th Apr), Jay (2 on 5th Apr), Oystercatcher (2 on Lynsters on 5th-8th Apr), Teal (2 on 5th Apr), Pochard (8th Apr, 7 on 6th Apr, 8 on 5th Apr), Gadwall (8th Apr, 3 on 5th Apr, 6 on 6th Apr), Grey Heron (2 on 5th Apr), Treecreeper (5th, 6th & 8th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (8th Apr, 2 on 5th Apr), Reed Bunting (5th-7th Apr), Blue Tit (5th & 8th Apr), Chaffinch (5th Apr), Green Sandpiper (5th Apr), Ring-necked Parakeet (5th Apr), Mute Swan (2 on 5th & 8th Apr), Goldcrest (5th Apr), Wren (5th & 8th Apr), Canada Goose (5th Apr, 1 with white head 8th Apr), Greylag Goose (5th Apr), Egyptian Goose (5th Apr, 2 on 6th Apr), Shoveler (5th Apr), Buzzard (6th Apr, 5 on 5th Apr), Red Kite (6th Apr, 2 on 5th Apr), Snipe (5th Apr), Song Thrush (6th Apr), Stock Dove (8th Apr, 3 on 6th Apr), Robin (4 on 6th Apr), Dunnock (8th Apr, 4 on 6th Apr), Sparrowhawk (7th Apr), Jackdaw (c500 on 8th Apr), Tufted Duck (8th Apr) and Goldfinch (8th Apr).

Fox (5th & 6th Apr), Rabbit (5th, 6th & 8th Apr), Weasel (5th Apr) and Muntjac (5th Apr).

Frogspawn (2 clumps 5th Apr).

Comma (5th & 6th Apr), Green-veined White (5th & 6th Apr), Peacock (6th & 7th Apr, 4+ on 8th Apr), Small Tortoiseshell (6th Apr), Holly Blue (6th Apr), Orange Tip (5th Apr), Brimstone (5th Apr) and Small White (8th Apr).

White Slime Mould (5th Apr).

Apr 1st, 2nd & Apr 4th 2015
Swallow (1st Apr), Green Woodpecker (1st & 2nd Apr), Little Grebe (1st Apr, 2 on 4th Apr), Shoveler (2 on 1st Apr), Gadwall (4th Apr, 2 on 1st Apr), Pochard (4th Apr, 5 on 1st Apr), Greenfinch (2nd Apr, 2 on 1st Apr), Teal (1st Apr), Goldcrest (1st & 2nd Apr), Egyptian Goose (2 on 2nd Apr), Stock Dove (2nd & 4th Apr including 1 on 4th in Barn Owl box), Wren (2nd & 4th Apr), Chiffchaff (2nd Apr), Ring-necked Parakeet (2nd Apr, 3 on 4th Apr), Buzzard (2nd & 4th Apr), Canada Goose (2nd & 4th Apr), Greylag Goose (2 on 2nd & 4th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (2 on 2nd & 4th Apr including one on nest on 4th with at least one egg), Mute Swan (2nd & 4th Apr), Tufted Duck (2nd Apr), Chaffinch (2nd & 4th Apr), Goldfinch (2nd Apr), Blue Tit (2nd & 4th Apr including 1 on 4th in and out of nest box on dead trunk by notice board), Great Tit (2nd & 4th Apr), Blackbird (2nd Apr), Cormorant (2nd Apr, 7 on 4th Apr), Red Kite (2nd & 4th Apr), Jay (2nd Apr), Black-headed Gull (2nd & 4th Apr), Coot (2nd & 4th Apr), Moorhen (2nd & 4th Apr), Crow (2nd Apr), Dunnock (2nd & 4th Apr), Mallard (2nd Apr), Woodpigeon (2nd & 4th Apr), Mistle Thrush (2 males on 2nd Apr), Green Sandpiper (2nd & 4th Apr on Lynsters field), Robin (4th Apr), Mallard (4th Apr), Magpie (12 on 4th Apr on Lynsters), Tufted Duck (15+ on 4th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4th Apr), Jackdaw (c1000 4th Apr at 8pm), Grey Heron (4th Apr) and Treecreeper (2 on 4th Apr).

Holly Blue (2nd Apr).

Frogspawn (2nd Apr).

Rabbit (2 adults & 2 young on 4th Apr), Squirrel (4th Apr) and Muntjac (4th Apr).

Scarlet Elf Cup (4th Apr) and Jelly Ear (4th Apr).

Mar 9th & 26th 2015
Great Crested Grebe (2 on 9th Mar, sitting on nest on 26th Mar), Little Grebe (6 on 9th Mar), Teal (2 on 9th Mar), Mute Swan (2 on 9th Mar), Buzzard (9th Mar), Chiffchaff (9th & 26th Mar), Goldcrest (2 on 9th Mar) and Treecreeper (26th Mar).

Feb 2nd - both lakes lightly frozen and Feb 9th 2015
Jay (2 on 2nd Feb), Goldfinch (5 on 9th Feb, 15+ on 2nd Feb), Blackbird (2 on 2nd Feb), Moorhen (2 on 2nd Feb), Coot (4 on 2nd Feb) and R-N Parakeet (2 on 2nd Feb). Little Grebe (4 on 9th Feb), Kingfisher (9th Feb), Teal (7 on 9th Feb), Fieldfare (100+ on 9th Feb), Redwing (10 on 9th Feb) and Long-tailed Tit (15 on 9th Feb).

Jan 18th 2015
Sparrowhawk (18th Jan), Goldcrest (2 on 18th Jan), Buzzard (18th Jan), Mallard(13 on 18th Jan), Tufted Duck (10 on 18th Jan), Shoveler (Pair on 18th Jan), Pochard (4 on 18th Jan), Teal (3 on 18th Jan), Coot (17 on 18th Jan), Moorhen (18th Jan), Little Grebe (18th Jan), Mute Swan (18th Jan) and Black-headed Gull (9 on 18th Jan).

Dec 22nd 2014 - Apr 4th 2015
Temporary closure of Reserve from Dec 22nd 2014 until being open to members from Apr 5th 2015. Some very limited access to WeBS recorder, some committee members and work parties and thus limited sighting records for this closure period.

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