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Maplelodge Forum :: Maple Lodge Forum :: General Chat :: Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2016 Qtr 1 up to 31 Mar  ::

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Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2016 Qtr 1 up to 31 Mar (April 10, 2016, 03:38:40 AM) quote  
2016 Bird List to Mar 31st - first reported date.
Great Crested Grebe (1st Jan), Little Grebe (1st Jan), Cormorant (1st Jan), Grey Heron (1st Jan), Little Egret (1st Jan), Mute Swan (1st Jan), Greylag Goose (1st Jan), Canada Goose (1st Jan), Egyptian Goose (1st Jan), Shelduck (19th Mar), Mandarin (Not yet recorded in 2016), Wigeon (1st Jan), Pintail (Not yet recorded in 2016), Teal (1st Jan), Gadwall (1st Jan), Mallard (1st Jan), Shoveler (1st Jan), Pochard (13th Jan), Tufted Duck (1st Jan), Goldeneye (Not yet recorded in 2016), Red Kite (7th Jan), Sparrowhawk (1st Jan), Buzzard (7th Jan), Kestrel (28th Jan), Hobby (Not yet recorded in 2016), Osprey (Not yet recorded in 2016), Red-legged Partridge (Not yet recorded in 2016), Pheasant (11th Mar), Water Rail (17th Jan), Moorhen (1st Jan), Coot (1st Jan), Oystercatcher (20th Feb), Golden Plover (6th Feb), Lapwing (Not yet recorded in 2016), Snipe (1st Jan), Green Sandpiper (15th Jan), Common Sandpiper (Not yet recorded in 2016), Mediterranean Gull (Not yet recorded in 2016), Common Gull (Not yet recorded in 2016), Black-headed Gull (1st Jan), Herring Gull (Not yet recorded in 2016), Lesser Black-backed Gull (Not yet recorded in 2016), Great Black-backed Gull (Not yet recorded in 2016), Common Tern (Not yet recorded in 2016), Stock Dove (10th Jan), Woodpigeon (1st Jan), Feral Pigeon (Feral Rock Dove) (Not yet recorded in 2016), Ring-necked Parakeet (1st Jan), Cuckoo (Not yet recorded in 2016), Tawny Owl (Not yet recorded in 2016), Swift (Not yet recorded in 2016), Kingfisher (3rd Jan), Green Woodpecker (1st Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st Jan), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Not yet recorded in 2016), Swallow (27th Mar), House Martin (Not yet recorded in 2016), Meadow Pipit (Not yet recorded in 2016), Grey Wagtail (22nd Jan), Pied Wagtail (1st Jan), Wren (1st Jan), Dunnock (1st Jan), Robin (1st Jan), Blackbird (1st Jan), Fieldfare (1st Jan), Song Thrush (7th Jan), Redwing (16th Jan), Mistle Thrush (1st Jan), Cetti's Warbler (1st Jan), Sedge Warbler (Not yet recorded in 2016), Reed Warbler (Not yet recorded in 2016), Garden Warbler (Not yet recorded in 2016), Whitethroat (Not yet recorded in 2016), Blackcap (16th Feb), Chiffchaff (1st Jan), Willow Warbler (Not yet recorded in 2016), Goldcrest (1st Jan), Spotted Flycatcher (Not yet recorded in 2016), Long-tailed Tit (1st Jan), Coal Tit (3rd Jan), Blue Tit (1st Jan), Great Tit (1st Jan), Nuthatch (Not yet recorded in 2016), Treecreeper (1st Jan), Magpie (1st Jan), Jackdaw (1st Jan), Rook (28th Jan), Carrion Crow (1st Jan), Jay (1st Jan), Starling (20th Mar), Chaffinch (1st Jan), Brambling (23rd Mar), Greenfinch (Not yet recorded in 2016), Goldfinch (8th Jan), Siskin (1st Jan), Lesser Redpoll (Not yet recorded in 2016), Bullfinch (Not yet recorded in 2016) and Reed Bunting (1st Jan).

Mar 23rd – Mar 31st 2016
Reed Bunting (23rd Mar, Pair on 27th Mar), Brambling (Male on 23rd Mar), Snipe (24th & 29th Mar, 2 on 23rd & 30th Mar, 4 on 27th Mar), Dunnock (23rd & 29th Mar), Robin (23rd Mar), Mute Swan (Pair on 23rd Mar), Pochard (23rd Mar, 3 on 30th Mar, 10m+3f on 29th Mar), Little Grebe (27th Mar, 2 on 23rd & 30th Mar, 3 on 29th Mar, 4 on 31st Mar), Mallard (23rd Mar, With 6 ducklings on 27th Mar, With 8 ducklings on 28th Mar, Mum with 12 ducklings on 24th Mar), Shoveler (23rd Mar, 2 on 29th Mar, 4 on 31st Mar, 15 on 27th Mar), Teal (23rd & 29th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar, 3 on 27th Mar), Coot (23rd Mar), Moorhen (23rd Mar), Oystercatcher (2 on 23rd & 28th Mar), Canada Goose (55 on Lynsters 23rd Mar), Greylag Goose (27th Mar, 10 on Lynsters 23rd Mar), Magpie (27 on 23rd Mar), Jackdaw (23rd Mar), Sparrowhawk (23rd , 26th & 30th Mar), Treecreeper (23rd Mar), Chiffchaff (23rd & 26th – 28th Mar), Great Spotted Woodpecker (27th & 29th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar), Long-tailed Tit (27th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar), Great Crested Grebe (27th Mar, 4 on 30th Mar), Green Woodpecker (27th & 29th Mar), Buzzard (30th Mar, 2 on 27th & 29th Mar), Red Kite (27th 29th & 30th Mar), Egyptian Goose (27th & 30th Mar, 2 on 28th & 29th Mar), Swallow (27th Mar), Siskin (15 on 27th Mar), Song Thrush (27th Mar), Pied Wagtail (27th Mar), Black-headed Gull (130 on 28th Mar), Goldcrest (28th & 29th Mar), Gadwall (6 on 29th & 30th Mar), Blackcap (30th Mar) and Grey Heron (30th Mar, 4 on 31st Mar).

Comma (24th Mar) and Bee Fly (31st Mar).

Squirrel (2 on 27th Mar), Rabbit (12 on 27th Mar including 5 young) and Fox (28th, 29th & 31st Mar).

Grass Snake (5 (3 * 3inch + 2 * 12 inch) on 29th Mar).

Mar 1st – Mar 22nd 2016
Great Spotted Woodpecker (2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th & 20th-21st Mar, 2 on 1st Mar), Reed Bunting (3rd, 4th, 8th, 18th & 20th-21st Mar, 2 on 2nd, 6th, 16th & 19th Mar, 3 on 1st & 7th Mar, 4 on 12th & 14th Mar), Teal (1st & 3rd Mar, Pair on 2nd Mar, 2 on 6th Mar, 5 on 14th Mar, 7 on 20th Mar), Little Grebe (1st, 3rd, 4th & 7th Mar, 2 on 19th & 20th Mar, 3 on 11th Mar, 4 on 6th, 14th & 16th Mar), Pied Wagtail (20+ on 1st Mar), Buzzard (13th-15th Mar, 2 on 1st, 2nd, 11th & 12th Mar), Wigeon (20 on 1st Mar, 37 on 14th Mar, 38 on 8th Mar, c 40 on 15th Mar, 41 on 16th Mar, 44 on 2nd Mar, 49 on 10th Mar, 51 on 7th Mar, 53 on 6th Mar, 55 on 18th Mar), Egyptian Goose (22nd Mar, 2 on 1st, 6th, 7th, 13th & 18th Mar), Wren (4th Mar, 2 on 1st Mar, 5 on 11th Mar), Red Kite (8th, 12th, 15th & 19th Mar, 2 on 2nd, 4th & 7th Mar, 3 on 5th Mar), Cetti’s Warbler (2nd & 4th Mar), Goldcrest (2nd, 6th & 16th Mar, 2 on 8th Mar, 2+ on 14th Mar), Green Woodpecker (2nd, 6th- 8h, 14th, 18th & 19th Mar), Snipe (2nd, 11th, 13th & 16th Mar, 2 on 12th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 21st & 22nd Mar, 3 on 19th & 20th Mar), Shoveler (4th, 11th & 15th Mar, 2 on 19th Mar, 4 on 7th Mar, 2 pairs on 20th Mar, 6 on 2nd Mar, 4 pairs on 6th Mar, 8 on 18th Mar), Goldfinch (2 on 4th Mar, 3 on 11th Mar, 10 on 2nd & 18th Mar), Greylag Goose (2nd Mar, 4 on 6th Mar), Great Crested Grebe (3rd , 4th, 10th & 13th (1 egg) Mar, Pair on 6th, 16th & 18th (2 eggs), 4 on 20th & 21st Mar), Green Sandpiper (2 on 3rd Mar), Treecreeper (4th, 6th, 7th, 15th & 18th Mar, 2 on 8th, 12th & 22nd Mar, 2+ on 14th Mar), Siskin (4th Mar, 4 on 16th Mar, 15 on 8th Mar), Long-tailed Tit (4th Mar, nest on 22nd Mar, Pair on 19th Mar, 3 on 6th Mar), Pochard (4th & 11th Mar, 3 on 18th Mar, 4 on 19th Mar, 5 on 6th Mar, 8 on 12th Mar), Tufted Duck (4th & 11th Mar, 9 on 6th Mar), Redwing (5th, 10th, 13th & 20th Mar, 6 on 6th Mar, 20+ on 14th & 16th Mar, 25 on 18th Mar, 35 on 21st Mar), Canada Goose (68 on 6th Mar), Mute Swan (6th & 19th Mar, 4 on 10th Mar), Sparrowhawk (6th, 11th & 21st Mar), Kingfisher (7th & 12th Mar), Jay (2 on 7th & 19th Mar, 8 on 20th Mar), Gadwall (19th Mar, 2 on 7th & 15th Mar, 10 on 18th Mar), Oystercatcher (2 on 8th, 10th, 11th & 13th Mar), Water Rail (10th, 11th, 13th & 21st Mar, 4 on 18th Mar), Fieldfare (10th & 20th Mar, 5 on 18th Mar, 28 on 21st Mar), Mistle Thrush (10th & 18th Mar, 2 on 16th Mar), Pheasant (11th Mar), Little Egret (11th Mar), Magpie (29 on 11th Mar), Mallard (11th Mar, +6 ducklings on 18th & 20th Mar, +4 ducklings on 19th & 20th Mar ), Song Thrush (11th & 16th Mar), Cormorant (2 on 12th Mar), Blackbird (9 on 16th Mar), Grey Heron (19th Mar), Shelduck (2 on Lynsters 19th & 21st Mar), Starling (2 on 20th Mar), Kestrel (21st Mar) and Chiffchaff (22nd Mar).

Squirrel (2 on 20th Mar, 3 on 2nd & 12th Mar, 4 on 18th Mar), Brown Rat (2nd & 7th Mar, 2 young on 12th Mar), Rabbit (5 on 2nd, 12th & 18th Mar, 11 on 11th Mar), Badger (6th Mar), Fox (7th, 14th, 19th & 22nd Mar) and Weasel (dragging Rat on 16th Mar).

Clouded Drab (8th Mar), Small Tortoiseshell (22nd Mar), Peacock (22nd Mar) and Comma (2 on 22nd Mar). Tree Bumblebee (11th Mar), Buff-tailed Bumblebee (19th Mar), Bumblebee sp (20th & 22nd Mar), Hoverfly (Eristalis sp on 22nd Mar) and 7-Spot Ladybird (22nd Mar).

Frog (2 on 17th Mar, 4 and spawn on 22nd Mar).

Feb 14th - Feb 29th 2016
Sparrowhawk (23rd–24th & 26th Feb, Female on 17th Feb, Pair on 14th & 19th Feb), Chiffchaff (14th, 24th & 26th Feb), Treecreeper (22nd & 28th Feb, 2 on 14th Feb, 3 on 24th Feb), Goldcrest (24th & 28th -29th Feb, 2 on 14th Feb, 3 on 23rd Feb), Goldfinch (14th Feb, 2 on 23rd Feb, 4 on 25th Feb, 9 on 20th Feb), Fieldfare (28th Feb, 25 on Lynsters and 9 by Long Hedge 14th Feb), Redwing (20th, 25th , 26th , 28th & 29th Feb, 10 on Lynsters 14th Feb, 20+ on 15th Feb), Buzzard (14th-15th & 23rd Feb, 2 on 24th & 29th Feb, 3 on 28th Feb), Red Kite (20th , 24th & 28th Feb, 2 on 14th-15th Feb, 3 on 26th Feb), Cetti’s Warbler (14th & 21st-22nd & 29th Feb), Reed Bunting (14th, 20th, 21st & 26th Feb, 2 on 29th Feb, 3-4 on 16th Feb, 4 on 24th Feb), Siskin (3 on 23rd Feb, 10 on 14th Feb), Great Spotted Woodpecker (15th Feb, 2 on 14th, 20th & 24th Feb, 3 on 23rd Feb), Chaffinch (26th Feb, 4 on 14th Feb, 6+ on 20th Feb), Shoveler (28th Feb, 3 on 16th & 26th Feb, 4 on 14th Feb, 5 on 24th Feb), Robin (4 on 14th Feb), Green Woodpecker (15th, 24th, 25th , 26th & 28th Feb), Wigeon (40 on 15th Feb, 45 on 24th Feb, 50+ on 23rd Feb, 54 on 20th Feb, 59 on 22nd Feb, 60 on 26th & 28th Feb, 60+ on 24th Feb, 66 on 19th Feb), Mistle Thrush (15th & 20th Feb), Teal (2 on 28th Feb, 3 on 15th Feb, 6 on 24th Feb), Long-tailed Tit (3 on 15th Feb, 10 on 20th Feb), Pochard (28th Feb, 15th & 24th Feb, 4 on 23rd Feb), Little Grebe (15th Feb, 2 on 23rd Feb, 3 on 24th Feb), Great Crested Grebe (15th & 23rd Feb, 2 on 21st & 24th Feb), Grey Heron (15th, 23rd -24th & 26th Feb), Jackdaw (c1000 on 15th Feb), Egyptian Goose (28th Feb, 4 on 16th Feb), Blackcap (male on 16th Feb), Great Tit (10+ on 20th Feb), Coot (20th Feb), Moorhen (14 on 20th Feb), Pied Wagtail (8 on 20th Feb), Oystercatcher (2 on 20th & 26th Feb), Teal (2 on 24th & 28th Feb, 7 on 20th Feb, 8 on 21st Feb), Water Rail (22nd Feb, 3 heard on 26th Feb), Green Sandpiper (22nd Feb), Song Thrush (23rd Feb), Gadwall (28th Feb, 2 on 23rd–24th Feb), Cormorant (23rd -24th Feb), Tufted Duck (4 on 24th Feb, 5 on 26th Feb, 12 on 23rd Feb), Dunnock (2 on 23rd Feb), Jay (24th Feb), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 24th & 26th Feb), Black-headed Gull (c50 on 24th Feb), Mute Swan (2 on 24th Feb), Coal Tit (25th Feb), Wren (26th Feb), Blue Tit (box 19 on 26th Feb), Kingfisher (26th Feb) and Snipe (29th Feb).

Brown Rat (1 live and 1 dead 20th Feb, 2 on 14th Feb), Squirrel (20th Feb) and Fox (22nd & 26th Feb).

Feb 1st - Feb 13th 2016
Red Kite (1st & 6th Feb, 2 on 3rd, 9th & 11th Feb), Buzzard (1st Feb, 2 on 3rd & 6th Feb, 4 on 9th Feb), Great Crested Grebe (10th (starting nest) & 12th Feb, 2 on 1st, 3rd, 5th-6th & 12th Feb), Teal (10th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb, 3 on 1st Feb, 4 on 5th Feb, 10 on 3rd Feb, 15 on 9th Feb), Redwing (6th, 9th & 12th Feb, 2 on 4th Feb, 20 on 1st & 3rd Feb, 30 on 13th Feb), Wigeon (8th Feb, 9 on 12th Feb, 29 on 5th Feb, 38 on 3rd Feb, 40 on 13th Feb, 70 on 6th Feb, 80 on 10th Feb), Little Grebe (3rd & 6th Feb, 2 on 5th & 10th Feb), Grey Heron (3rd & 10th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb), Pochard (3rd & 6th Feb), Tufted Duck (6 on 3rd & 6th Feb), Mistle Thrush (3rd & 9th Feb, 2 on 4th Feb), Ring-necked Parakeet (6th Feb, 4 on 3rd Feb), Great Spotted Woodpecker (Pair 4th Feb, 2 on 6th, 9th & 12th Feb, 3 on 3rd Feb), Goldfinch (9th Feb, 5 on 10th Feb, 8 on 6th Feb, 12 on 3rd Feb), Long-tailed Tit (6 on 3rd Feb, 10+ on 6th Feb), Shoveler (10th Feb, 2 on 3rd Feb, 4 on 6th Feb), Mute Swan (2 on 3rd, 6th & 10th-11th Feb), Treecreeper (2 on 3rd Feb), Green Woodpecker (4th Feb), Chiffchaff (4th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb, 3 on 11th Feb), Goldcrest (4th & 6th Feb, 3 on 11th Feb), Egyptian Goose (6th Feb, 2 on 4th-5th & 9th Feb), Gadwall (10th Feb, 2 on 6th & 9th Feb, 3 on 4th Feb), Siskin (20+ on 10th & 12th Feb, c50 on 4th Feb, 100+ on 6th Feb), Golden Plover (6 over high on 6th Feb), Cormorant (10th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb), Mallard (6+ on 6th Feb), Cetti's Warbler (6th Feb), Blue Tit (10+ on 6th Feb), Great Tit (10+ on 6th Feb), Chaffinch (6th Feb), Robin (6th Feb), Dunnock (6th Feb, 3 on 9th Feb), Magpie (10+ on 6th Feb), Crow (6th Feb), Jackdaw (6th Feb, 40+ on 11th Feb), Stock Dove (5+ on 6th Feb), Woodpigeon (6th Feb), Greylag Goose (6th Feb), Canada Goose (6th Feb), Coot (6th Feb), Moorhen (6th Feb), Black-headed Gull (6th Feb), Song Thrush (6th Feb), Wren (6th Feb), Jay (6th & 12th Feb), Fieldfare (9th-10th Feb, 25 on 13th Feb), Green Sandpiper (10th Feb) and Rook (2 on 11th Feb).

Scarlet Elf Cup (5th Feb).

Ground Ivy (5th Feb).

Rabbit (12th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb, 3 on 11th Feb, 6 on 10th Feb), Squirrel (10th-11th Feb, 5 on 6th Feb), Red Fox (6th & 11th Feb), Brown Rat (10th Feb, 2 on 11th-12th Feb), Badger (Tracks on 10th Feb) and Muntjac (Tracks on 10th Feb).

Jan 16th - Jan 31st 2016
Treecreeper (22nd, 25th & 29th Jan, 3 on 16th & 28th Jan), Coal Tit (15th Jan), Siskin (17th, 19th & 25th Jan, 20 on 28th Jan, c30 on 16th & 18th Jan, c40 on 30th Jan, 50 on 22nd & 24th Jan, c100 on 29th Jan), Sparrowhawk (16th, 18th, 25th & 28th Jan), Buzzard (16th, 22nd & 24th Jan, 2 on 28th Jan), Goldcrest (16th, 25th & 31st Jan, 6 on 28th Jan), Redwing (16th-17th, 24th-25th & 31st Jan, 2 on 29th Jan, 3 on 28th Jan, 12 on 18th Jan, 30 on 22nd Jan), Stock Dove (3 on 16th Jan), Fieldfare (17th & 25th Jan, 4 on 16th Jan, 19 on 22nd Jan), Mistle Thrush (16th & 31st Jan), Red Kite (16th & 24th-25th Jan), Teal (29th Jan, 2 on 22nd Jan, 4 on 17th Jan, 4 pairs on 28th Jan, 12 on 24th Jan), Egyptian Goose (2 on 17th, 22nd & 24th Jan, 8 on 20th Jan), Snipe (2 on 17th Jan), Chaffinch (17th & 28th Jan), Chiffchaff (18th, 22nd & 31st Jan, 2 on 17th Jan, 4 on 20th Jan), Water Rail (17th-18th Jan), Reed Bunting (2 on 19th Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 19th, 25th & 28th Jan, 3 on 24th Jan), Jay (28th Jan, 3 on 20th Jan), Grey Wagtail (5 on 22nd Jan), Long-tailed Tit (6 on 28th & 29th Jan, 10+ on 25th Jan, 20 on 22nd Jan), Little Grebe (29th Jan, 2 on 22nd & 28th Jan), Little Egret (24th Jan), Shoveler (2 on 28th Jan, 3 on 25th Jan), Wren (28th Jan, 2 on 25th Jan), Pochard (5 on 28th Jan), Tufted Duck (29th Jan, 5 on 28th Jan), Mallard (4 on 28th Jan), Great Crested Grebe (28th Jan, 2 on 29th Jan), Coot (28th Jan), Moorhen (28th Jan), Pied Wagtail (6 on 28th Jan), Kestrel (28th Jan), Magpie (28th Jan), Ring-necked Parakeet (28th Jan, 16 on 31st Jan), Goldfinch (28th Jan), Rook (Pair on 28th Jan), Greylag Goose (28th Jan), Canada Goose (28th Jan), Wigeon (28th Jan, 61 on 29th Jan) and Gadwall (28th Jan).

Muntjac (17th Jan, male & female on 18th Jan), Fox (17th Jan), Rabbit (17th & 31st Jan, 2 on 28th Jan), Rat (17th Jan), Badger (Footprints on 18th & 28th Jan), Vole (Nest on 28th Jan), Grey Squirrel (28th Jan, 5 on 31st Jan), Molehill (10+ 28th Jan) and Stoat (31st Jan).

Leopard Slug (16 on 28th Jan).

Jan 7th - Jan 15th 2016
Red Kite (7th Jan), Little Egret (7th-8th Jan, 2 on 9th Jan), Sparrowhawk (7th-8th & 12th Jan), Teal (3 on 15th Jan, 10 on 8th Jan, 13 on 7th Jan), Great Crested Grebe (8th, 13th & 15th Jan, 2 on 7th Jan), Mistle Thrush (7th & 15th Jan, 3 on 10th Jan), Siskin (9th Jan, 10 on 15th Jan, 20+ on 8th Jan, 30 on 13th Jan, 50+ on 7th & 14th Jan, c100 on 11th Jan), Song Thrush (7th Jan), Buzzard (7th, 10th & 12th Jan, 2 on 13th & 15th Jan), Little Grebe (7th-8th Jan, 2 on 10th Jan, 4 on 13th Jan), Treecreeper (8th-9th & 14th Jan), Dunnock (3 on 8th Jan), Wren (3 on 8th Jan), Jay (8th Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (13th Jan, 2 on 8th Jan), Goldfinch (8th Jan), Wigeon (8th Jan), Gadwall (8th Jan), Egyptian Goose (8th & 10th Jan, 2 on 11th Jan), Shoveler (8th Jan), Goldcrest (2 on 8th Jan), Mallard (8th Jan), Blue Tit (8th Jan), Great Tit (8th Jan), Tufted Duck (Pair on 8th Jan), Chiffchaff (9th Jan), Kingfisher (9th Jan), Fieldfare (9th Jan, 14 on 15th Jan, 35+ on 13th Jan), Redwing (10th Jan, 2 on 15th Jan, 6 on 9th Jan, c10 on 14th Jan), Stock Dove (10th Jan, 4 on 11th Jan), Grey Heron (7 on 11th Jan), Greylag Goose (25 on 11th Jan), Reed Bunting (2 males on 12th Jan), Pochard (6 on 13th Jan), Green Sandpiper (15th Jan) and Pied Wagtail (15th Jan).

Jan 2nd - Jan 6th 2016
Little Grebe (5th Jan 2 on 3rd Jan), Shoveler (10 on 3rd Jan), Teal (8 on 6th Jan, 13 on 4th Jan, 18 on 3rd Jan), Grey Heron (3rd Jan), Great Crested Grebe (3 on 3rd & 4th Jan), Wigeon (3rd Jan), Siskin (c100 on 3rd Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (3rd Jan), Egyptian Goose (2 on 3rd Jan), Chiffchaff (2 on 3rd Jan), Snipe (3rd & 6th Jan), Coal Tit (3rd Jan), Kingfisher (3rd Jan), Pied Wagtail (51 on 3rd Jan), Reed Bunting (4th-6th Jan), Cetti's Warbler (4th Jan), Sparrowhawk (5th Jan (taking Reed Bunting)), Goldcrest (4th Jan) and Little Egret (6th Jan).

Footprints of Fox, Muntjac and Badger (3rd Jan).

Jan 1st 2016
Tufted Duck (2 (and 30+ on Lynsters) on 1st Jan), Shoveler (11 on 1st Jan), Black-headed Gull (20+ on 1st Jan), Dunnock (2 on 1st Jan), Moorhen (5 on 1st Jan), Coot (1st Jan), Chaffinch (1st Jan), Treecreeper (2 on 1st Jan), Blue Tit (1st Jan), Great Tit (1st Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (male on 1st Jan), Mallard (1st Jan), Jay (1st Jan), Teal (5 on 1st Jan), Little Egret (1st Jan), Little Grebe (2 on 1st Jan), Cormorant (2 on 1st Jan), Cetti's Warbler (1st Jan), Great Crested Grebe (3 on 1st Jan), Woodpigeon (1st Jan), Chiffchaff (1st Jan), Goldcrest (3 on 1st Jan), Wren (3 on 1st Jan), Robin (4 on 1st Jan), Blackbird (3 on 1st Jan), Long-tailed Tit (Flocks of up to 14 on 1st Jan), Green Woodpecker (1st Jan), Jackdaw (150+ on 1st Jan), Crow (50+ on 1st Jan), Pied Wagtail (50 on 1st Jan), Mistle Thrush (2 on 1st Jan), Egyptian Goose (2 on 1st Jan), Canada Goose (27 on 1st Jan), Greylag Goose (12 on 1st Jan), Wigeon (37 on 1st Jan), Gadwall (3 on 1st Jan), Magpie (10+ on 1st Jan), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 1st Jan), Grey Heron (1st Jan), Reed Bunting (1st Jan), Sparrowhawk (1st Jan), Snipe (1st Jan), Fieldfare (2 on 1st Jan) and Mute Swan (2 on 1st Jan).

Squirrel (6 on 1st Jan) and Rabbit (4 on 1st Jan).

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