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Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2016 (January 2, 2017, 04:55:39 AM) quote  
2016 Bird List - first reported date.
Great Crested Grebe (1st Jan), Little Grebe (1st Jan), Cormorant (1st Jan), Grey Heron (1st Jan), Little Egret (1st Jan), Mute Swan (1st Jan), Greylag Goose (1st Jan), Canada Goose (1st Jan), Barnacle Goose (3rd Oct), Egyptian Goose (1st Jan), Shelduck (19th Mar), Mandarin (11th Sep), Wigeon (1st Jan), Pintail (29th Aug), Teal (1st Jan), Gadwall (1st Jan), Mallard (1st Jan), Shoveler (1st Jan), Pochard (13th Jan), Red-crested Pochard (18th Apr), Tufted Duck (1st Jan), Red Kite (7th Jan), Sparrowhawk (1st Jan), Buzzard (7th Jan), Kestrel (28th Jan), Hobby (27th Apr), Peregrine Falcon (12th Oct), Osprey (23rd Aug), Pheasant (11th Mar), Water Rail (17th Jan), Moorhen (1st Jan), Coot (1st Jan), Oystercatcher (20th Feb), Golden Plover (6th Feb), Lapwing (7th May), Snipe (1st Jan), Greenshank (15th Aug), Green Sandpiper (15th Jan), Common Sandpiper (18th Aug), Common Gull (17th Aug), Black-headed Gull (1st Jan), Herring Gull (23rd Apr), Lesser Black-backed Gull (25th Apr), Common Tern (28th Apr), Stock Dove (10th Jan), Woodpigeon (1st Jan), Feral Pigeon (Feral Rock Dove) (29th Oct), Ring-necked Parakeet (1st Jan), Cuckoo (6th Jun), Barn Owl (21st May), Tawny Owl (2nd May), Swift (29th Apr), Kingfisher (3rd Jan), Green Woodpecker (1st Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st Jan), Swallow (27th Mar), House Martin (15th Apr), Sand Martin (18th Apr), Meadow Pipit (12th Nov), Yellow Wagtail (18th Sep), Grey Wagtail (22nd Jan), Pied Wagtail (1st Jan), Wren (1st Jan), Dunnock (1st Jan), Robin (1st Jan), Blackbird (1st Jan), Fieldfare (1st Jan), Song Thrush (7th Jan), Redwing (16th Jan), Mistle Thrush (1st Jan), Cetti's Warbler (1st Jan), Sedge Warbler (15th Apr), Reed Warbler (17th Apr), Garden Warbler (25th Apr), Whitethroat (1st May), Lesser Whitethroat (11th Sep), Blackcap (16th Feb), Chiffchaff (1st Jan), Willow Warbler (8th Apr), Goldcrest (1st Jan), Firecrest (7th Oct), Spotted Flycatcher (22nd Sep), Long-tailed Tit (1st Jan), Coal Tit (3rd Jan), Blue Tit (1st Jan), Great Tit (1st Jan), Nuthatch (5th May), Treecreeper (1st Jan), Magpie (1st Jan), Jackdaw (1st Jan), Rook (28th Jan), Carrion Crow (1st Jan), Raven (27th Aug), Jay (1st Jan), Starling (20th Mar), House Sparrow (11th Aug), Chaffinch (1st Jan), Brambling (23rd Mar), Greenfinch (14th May), Goldfinch (8th Jan), Siskin (1st Jan), Bullfinch (13th Jun) and Reed Bunting (1st Jan).

Dec 18th – Dec 31st
Redwing (3+ on 18th Dec, 6 on 26th Dec, 36 (including 1 with white bib) on 21st Dec, 40 (including the white bib bird) on 31st Dec), Egyptian Goose (2 on 18th -19th, 21st & 23rd, 26th & 28th Dec), Goldfinch (18th, 21st, 25th & 31st Dec, 4 on 30th Dec), Little Grebe (18th & 26th Dec, 3 on 19th Dec), Sparrowhawk (18th Dec), Snipe (18th, 19th & 21st Dec), Goldcrest (21st Dec, 2+ on 18th Dec), Buzzard (18th, 21st – 23rd & 25th – 26th Dec, 2 on 19th Dec), Treecreeper (26th Dec, 2 on 21st Dec, 3 on 18th Dec), Water Rail (19th Dec), Siskin (21st, 25th & 31st Dec, 4 on 19th Dec, 10+ on 26th Dec), Teal (5 on 23rd Dec, 10 on 26th Dec, 11 on 21st Dec, 12 on 19th Dec), Little Egret (19th Dec), Green Sandpiper (21st & 24th Dec), Kingfisher (21st - 22nd & 28th Dec), Fieldfare (25th Dec, 2 on 22nd Dec, 9 on 28th Dec), Shoveler (Pair on 23rd Dec), Herring Gull (23rd Dec), Black-headed Gull (40+ on 23rd Dec), Meadow Pipit (28th Dec, 2 on 31st Dec, 3 on 24th Dec), Great Spotted Woodpecker (25th & 30th Dec), Long-tailed Tit (25th & 26th Dec), Mistle Thrush (26th Dec), Chiffchaff (28th Dec), Moorhen (30th Dec), Grey Wagtail (31st Dec) and Chaffinch (31st Dec).

Bees on 6 blade Honeycomb (21st Dec).

Brown Rat (20th Dec, Adult and young on 21st Dec), Fox (21st Dec) and Squirrel (21st Dec).

Candle-snuff Fungus (21st Dec), Dead-man’s Fingers (21st Dec) and Scarlet Elf Cup (21st Dec).

Dec 1st – Dec 17th
Reed Bunting (1st Dec), Rook (5 on 1st Dec, 14 on 2nd Dec, 20 on 11th Dec), Jackdaw (100+ on 10th & 17th Dec, 130 on 1st Dec, 1000 on 11th Dec), Little Grebe (1st & 11th Dec, 2 on 14th Dec, 3 on 12th & 17th Dec, 4 on 15h Dec, 5 on 16th Dec), Snipe (11th, 12th, 14th & 17th Dec, 2 on 2nd Dec), Green Woodpecker (4th & 7th Dec), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4th & 17th Dec, 2 on 10th Dec, 3 on 7th Dec), Goldcrest (4th, 11th & 16th Dec), Goldfinch (4th, 10th, 15th & 17th Dec, 2 on 7th Dec), Chiffchaff (4th Dec), Treecreeper (4th, 14th , 16th & 17th Dec, 3 on 11th Dec), Dunnock (10th Dec, 4 on 4th Dec, 12 on 7th Dec), Grey Wagtail (5th Dec), Siskin (9th Dec, 10+ on 10th Dec, 15-20 on 7th Dec, 20+ on 15th - 17th Dec, c30 on 8th & 11th Dec), Jay (2 on 17th Dec, 4 on 7th Dec), Grey Heron (2 on 7th & 10th Dec), Teal (10th Dec, 6 on 7th Dec, 8 on 11th Dec, 10 on 17th Dec, 16 on 12th Dec), Chaffinch (8 on 7th Dec), Blackbird (10th Dec, 4 on 7th Dec), Redwing (16th Dec, 2+ on 17th Dec, 3 on 8th Dec), Meadow Pipit (16th Dec, 2 on 8th Dec, 3 on 12th Dec), Egyptian Goose (2 on 8th Dec), Green Sandpiper (8th, 9th, 11th & 14th Dec), Mistle Thrush (9th & 11th Dec), Long-tailed Tit (9th & 17th Dec, 8+ on 10th Dec), Cetti’s Warbler (10th & 16th Dec), Wren (10th & 17th Dec), Blue Tit (10th Dec, 10+ on 17th Dec), Great Tit (10th Dec, 10+ on 17th Dec), Tufted Duck (17th Dec, 2m+1f on 10th Dec), Magpie (13 on 17th Dec, 28 on 10th Dec), Chaffinch (2 on 10th Dec), Robin (10th & 17th Dec), Mallard (c10 on 10th Dec), Shoveler (10th Dec, 7 on 17th Dec), Water Rail (11th & 17th Dec), Buzzard (11th, 12th & 14th Dec), Red Kite (11th Dec), Little Egret (14th Dec), Peregrine (16th Dec), Fieldfare (16th Dec), Bullfinch (16th Dec), Moorhen (13 on 17th Dec), Herring Gull (17th Dec) and Black-headed Gull (65+ on 17th Dec).

Winter Moth (3 on 8th Dec, 5 on 13th Dec), Feathered Thorn (8th Dec) and Mottled Umber (13th Dec, 2 on 8th Dec). Bees on 6 blade Honeycomb (10th & 17th Dec).

Harvest Mouse nest (Breeding type found 10th Dec at Comma Corner), Squirrel (3 on 17th Dec, 4 on 10th Dec), Fox (11th Dec, possibly 2 on 17th Dec), Brown Rat (17th Dec) and Rabbit (2 on 17th Dec).

Oyster Mushroom (10th Dec) and Scarlet Elf Cup (16th Dec).

Nov 1st – Nov 30th
Green Sandpiper (1st, 4th, 6th, 8th - 10th, 15th & 18th – 20th Nov, 2 on 7th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 21st & 25th Nov, 3 on 12th & 13th Nov), Common Gull (2 on 1st Nov), Cetti’s Warbler (1st & 2nd Nov), Red Kite (1st , 5th & 27th Nov, 2 on 6th Nov), Little Egret (6th Nov, 3 on 2nd Nov), Buzzard (18th , 28th & 30th Nov, 2 on 9th, 13th, 19th & 27th Nov, 3 on 2nd Nov), Kingfisher (3rd - 4th, 9th & 12th – 14th, 17th, 22nd, 25th & 27th – 28th Nov, 2 on 2nd & 5th – 7th , 15th , 19th & 26th Nov, 3 on 18th Nov), Chaffinch (2nd Nov, 8 on 29th Nov), Grey Wagtail (2nd Nov), Dunnock (2 on 2nd Nov), Little Grebe (5th , 15th & 27th Nov, 2 on 2nd Nov, 4 on 17th Nov, 5 on 18th Nov), Water Rail (2nd, 4th, 10th & 27th Nov), Chiffchaff (2nd , 27th & 30th Nov, 2 on 12th Nov), Snipe (6th - 7th, 13th, 20th, 22nd , 28th & 30th Nov, 2 on 3rd , 5th & 8th - 9th & 12th Nov, 3 on 4th, 11th, 14th, 16th, 18th, 21st , 23rd & 25th Nov, 4 on 19th Nov), Egyptian Goose (25th Nov, 2 on 3rd, 5th, 13th, 19th - 20th, 27th & 30th Nov, 4 on 9th Nov), Long-tailed Tit (c6 on 5th Nov), Black-headed Gull (56 on 12th Nov, 57 on 5th Nov), Herring Gull (5th & 19th Nov), Shoveler (4 on 22nd & 26th Nov, 9 pairs on 5th Nov), Teal (3 on 30th Nov, 6 on 13th Nov, 10 on 27th Nov, 13 on 5th Nov, 15 on 25th Nov, 15+ on 23rd Nov, 17 on 28th Nov), Wigeon (22nd Nov, 20+ on 5th & 28th Nov, 40 on 9th Nov, 49 on 30th Nov, 55 on 19th Nov, 71+ on 13th Nov, 100 on 12th Nov), Canada Goose (5th Nov), Greylag Goose (5th Nov, 30 on 28th Nov), Moorhen (10+ on 5th Nov), Coot (5th Nov), Tufted Duck (5th Nov), Gadwall (5th Nov), Mallard (5th Nov), Grey Heron (29th Nov, 2 on 5th , 12th & 27th Nov), Song Thrush (5th & 22nd Nov), Goldfinch (5th & 26th Nov, 5 on 27th Nov, 7 on 30th Nov, 30 on 24th Nov), Sparrowhawk (5th Nov (attacking 2 Kingfishers) & 12th -13th Nov), Great Spotted Woodpecker (6th , 14th & 20th Nov, 2 on 27th & 28th Nov), Green Woodpecker (7th & 13th Nov), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 7th Nov), Mistle Thrush (9th Nov), Wren (2 on 12th Nov), Meadow Pipit (2 on 20th Nov, 3 on 22nd Nov, 4 on 12th Nov, 6 on 21st Nov, 9 on 27th Nov), Jay (12th & 27th Nov), Blackbird (12th Nov), Tawny Owl (calling 13th Nov), Pheasant (2 females on 19th Nov), Treecreeper (19th , 21st & 27th Nov), Goldcrest (27th – 30th Nov, 2 on 19th & 24th Nov), Jackdaw (110 on 20th Nov, 140+ on 27th Nov), Pied Wagtail (30th Nov, 5 on 22nd & 27th Nov), Feral Pigeon (40+ on 27th Nov), Rook (2 on 30th Nov) and Siskin (2 on 30th Nov).

Common Darter (3 on 2nd Nov), Hawker sp (2nd Nov), Red Admiral (2nd Nov), Winter Moth (male on 11th Nov), Feathered Thorn (6 on 14th Nov), Mottled Umber (14th Nov) and December Moth (male on 14th Nov).

Brown Rat (5th & 29th Nov), Squirrel (5th Nov, 3 on 19th Nov, 7 on 27th Nov), Red Fox (6th , 7th 13th , 27th & 31st Nov), Muntjac (2 adult and 1 young on 7th Nov), Shrew sp (dead) (7th Nov), Soprano Pipistrelle (11th Nov), Common Pipistrelle (11th Nov), Serotin (11th Nov), Long-eared Bat (11th Nov) and Rabbit (12th Nov, 6 on 19th Nov).

Jelly Ear (12th Nov), Golden Scalycap (12th Nov) and Hen of the Woods (12th Nov).

Oct 1st – Oct 31st
Water Rail (1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th - 12th, 14th - 15th Oct), Wigeon (1st Oct, 4 on 2nd Oct, 9 on 29th Oct, 11 on 7th Oct, 18 on 28th Oct), Egyptian Goose (2 on 23rd & 29th Oct, 4 on 7th Oct, 6 on 2nd Oct, 8 on 1st Oct), Greylag Goose (50+ on 28th Oct, 62 on 29th Oct, 90+ on 1st Oct), Canada Goose (30+ on 1st Oct, 98 on 29th Oct), Lesser Black-backed Gull (5th Oct, 2 on 1st & 29th Oct), Herring Gull (2 on 1st Oct), House Martin (15+ on 1st Oct), Jackdaw (150+ on 1st Oct), Teal (3 on 22nd Oct, 6 on 8th & 24th Oct, 8 on 1st Oct, 10+ on 29th Oct, 12 on 7th & 28th Oct, 14 on 2nd & 3rd Oct, 20+ on 12th Oct, 22 on 16th Oct, 28 on 5th Nov, 28+ on 23rd Oct, 32+ on 14th Oct), Black-headed Gull (1st Oct, 25 on 29th Oct), Kingfisher (1st , 2nd , 7th & 27th , 2 on 4th , 5th, 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 14th, 16th - 17th, 20th -21st, 23rd -24th & 28th -30th Oct, 3 on 8th , 11th & 19th Oct), Blackbird (2 on 1st Oct), Jay (3 on 1st & 9th Oct), Magpie (2 on 2nd & 29th Oct, 5 on 1st Oct), Cormorant (1st Oct, 3 on 8th Oct, 4 on 15th Oct), Little Grebe (2 on 5th & 28th Oct, 3 on 11th – 12th & 23rd Oct, 4 on 1st & 8th Oct, 5 on 16th & 29th Oct), Coot (1st & 29th Oct), Dunnock (1st Oct), Blue Tit (1st Oct, 10+ on 8th Oct), Great Tit (1st Oct, 10+ on 8th Oct), Long-tailed Tit (1st Oct, 6 on 22nd & 29th Oct, 13 on 11th Oct), Buzzard (2nd , 21st 24th & 28th Oct, 2 on 1st , 5th & 23rd Oct), Red Kite (1st , 3rd , 5th & 29th Oct, 2 on 2nd & 20th – 21st Oct), Sparrowhawk (1st & 20th Oct, 2 on 7th Oct), Tufted Duck (f on 5th Oct, 5f on 1st Oct), Great Crested Grebe (Juvenile on 1st Oct), Woodpigeon (1st Oct, 8 on 29th Oct), Great Spotted Woodpecker (8th & 29th Oct, 2m on 1st Oct), Chiffchaff (1st , 8th & 12th Oct, 2 on 11th Oct), Goldfinch (1st Oct), Chaffinch (8th Oct, 2m on 1st Oct, 3 on 22nd Oct), Robin (1st , 8th & 29th Oct), Wren (1st Oct), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 1st Oct), Mallard (1st & 29th Oct), Shoveler (29th Oct, 2 on 14th Oct, 15 on 28th Oct, 18 on 23rd Oct, 19 on 2nd Oct, 22 on 24th Oct, 25+ on 8th Oct, 26 on 7th & 9th Oct), Grey Wagtail (2nd , 12th , 21st & 29th Oct, 4 on 3rd , 8th – 9th & 22nd Oct), Green Sandpiper (8th - 9th , 16th , 21st & 29th Oct, 2 on 5th, 7th , 10th & 17th Oct, 3 on 3rd-5th, 14th , 19th -20th & 24th Oct, 4 on 11th & 15th Oct, 6 on 12th Oct), Barnacle Goose (3rd Oct), Redwing (23rd & 31st Oct, 3 on 14th Oct, 4-6 on 8th Oct, 50 on 9th Oct), Firecrest (5th Oct), Cetti’s Warbler (8th - 11th , 13th -14th & 24th Oct), Snipe (7th, 8th , 10th ,11th , 14th , 15th , 17th ,19th , 21st , 24th & 29th Oct, 2 on 9th , 12th & 28th Oct, 3 on 30th & 31st Oct), Swallow (5 on 8th Oct), Treecreeper (8th Oct), Little Egret (8th & 11th – 12th , 14th , 20th -21st , 23rd & 27th-28th & 30th Oct, 2 on 17th , 22nd & 24th Oct), Grey Heron (8th , 11th , 23rd & 29th Oct), Peregrine Falcon (12th Oct), Mistle Thrush (14th Oct), Green Woodpecker (21st Oct), Goldcrest (21st Oct), Stock Dove (12 on 29th Oct), Feral Pigeon (3 on 29th Oct), Reed Bunting (3rd & 29th Oct) and Moorhen (29th Oct).

Speckled Wood (10th Oct, 2 on 1st Oct), Common Darter (4th - 5th & 20th Oct, 2 on 1st Oct, 3 on 11th Oct), Migrant Hawker (4th, 5th & 8th Oct), Ruddy Darter (2 on 5th Oct), Southern Hawker (9th & 11th Oct) and Darters (8 on 10th Oct). Hornets (1st Oct) and Ichneumon (20th Oct). Alderfly (2nd Oct), The Herald (8th Oct) and Grey Dagger (3 caterpillars on 9th Oct),

Squirrel (1st & 8th Oct), Fox (7th Oct, 2 seen on 2nd Oct and 2 others heard), Harvest Mouse (2 young on 8th Oct), Rabbit (8th Oct) and Muntjac (14th Oct).

Grass Snake (9th Oct).

Golden Scalycap (29th Oct).

Sep 17th – Sep 30th
Green Sandpiper (26th, 29th & 30th Sep, 2 on 17th Sep, 3 on 18th & 20th Sep, 4 on 19th Sep), Grey Wagtail (17th, 18th , 20th, 21st, 23rd & 26th Sep, 2 on 24th Sep), Kingfisher (21st & 30th Sep, 2 on 17th, 18th, 20th, 22nd, 25th, 26th & 28th Sep, 3 on 23rd Sep, 4 on 24th Sep), Buzzard (17th & 24th Sep, 2 on 25th Sep), Stock Dove (c20 on 17th Sep), House Martin (20 on 19th Sep, large number on 27th Sep, 100+ on 17th & 29th Sep), Jay (2 on 17th Sep), Magpie (7 on 17th Sep), Blackbird (17th Sep, 8 on 25th Sep), Robin (2 on 17th Sep), Cormorant (2 on 17th Sep), Buzzard (17th & 21st Sep), Red Kite (2 on 17th & 25th Sep), Greylag Goose (17th Sep, 123 on 29th Sep), Jackdaw (50+ on 17th & 29th Sep), Crow (17th Sep), Green Woodpecker (17th Sep), Great Spotted Woodpecker (17th Sep), Great Crested Grebe (Juvenile on 17th Sep), Shoveler (3 on 22nd Sep, 10+ on 17th Sep), Teal (30th Sep, 2 on 17th Sep, 4 on 22nd Sep, 12 on 23rd Sep, 17 on 18th & 28th Sep), Mallard (10+ on 17th Sep), Tufted Duck (3f on 17th & 24th Sep), Little Grebe (17th Sep, 2 on 20th & 22nd Sep, 3 on 23rd Sep, 4 on 24th Sep), Chaffinch (17th Sep, 2 on 23rd Sep), Great Tit (10+ on 17th Sep), Lesser Black-backed Gull (17th Sep), Grey Heron (23rd Sep, 3 on 17th Sep), Mute Swan (Pair on 17th Sep), Moorhen (17th Sep), Coot (5+ on 17th Sep), Ring-necked Parakeet (8 on 17th Sep), Shoveler (15 on 18th Sep), Willow Warbler (18th Sep), Chiffchaff (18th Sep, 3 on 22nd Sep), Yellow Wagtail (2 on 18th Sep), Treecreeper (18th Sep), Wigeon (20th Sep, 2 on 23rd, 28th & 29th Sep, 3 on 26th & 27th Sep (Rotunda Hide), 3f on 21st & 25th Sep), Coal Tit (21st Sep), Song Thrush (21st Sep), Sparrowhawk (21st Sep), Spotted Flycatcher (22nd Sep), Blackcap (2 on 22nd Sep), Wren (23rd Sep), Hobby (24th Sep), Pintail (female on 25th Sep), Egyptian Goose (3 on 29th Sep, 8 on 25th, 29th & 30th Sep), Goldcrest (25th Sep), Common Gull (27th Sep), Cetti’s Warbler (28th & 29th Sep), Water Rail (28th Sep), Little Egret (29th Sep) and Canada Goose (39 on 29th Sep).

Speckled Wood (18th Sep, 2 on 23rd Sep), Comma (18th & 22nd Sep, 3 on 23rd Sep) and Red Admiral (20th Sep, 4 on 21st Sep, 5 on 23rd Sep). Common Blue Damselfly (17th Sep), Migrant Hawker (16th, 20th & 23rd Sep. 3 on 21st Sep) and Common Darter (20th Sep, 2 on 21st Sep, 20 on 23rd Sep). Hornets (at nest 17th Sep).

Grass Snake (21st Sep).

Squirrel (17th Sep), Brown Rat (22nd Sep), Mouse (possibly Wood) (22nd Sep) and Weasel (30th Sep).

Sep 1st – Sep 16th
Green Sandpiper (4th-6th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 16th & 24th Sep, 2 on 1st, 9th, 12th & 23rd Sep, 4 on 13th Sep, 5 on 14th & 15th Sep), Pintail (Female on 1st, 2nd, 6th, 7th, 12th & 16th Sep), Red Kite (1st & 10th Sep, 2 on 8th & 11th Sep), Kingfisher (1st, 5th, 12th & 16th Sep, 2 on 2nd, 6th, 10th, 11th, 14th & 15th Sep, 3 on 8th & 9th Sep), Grey Wagtail (1st, 8th & 14th Sep, 2 on 15th Sep), Green Woodpecker (1st Sep), Teal (1st Sep, 2 on 11th Sep, 8 on 8th Sep, 16 on 4th Sep, 30+ on 2nd & 16th Sep, 45+ on 9th Sep), Little Grebe (2 on 8th Sep, 2 and 1 young on 4th Sep, 4 on 11th & 16th Sep, 5 on 9th Sep), Shoveler (6 on 4th Sep, 15 on 9th & 16th Sep, 24 on 8th Sep), Osprey (6th – 7th Sep), Sparrowhawk (8th & 9th Sep), Little Egret (6th Sep), Grey Heron (2 on 8th Sep), Tawny Owl (8th Sep), Long-tailed Tit (3 on 8th Sep, 17 on 14th Sep), Buzzard (8th, 11th & 14th Sep), Mandarin (11th Sep), Great Spotted Woodpecker (11th Sep, 2 on 15th Sep), Lesser Whitethroat (11th Sep), Hobby (11th Sep), Chiffchaff (14th & 15th Sep), Treecreeper (14th Sep) and Willow Warbler (15th Sep).

Speckled Wood (8th & 9th Sep, 2 on 4th & 15th Sep), Small White (9th Sep, 3 on 4th Sep), Comma (8th, 9th & 15th Sep), Red Admiral (8th & 9th Sep, 3 on 15th Sep) and Green-veined White (9th & 10th Sep). Common Blue Damselfly (, 15th Sep, 2m+1f on 4th Sep), Migrant Hawker (9th & 15th Sep, 6 on 7th Sep) and Common Darter (9th & 15th Sep, 3 on 8th Sep). Scorpion Fly (10th Sep). Hornet (14th Sep).

Giant Puff Ball (11th Sep).

Grass Snake (11th Sep).

Domestic Cat (6th Sep), Wood Mouse (8th Sep) and Muntjac (13th Sep).

Aug 24th – Aug 31st
Kingfisher (25th Aug, 2 on 24th & 26th - 29th & 31st Aug, 3 on 30th Aug), Dunnock (24th Aug), Robin (28th Aug, 2 on 24th Aug), Jay (28th Aug, 2 on 24th Aug), Little Grebe (24th Aug, 2 and 1 chick on 28th Aug, 3 and 1 young on 29th Aug), Greenshank (24th - 26th Aug), Common Sandpiper (24th - 26th Aug), Green Sandpiper (24th & 28th – 29th Aug, 2 on 25th - 27th & 30th – 31st Aug), Treecreeper (24th Aug), Grey Wagtail (24th , 26th , 28th & 30th Aug, 2 on 25th Aug), Barn Owl (24th & 29th Aug), Lesser Black-backed Gull (25th Aug), Teal (28th Aug, 18+ on 26th Aug, 23 on 29th Aug), Shoveler (28th Aug, 6 on 26th Aug), Little Egret (26th & 29th Aug), Raven (1 over on 27th Aug), Egyptian Goose (2 on 27th Aug), Gadwall (28th Aug), Black-header Gull (15+ on 28th Aug), Red Kite (28th Aug, 3 on 30th Aug), Jackdaw (20+ on 28th Aug), Mallard (15+ on 28th Aug), Blackbird (28th Aug), Magpie (28th Aug), Mute Swan (2 on 28th Aug), Tufted Duck (28th Aug), Great Crested Grebe (Juvenile on 28th Aug), Pintail (female on 29th Aug), Buzzard (2 on 30th Aug) and Hobby (30th Aug).

Speckled Wood (2 on 28th Aug, 4 on 30th Aug, 5 on 24th Aug), Peacock (24th Aug), Small Tortoiseshell (24th & 25th Aug), Small White (3 on 28th Aug), Green-veined White (28th Aug), Comma (2 on 30th Aug), Red Admiral (2 on 30th Aug) and Mother-of-Pearl (2 on 25th Aug). Migrant Hawker (2m+1f on 26th Aug, 4 on 30th Aug), Banded Demoiselle (m on 30th Aug), Brown Hawker (30th Aug) and Ruddy Darter (30th Aug). Hornet (27th Aug).

Fox (3 on 28th Aug).

Aug 15th – Aug 23rd
Greenshank (15th, 18th,19th & 21st-23rd Aug), Kingfisher (16th – 21st & 23rd Aug, 2 on 22nd Aug, 3 on 15th Aug), Little Egret (15th, 16th , 19th & 23rd Aug, 4 on 21st Aug), Reed Warbler (16th Aug), Cormorant (16th Aug, 3 on 19th Aug), Green Woodpecker (16th Aug), Ring-necked Parakeet (16th Aug), Long-tailed Tit (16th Aug), Buzzard (16th Aug), Common Gull (17th Aug), Little Grebe (19th Aug, 3 on 17th Aug, 6 and 2 young on 21st Aug), Whitethroat (Juvenile on 17th Aug), Green Sandpiper (20th & 22nd Aug, 2 on 17th, 18th , 21st and 23rd Aug), Grey Wagtail (Juvenile on 17th Aug, 2 on 19th Aug, 3 on 22nd Aug, 4 on 18th & 21st Aug), Pochard (with 3 young on 17th Aug), Tufted Duck (with 3 young on 17th Aug), Teal (10 on 17th Aug, 14 on 19th Aug, 31 on 21st Aug), Shoveler (5 on 17th Aug, 12 on 21st Aug), Willow Warbler (17th Aug), Barn Owl (23rd Aug, 2 on 17th Aug), Common Sandpiper (18th - 20th & 23rd Aug), Herring Gull (19th & 21st Aug), Jay (19th Aug), Hobby (19th Aug), Common Tern (19th & 20th Aug), Grey Heron (3 on 19th Aug), Red Kite (21st Aug) and Osprey (23rd Aug).

Brown Argus (2 on 15th Aug, 5 on 17th Aug), Essex Skipper (15th & 17th Aug), Speckled Wood (5+ on 15th Aug), Elephant Hawkmoth (Caterpillar on 16th & 17th Aug), Purple Hairstreak (17th Aug), Large Skipper (17th & 18th Aug), Small Tortoiseshell (2 on 20th Aug) and Small White (15+ on 21st Aug). Brown Hawker (15th Aug), Migrant Hawker (2 on 17th Aug) and Common Darter (2 on 22nd Aug).

On 23rd Aug the Ruislip Natural History Society ran a 125W NV Lamp and a 6W Actinic Heath Trap from 8pm until 10.15pm and caught the following -
Light Brown Apple Moth, 6 Brimstone Moths, Straw Dot, Mint Moth, Snout, 2 Mother of Pearl,
Masses of nymphyata (Water nymph), Endotricha flammealis, Small China-mark,
Catoptria falsella, Copper Underwing and Dun-bar.

Wasp Spider (18th Aug) and 4-Spotted Orb Spider (18th Aug).

Muntjac (18th Aug), Fox (21st Aug) and Weasel (22nd Aug).

Smooth Newt (21st Aug) and Grass Snake (21st Aug).

Aug 14th – Discovery Day
Black-headed Gull (14th Aug), Coot (14th Aug), Great Tit (14th Aug), Gadwall (2 on 14th Aug), Mute Swan (14th Aug), Blackbird (14th Aug), Blue Tit (14th Aug), Cormorant (14th Aug), Chiffchaff (14th Aug), Green Woodpecker (14th Aug), Reed Bunting (14th Aug), Teal (14th Aug), Common Tern (14th Aug), Little Egret (14th Aug), Ring-necked Parakeet (14th Aug),, Jackdaw (14th Aug), Magpie (14th Aug), Moorhen (14th Aug), Woodpigeon (14th Aug), Long-tailed Tit (14th Aug), Kingfisher (14th Aug), Great Crested Grebe (14th Aug),Tufted Duck (14th Aug), Stock Dove (14th Aug) and Grey Heron (14th Aug).

Muntjac (14th Aug), Rabbit (14th Aug), Domestic Cat (14th Aug), Common Shrew (14th Aug), Moving Mole hill (14th Aug),

Elephant Hawkmoth (caterpillar on 14th Aug), Speckled Wood (14th Aug), Small White (14th Aug), Red Admiral (14th Aug), Meadow Brown (14th Aug), Brown Argus (2 on 14th Aug), Comma (14th Aug), Small Tortoiseshell (14th Aug) and Green-veined White (14th Aug). Ruddy Darter (14th Aug), Common Damselfly (14th Aug) and Brown Hawker (14th Aug). Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (14th Aug) and Roesels Bush Cricket (14th Aug).

For Aug 14th, Simon Buckingham run two moth traps the night before, in favourable weather conditions and the result was a decent catch with five new moths (**) for the reserve list (all micros) –

Monopis weaverella (1), Lyonetia clerkella (3), Caloptilia stigmatella (5), Argyresthia goedartella (38), Argyresthia albistria (1), Yponomeuta evonymella (1), ** Yponomeuta sedella (1), Paraswammerdamia nebulella (1), Ypsolopha sequella (1), Plutella xylostella (1), Hofmannophila pseudospretella (2), ** Scrobipalpa costella (1), Blastobasis adustella (3), Pandemis cerasana (3), Epiphyas postvittana (2), ** Acleris laterana (1), Acleris variegana (2), Celypha lacunana (7), Apotomis betuletana (1), Epinotia nisella (3), Gypsonoma aceriana (2), Gypsonoma sociana (1), Gypsonoma dealbana (2), ** Eucosma obumbratana (1), Pammene aurita (1), Agriphila straminella (20), Agriphila tristella (6), Catoptria falsella (2), Acentria ephemerella (31), Scoparia ambigualis (8), Cataclysta lemnata (2), Evergestis pallidata (1), ** Nomophila noctuella (1), Pleuroptya ruralis (21), Endotricha flammealis (1), Aphomia sociella (1), Acrobasis advenella (2), Pebble Hook-tip (1), Least Carpet (2), Dwarf Cream Wave (1), Single-dotted Wave (2), Riband Wave (4), Shaded Broad-bar (1), Common Carpet (10), Green Carpet (7), Small Rivulet (5), Dingy Shell (20), Small Seraphim (16), Clouded Border (4), Brimstone Moth (6), Canary-shouldered Thorn (4), Scalloped Oak (1), Common Wave (5), Poplar Hawkmoth (1), Iron Prominent (1), Pebble Prominent (1), Swallow Prominent (1), Pale Prominent (2), Black Arches (2), Gypsy Moth (1), Dingy Footman (12), Flame Shoulder (9), Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing (8), Small Square-spot (3), Setaceous Hebrew Character (1), Poplar Grey (1), Tree-lichen Beauty (3), Olive (1), Dun-bar (10), Dark Arches (1), Common Rustic agg. (3), Bulrush Wainscot (1), Spectacle (1) and Straw Dot (19).

A total of 352 moths and 75 species.

Aug 1st – Aug 13th
Little Egret (3rd, 7th & 10th Aug, 2 on 2nd, 5th & 6th Aug, 3 on 4th Aug), Red Kite (2nd & 8th Aug, 2 on 6th Aug), Little Grebe (2 adults and 1 young on 10th & 12th Aug, 2 adults and 2 young on 3rd Aug, 3 adults and 2 young on 5th Aug), Tufted Duck (with 1 young on 3rd Aug, with 2 young on 5th Aug), Common Tern (3rd, 5th, 6th, 8th & 12th Aug), Grey Wagtail (3rd Aug), Teal (8 on 6th Aug, 11 on 9th Aug, 13+ on 12th Aug, 14 on 7th Aug, 15 on 11th Aug, 16 on 3rd & 8th Aug, 18 on 10th Aug), Shoveler (7 on 8th Aug, 10 on 12th Aug, 14 on 3rd Aug), Jay (3rd, 4th & 6th Aug), Robin (juvenile on 4th Aug), Mute Swan (Pair and cygnet (4th Aug), Chiffchaff (4th Aug), Hobby (5th & 7th Aug), Kingfisher (5th, 6th, 8th, 10th & 12th Aug), Buzzard (6th & 8th Aug), Green Woodpecker (6th Aug), Jackdaw (6th Aug), Great Spotted Woodpecker (juvenile on 7th Aug), Green Sandpiper (8th, 10th & 11th Aug, 2 on 9th & 12th Aug), Sparrowhawk (8th Aug), Grey Heron (8th Aug) and House Sparrow (11th Aug).

Common Blue (4th, 6th & 12th Aug, 2 on 3rd Aug, 3 on 7th Aug), Brown Argus (3rd, 4th, 7th & 8th Aug, 2 on 6th & 11th Aug, 3+ on 12th Aug, 4+ on 7th Aug, 6+ on 5th Aug), Skipper sp (4+ on 5th & 12th Aug, 5 on 3rd Aug, 6+ on 7th Aug), Painted Lady (4th, 11th & 12th Aug), Purple Hairstreak (5th – 8th & 12th Aug), Brimstone (6th & 7th Aug), Speckled Wood (6th - 8th Aug), Small White (6th Aug), Large White (6th - 8th Aug), Red Admiral (6th - 8th Aug, 2 on 11th Aug), Peacock (6th & 7th Aug), Comma (7th & 8th Aug, 2 on 6th & 11th Aug), Meadow Brown (8th Aug), Gatekeeper (8th Aug), Essex Skipper (8th Aug) and Green-veined White (8th Aug, 2 on 11th Aug). Southern Hawker (5th, 6th & 11th Aug), Brown Hawker (12th Aug, 3 on 6th Aug, 5 on 4th Aug), Black-tailed Skimmer (12th Aug, 2 on 6th Aug), Emperor Dragonfly (6th & 11th Aug), Migrant Hawker (7th, 8th & 11th Aug), Ruddy Darter (8th, 10th & 12th Aug) and Common Darter (10th & 12th Aug). Hornet (7th & 11th Aug) and Dock Bug (12+ on 11th Aug).

Jul 23rd – Jul 31st
Little Egret (30th Jul, 2 on 23rd – 25th Jul, 3 on 31st Jul), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 23rd, 29th & 31st Jul), Grey Wagtail (23rd Jul), Grey Heron (23rd Jul), Tufted Duck (3+ and 6 young on 23rd Jul, and 10y + 7y + 2y on 25th Jul, and 9y + 1y + 5y +4y on 27th Jul, and 6y + 1y on 29th Jul, and 1y on 31st Jul), Wren (23rd Jul), Robin (young on 23rd Jul), Cormorant (23rd Jul), Red Kite (31st Jul, 3 on 23rd Jul), Buzzard (23rd Jul), Sparrowhawk (23rd & 31st Jul), Kingfisher (23rd & 31st Jul, 2 on 25th Jul), Mute Swan (Adult and 1 cygnet on 29th Jul, Pair with 1 cygnet on 23rd Jul, Pair with 2 cygnets on 25th Jul), Magpie (23rd Jul), Goldfinch (2 on 23rd Jul), Chiffchaff (3 on 23rd Jul), Green Woodpecker (23rd Jul), Little Grebe (25th & 27th Jul, 3 and 2 young and 1 immature on 25th Jul, 2 and 2 imm on 31st Jul), Common Tern 25th & 31st Jul), Pochard (31st Jul, and 7y + 5y +1y on 25th Jul, and 5y + 6y + 3y on 29th Jul), Teal (4 on 27th Jul), Shoveler (3 on 27th Jul, 7 on 31st Jul, 9 on 29th Jul), Teal (29th Jul, 4 on 30th Jul, 11 on 31st Jul), Jay (31st Jul) and Great Crested Grebe (Adult with 1 young on 31st Jul).

Hornet (23rd Aug Jul) and Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (23rd Jul). Speckled Wood (23rd & 29th Jul), Small White (5+ on 23rd Jul), Red Admiral (23rd Jul, 5 on 31st Jul), Peacock (23rd Jul, 5 on 31st Jul), Comma (2 on 31st Jul, 10+ on 23rd Jul), Large White (4+ on 23rd Jul), Meadow Brown (10+ on 23rd Jul, 15+ on 25th Jul), Cinnabar Moth (25+ caterpillars on 23rd Jul), Mother-of-Pearl (6 on 23rd Jul), Large Skipper (23rd Jul, 2 on 25th Jul, 6 on 31st Jul), Ringlet (25th Jul), Gatekeeper (2 on 29th Jul), Green-veined White (2 on 29th Jul), Brown Argus (2 on 31st Jul), Common Blue (3 on 31st Jul), Small Skipper (3 on 31st Jul) and Essex Skipper (31st Jul). Brown Hawker (8+ on 23rd Jul), Southern Hawker (23rd & 31st Jul), Common Blue Damselfly (50+ on 23rd Jul) and Ruddy Darter (25th Jul).

Pond Maintenance – Hog louse (31st Jul), Diving Beetle Larvae (31st Jul), Diving Beetle (31st Jul), Smooth Newt efts (c 60 on 31st Jul), Frog (c 1year old on 31st Jul) and Pond Olives (31st Jul).

Stag Beetle (23rd Jul) and Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (23rd Jul).

Mole (dead one on 23rd Jul), Squirrel (2 on 23rd Jul) and Rabbit (23rd Jul).

Jul 9th – Jul 22nd
Kingfisher (9th, 11th, 17th & 22nd Jul, 2 on 10th, 14th, 15th, 18th & 21st Jul), Sparrowhawk (9th & 10th Jul), Oystercatcher (9th Jul), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 9th & 17th Jul), Magpie (9th Jul), Stock Dove (17th Jul, 3 on 10th Jul, 4 on 9th Jul), Little Grebe (12th & 21st Jul, 2 on 9th & 17th Jul, Pair and 2 young on 11th & 22nd Jul, 4 and 1 young on 18th Jul), Great Tit (12+ young on 9th Jul), Cormorant (2 on 9th & 10th Jul), Robin (9th Jul), Mute Swan (Pr with 2 cygnets on 9th, 10th, 15th & 17th Jul), Common Tern (10th, 11th, 20th & 22nd Jul), Pochard (21st Jul, and 1 young on 15th, 17th & 22nd Jul, and 2 young on 13th Jul, 4 and 2 young on 10th Jul, 5 young on 20th Jul, 2 broods on 11th Jul), Tufted Duck (with 2 and 5 young on 15th Jul, with 7 young on 10th Jul, with 8 young on 11th Jul, with 10 young on 20th Jul, with 6 and 5 young on 13th Jul, with 9 and 3 young on 22nd Jul, with 2, 5 and 6 young on 17th Jul, with 11, 5 and 4 young on 18th Jul), Mallard (10th & 17th Jul), Egyptian Goose (10th Jul), Grey Heron (2 on 10th Jul), Buzzard (11th Jul), Teal (3 on 10th Jul), Shoveler (Pair on 10th Jul, 4 on 22nd Jul), Moorhen (Pair on 11th Jul, immature on 20th Jul), Great Crested Grebe (2 on 12th Jul, 1 adult and 2 young on 14th Jul, 2 adults and 2 young on 13th, 15th , 20th & 22nd Jul, 4 adults and 2 young on 17th Jul), Gadwall (12th Jul), Hobby (13th Jul), Treecreeper (Family on 14th Jul), Teal (3 on 15th Jul), Shoveler (2 on 15th Jul), Gadwall (30+ on 15th Jul), Lesser Black-backed Gull (17th & 20th Jul), Reed Bunting (17th Jul, Pair on 21st Jul), Little Egret (2 on 17th, 18th & 22nd Jul), Red Kite (21st Jul), Blackcap (Family on 21st Jul), Wren (Family on 21st Jul), Long-tailed Tit (young 21st Jul), Buzzard (21st Jul), Dunnock (21st Jul),

Rabbit (9th Jul), Grey Squirrel (9th Jul), Muntjac (12th & 16th Jul), Fox (14th Jul) and Badger (22nd Jul).

Bat Survey on 11th Jul – Soprano and Common Pipistrelle (everywhere), Nathusies (by Double-Decker), Brandts (Comma Corner), Noctule (T Junction, Barn Owl Meadow and Long Hedge), Leisters (Old Oak), Brown Long-eared (Comma Corner), possibly Serotine (Long Hedge Hide) and possibly Daubentons (Long Hedge Hide).

Gatekeeper (9th & 17th Jul, 3 on 15th & 22nd Jul), Comma (11th, 14th, 17th & 21st Jul, 2 on 15th & 22nd Jul, 6+ on 9th Jul), Red Admiral (9th, 11th, 14th, , 15th, 17th & 21st – 22nd Jul), Large White (9th & 21st Jul), Meadow Brown (10th, 11th, 17th & 21st Jul, 3+ on 9th Jul, 15+ on 22nd Jul), Small White (9th & 22nd Jul), Cinnabar Moth (Caterpillars on 10th Jul), Hummingbird Hawkmoth (12th Jul), Large Skipper (15th Jul, 2 on 13th Jul), Small Skipper (13th & 15th Jul, 8+ on 22nd Jul), Holly Blue (14th Jul), Essex Skipper (14th, 17th & 19th Jul, 2 on 15th & 22nd Jul), Marbled White (14th, 15th, 17th & 19th Jul), Ringlet (15th & 17th Jul), Green-veined White (17th Jul, 5 on 15th Jul, 20+ on 22nd Jul) and Speckled Wood (21st Jul). Footballer Hoverfly (9th Jul) and Grasshopper sp (17th Jul). Common Blue Damselfly (10th Jul), Brown Hawker (15th & 17th Jul, c4-5 on 10th Jul) and Ruddy Darter (17th Jul).

Amber Snail (10th Jul), White-lipped Snail (10th & 17th Jul) and Corpse Snail (17th Jul).

Jul 1st – Jul 8th
Great Crested Grebe (2 adult and 2 young on 1st Jul, 4 adults and 2 young on 6th Jul), Little Grebe (2 on 1st Jul, 3 on 4th Jul), Gadwall (60+ on 1st Jul), Kingfisher (1st Jul, 2 on 6th & 8th Jul), Stock Dove (5 on 2nd Jul), Sparrowhawk (Juv on nest 3rd and 4th Jul), Red Kite (4th Jul), Green Woodpecker (4th Jul), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4th Jul), Jay (2 on 4th Jul), Oystercatcher (8th Jul), Green Sandpiper (8th Jul), Tufted Duck (Adults and 6 young on 8th Jul) and Pochard (Adults and 2 young and 1 young on 8th Jul).

Emperor Dragonfly (2nd & 5th Jul), Blue-tailed Damselfly (2nd & 5th Jul), Common Blue Damselfly (2nd & 5th Jul), Brown Hawker (4th Jul, 2 on 8th Jul), Common Darter (5th Jul) and Ruddy Darter (8th Jul). Comma (2nd – 4th Jul, 4 on 5th Jul), Meadow Brown (2nd, 3rd & 5th Jul, 15+ on 4th Jul), Ringlet (2nd & 3rd Jul, 4 on 5th Jul, 10+ on 4th Jul), Large Skipper (2nd & 3rd Jul, 3 on 4th Jul), Brimstone (3rd Jul), Red Admiral (3rd Jul, 2 on 4th & 5th Jul), Speckled Wood (4th Jul), Small Skipper (4th & 8th Jul), Green-veined White (4th & 5th Jul), Large White (2 on 4th Jul), Small Tortoiseshell (4th Jul), Gatekeeper (5th Jul), Small or Essex Skipper (5th Jul) and Cinnabar Moth (5th Jul, 6 caterpillars on 8th Jul).

Fox (4th Jul).

Slug (50+ on 8th Jul).

Jun 10th– Jun 30th
Carrion Crow (11th Jun), Treecreeper (11th & 15th Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 11th & 18th Jun), Green Woodpecker (11th Jun), Stock Dove (2 on 11th Jun & displaying on 21st Jun), Woodpigeon (11th Jun), Red Kite (11th Jun), Swift (5 on 11th Jun), Cormorant (12th Jun (taking brood of 3 Gadwall), 19th Jun (eating duckling), 5 on 11th Jun), Pochard (with 2 young 12th Jun, 4 on 15th Jun, 6 and 1 young on 22nd Jun), Sparrowhawk (13th, 16th & 18th Jun, Adult and chick on nest 23rd Jun), Mallard (broods of 7,5,5,2 on 13th Jun, Adult with 6 young on 22nd Jun), Mute Swan (Pair with 2 cygnets on 13th & 22nd Jun), Bullfinch (2 on 13th Jun), Reed Warbler (Pair on 13th & 16th Jun), Great Crested Grebe (2 on nest 22nd Jun, 4 on 15th Jun, 2 adults and 3 young on 26th Jun), Little Grebe (2 on 15th Jun, 1 plus 3 immature on 22nd Jun), Blackcap (19th Jun, 2 on 15th Jun), Common Tern (15th & 22nd Jun), Common Whitethroat (17th Jun on Lynsters Farm), Chiffchaff (19th Jun), Kingfisher (20th & 26th Jun, 3 on 27th Jun), Black-headed Gull (5 young on 21st Jun), Shoveler (22nd Jun) and Hobby (2 on 26th Jun).

Southern Marsh Orchid (1237 counted on 11th Jun).

Orange Tip (6 caterpillars on 13th Jun, 3m on 15th Jun), Green-veined White (2 caterpillars on 13th Jun), Brimstone (1 caterpillar on 13th Jun), Meadow Brown (15th & 30th Jun, 2 on 25th Jun), Speckled Wood (15th & 19th Jun), Large Skipper (15th Jun), Ringlet (22nd Jun, 2 on 30th Jun, 3 on 25th Jun), Large White (25th & 30th Jun), Small Tortoiseshell (Caterpillars on 25th Jun, 26th Jun), Comma (30th Jun) and Red Admiral (30th Jun). Banded Demoiselle (5 on 13th Jun), Red-eyed Damselfly (3 on 15th Jun), Hairy Dragonfly (25th Jun), Brown Hawker (26th Jun), Emperor Dragonfly (26th Jun), Black-tailed Skimmer (30th Jun) and Broad-bodied Chaser (30th Jun). Scorpion Fly (15th Jun), Marmalade Hoverfly (19th Jun), Figwort Sawfly (25th Jun) and Great Pied Hoverfly (6+ on 25th Jun).

Fox (15th, 25th & 26th Jun) and Rabbit (8 on 26th Jun).

Amber Snail (19th Jun).

Frog (3 young on 19th Jun).

Jun 1st – Jun 10th
Crow (1st June), Greylag Goose (Gosling taken by Crow on 1st Jun), Little Egret (1st Jun), Little Grebe (5 adults on 3rd Jun, 1 with chick on 2nd, 5th, 8th & 10th Jun), Swift (10+ on 2nd Jun, 12 on 3rd Jun), Swallow (3-4 on 2nd Jun, 10 on 3rd Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (3rd Jun, Pair on 8th Jun), Mallard (with 4 young on 3rd Jun, with 9 and 4 young on 10th Jun), Great Tit (Nest box 11 on 4th Jun), Green Woodpecker (4th Jun), Teal (2 on 4th Jun), Treecreeper (5th Jun), Pochard (with 3 young on 5th Jun), Sparrowhawk (On nest 5th, 8th & 10th Jun), Mute Swan (2 with 2 cygnets on 5th & 10th Jun), Cuckoo (Heard on 6th Jun), Mistle Thrush (Nest with 2 large chicks on 7th Jun), Pochard (with 6 large ducklings on 7th Jun, with 9 young on 10th Jun), Kingfisher (8th & 10th Jun), Stock Dove (Pair on 8th Jun), Goldcrest (9th Jun), Chiffchaff (9th Jun), Grey Wagtail (10th Jun), Moorhen (Pair with 1 young on 10th Jun) and Jackdaw (Nest on 10th Jun).

Longhorn Moth (10+ on 2nd Jun, 30+ on 4th Jun), Cinnabar Moth (4th & 7th – 10th Jun), Peacock (4th & 9th Jun), Brown Argus (9th Jun, 2m on 5th Jun), Meadow Brown (7th & 9th Jun), Brimstone (7th Jun), Orange Tip (7th Jun), Red Admiral (9th – 10th Jun), Large Skipper (10th Jun), Black-headed Cardinal Beetle (4th Jun), Red-headed Cardinal Beetle (4th Jun), Hairy Shieldbug (4th Jun), Woundwort Shieldbug (3 on 4th Jun), Blue Shieldbug (2 on 4th Jun), Dock Beetle (2 on 4th Jun), Water Ladybird (2 on 4th Jun), Black-tailed Skimmer (5th & 9th – 10th Jun), Emperor Dragonfly (10th Jun), Red-eyed Damselfly (3 on 10th Jun) and Banded Demoiselle (2 on 10th Jun).

Fox (5th Jun).

Grass Snake (5th & 10th Jun).

Marsh Orchids (9th Jun).

May 16th – May 31st
Hobby (16th May), Great Crested Grebe (1 adult and 1 young on 26th May, 2 on 31st May, 2 adults and 2 young on 16th & 19th May), Sparrowhawk (on nest 16th, 19th & 23rd May, 21st & 30th May), Whitethroat (17th May), Reed Bunting (17th, 24th, 26th & 30th May), Treecreeper (18th, 26th & 30th – 31st May, 2 on 17th May), Canada Goose (2 with 4 goslings on 17th May), Pochard (17th May, 6 young on 30th May, 3m & 3f on 20th May, 6 and 6 ducklings on 26th May, 15m & 2f on 19th May), Tufted Duck (6 on 17th May), Red-crested Pochard (18th-19th & 22nd May, 2 on 20th May), Oystercatcher (2 on 18th & 23rd May), Shelduck (2 on 18th May), Little Grebe (19th & 30th May, Pair & 2 young on 22nd – 23rd May), Jay (20th & 26th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (20th , 26th & 31st May, Pair on 30th May), Garden Warbler (21st May), Swallow (21st & 30th May), House Martin (21st May), Swift (30th May, c12 on 31st May, 20+ on 21st May), Green Woodpecker (21st, 26th & 30th – 31st May), Jackdaw (100+ on 21st May), Ring-necked Parakeet (4 on 21st May), Great Tit (Nest box 9 on 21st May), Greenfinch (2 on 21st May), Barn Owl (21st May), Buzzard (22nd May), Song Thrush (22nd, 24th, 26th & 30th May), Nuthatch (Pair on 22nd May), Tawny Owl (Heard 24th May), Stock Dove (26th May, 2 on 25th May), Mallard (with 4 ducklings on 27th May, with 8 ducklings on 25th May), Blue Tit (Nest box 8 on 25th May), Gadwall (2 on 26th May), Cormorant (26th May), Black-headed Gull (2 young on 27th May), Egyptian Goose (2 on 28th & 31st May), Chiffchaff (30th May), Blackcap (30th May) and Red Kite (30th May).

Peacock (16th, 26th & 28th May), Brimstone (16th, 17th, 19th & 28th May, 2 on 26th May), Holly Blue (16th May, 3 on 26th May, 4+ on 28th May), Orange Tip (16th , 19th, 24th & 26th May, 2+ on 28th May), Green-veined White (16th, 26th & 28th May), Large White (16th, 26th & 28th May), Silver-ground Carpet (21st May), Brown Argus (Pair on 22nd, 23rd & 27th May), Red Admiral (24th & 25th May), Speckled Wood (26th & 28th May), Comma (28th May), New Squash Bug (tba) (16th May), Malachite Beetle (16th May), Black-headed Cardinal Beetle (19th & 28th May), Red-headed Cardinal Beetle (6 on 19th May, 10+ on 28th May), Harlequin (20th May), Green Shieldbug (2 on 24th May), Blue-tailed Damselfly (20th & 26th May, 10+ on 28th May), Banded Demoiselle (21st & 23rd May), Hairy Dragonfly (22nd & 26th May), Red-eyed Damselfly (22nd May), Azure Damselfly (23rd May), Large Red Damselfly (2 on 26th May), Common Blue Damselfly (100+ on 28th May), White-tailed Bumblebee (21st & 30TH May) and Hornet (28th May).

Muntjac (16th May), Grey Squirrel (30th May (caught by Fox), 3 on 21st May, 4 on 17th May), Rabbit (28th May, 3 on 21st May), Hedgehog (22nd May), Wood Mouse (28th May) and Fox (30th May).

Grass Snake (17th & 23rd May),

Southern Marsh Orchid (100+ on 23rd May) and Yellow Flag (30th May).

May 14th – May 15th 2016 (Open Weekend)
Great Spotted Woodpecker (14th & 15th May), Tufted Duck (14th & 15th May), Blue Tit (14th & 15th May – Nest box 4, 8 & L), Great Tit (14th & 15th May – Nest box 18a), Ring-necked Parakeet (14th & 15th May), Coot (14th & 15th May), Moorhen (14th & 15th May), Mallard (16th May, adults and 1 duckling 14th May), Whitethroat (14th & 15th May), Blackcap (14th & 15th May), Sedge Warbler (14th May), Reed Warbler (14th & 15th May), Reed Bunting (14th & 15th May), Black-headed Gull (14th & 15th May), Robin (14th & 15th May), Chaffinch (14th & 15th May), Blackbird (14th & 15th May), Pochard (14th May), Great Crested Grebe (14th May, 5 adults and 2 young on 15th May), Cormorant (14th & 15th May), Woodpigeon (14th & 15th May), Crow (14th May), Jackdaw (14th & 15th May), Jay (14th & 15th May), Dunnock (14th & 15th May), Canada Goose (with young 14th & 15th May), Sparrowhawk (14th May), Buzzard (14th & 15th May), Swift (14th & 15th May), Wren (14th & 15th May), Magpie (14th & 15th May), House Martin (14th May), Hobby (14th May, 2 on 15th May), Greenfinch (14th May), Common Tern (14th May), Red Kite (14th & 15th May), Stock Dove (14th & 15th May), Little Grebe (14th May, 2 on 15th May), Green Woodpecker (14th May), Treecreeper (14th & 15th May), Lesser Black-backed Gull (14th May), Greylag Goose (14th May, With young 15th May), Chiffchaff (14th & 15th May), Long-tailed Tit (14th May), Gadwall (15th May), Grey Heron (15th May), Swallow (15th May), Cetti’s Warbler (15th May), Mute Swan (15th May), Garden Warbler and Goldcrest (15th May).

Speckled Wood (14th May), Orange Tip (14th May), Small White (14th & 15th May), Red Admiral (14th & 15th May), Peacock (14th & 15th May), Swallow Prominent (15th May), Pale Prominent (15th May), Muslin Moth (15th May), Holly Blue (15th May), Brimstone (15th May), Damselfly (14th May), Common Blue Damselfly (15th May), 2-spot Ladybird (14th May) and 7-spot Ladybird (14th May).

Rabbit (14th May, 3 on 15th May), Squirrel (2 on 14th & 15th May) and Brown Hare (14th May).

Grass Snake (14th May).

May 1st – May 13th 2016
Reed Bunting (1st, 6th & 10th May), Whitethroat (1st, 8th, 12th & 13th May), Red Kite (5yj May, 2 on 1st May), Blackcap (1st & 8th May, 6 on 3rd May), Chiffchaff (1st May), Treecreeper (1st & 13th May, 2 on 8th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st May, 2 on 6th May), Stock Dove (2 on 1st May), Garden Warbler (7th, 9th, 12th & 13th May, Pair on 2nd May, 2 on 8th May), Great Crested Grebe (2nd May, with young on 5th May, Pair and 2 young on 8th & 10th May), Cormorant (2nd & 5th May), Swift (2nd, 4th & 7th May, 2 on 10th May), Sparrowhawk (at nest 2nd, 6th & 11th May, 2 adults + 3 chicks in nest on 12th May), Tawny Owl (2 chicks heard calling opposite Clubhouse), Kingfisher (4th May), Little Egret (4th May), Hobby (4th, 6th & 8th May), Reed Warbler (4th & 8th May), Snipe (4th May), Shelduck (2 on 5th May), Little Grebe (5th May), Shoveler (2 on 5th & 8th May), Buzzard (5th May), Gadwall (5th May), Pochard (6m on 8th May, 10m+4f on 5th May, with 6 ducklings on 6th & 11th May), Nuthatch (5th May), Long-tailed Tit (5th May), Egyptian Goose (2 on 6th & 8th May), Mallard (with 2 young on 6th May), Coot (with 4 young on 6th May), Common Tern (8th May, 4 on 11th May, 5 over Lynsters on 6th May), Lapwing (7th May), Mistle Thrush (7th May), Greylag Goose (with 3 & 6 goslings on 10th May, with 4 & 6 goslings on 8th May), Wren (8th May), Great Tit (8th May – Nest Box 14), Blue Tit (8th May – Nest Box 6), Dunnock (4 on 8th May), Jay (8th May), Green Woodpecker (9th May), Stock Dove (9th May) and Oystercatcher (2 over on 11th May).

Peacock (2nd & 5th May), Speckled Wood (2nd May), Small White (2nd & 12th May), Brimstone (eggs on 2nd May, Laying eggs on 8th May, 3 on 5th May), Orange Tip (3rd, 5th & 11th May, Pair by Garlic Mustard on 9th May, 3+ on 8th May), Holly Blue (3rd, 5th & 9th May), Green-veined White (5th & 12th May), Speckled Wood (9th May), Large White (12th May), Sloe Shieldbug (5 on 12th May), Woundwort Shieldbug (2 on 12th May), Brassica Bug (10 on 12th May), Hoverfly (Xylota segnis) (12th May), Red Header Cardinal (12th May), Wasp Beetle (12th May), Shieldbug sp (tbc) (12th May), Nettle Bug 912th May) and Common Carder Bee (12th May).,

Muntjac (5th May) and Rabbit (3 on 8th May).

Grass Snake (8th May).

Flag Iris (11th May) and Yellow Archangel (11th May).

Apr 16th – Apr 30th 2016
Egyptian Goose (16th, 17th & 21st Apr, 2 on 27th & 29th Apr), Shelduck (2 on 16th-18th, 21st, 23rd–27th & 29th Apr), Mistle Thrush (2 on 16th Apr), Swallow (18th Apr, 3 on 16th Apr), Treecreeper (30th Apr, Adult and young on 16th Apr), Sedge Warbler (16th & 28th Apr), Blackcap (17th, 21st, 28th & 30th Apr, 4+ on 16th Apr), Jay (16th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (17th Apr, 2 on 16th Apr), Grey Heron (16th Apr, 4 on 17th Apr), Mallard (4 on 27th Apr, Adults plus 4 & 2 & 8 ducklings on 16th Apr, with 3 & 10 ducklings on 17th Apr, with 8 ducklings on 24th Apr), Stock Dove (17th & 28th Apr), Shoveler (2 on 17th Apr), Pochard (17th Apr, 2 on 27th Apr, 3 pairs on 29th Apr), Gadwall (2 on 17th Apr, 4 on 23rd & 27th Apr), Teal (17th Apr), Tufted Duck (, 2 on 23rd Apr, lots on 17th Apr), Ring-necked Parakeet (17th Apr), Little Grebe (17th & 27th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (with young 17th Apr, 2 adults feeding 2 chicks on 27th Apr), Greylag Goose (17th Apr, Pair with 5 goslings on 26th Apr, with 9 goslings on 29th Apr, goslings on 30th Apr), Canada Goose (17th Apr), Wren (nest on 17th Apr), Chiffchaff (17th Apr), Reed Warbler (17th, 21st, 23rd-26th & 28th–30th Apr), Snipe (17th Apr, 2 on 26th Apr), Willow Warbler (21st & 24th Apr, 2 on 17th Apr), Reed Bunting (17th, 20th, 21st, 24th, 29th & 30th Apr, 2 on 27th Apr), Sparrowhawk (17th, 23rd & 29th Apr), Red-crested Pochard (25th Apr, 2m+1f on 18th Apr, 3 on 30th Apr, 5 on Lynsters on 21st Apr), House Martin (18th Apr, 10 on 29th Apr), Sand Martin (18th & 27th Apr), Grey Wagtail (20th Apr), Little Egret (21st Apr), Herring Gull (23rd Apr), Garden Warbler (25th & 30th Apr), Lesser Black-backed Gull (25th Apr), Red Kite (27th Apr), Hobby (27th & 29th Apr), Common Tern (2 on 28th Apr), Swift (17 on 29th Apr), Dunnock (29th Apr),

Squirrel (16th Apr), Rabbit (3 on 16th Apr), Brown Rat (16th Apr), Dead Shrew (16th Apr), Muntjac (17th Apr) and Weasel (30th Apr).

Peacock (19th & 28th Apr), Brimstone (19th & 21st Apr), Holly Blue (20th Apr, 2 on 21st Apr, 3+ on 30th Apr), Speckled Wood (21st Apr), Green-veined White (2 on 21st Apr), Comma (21st Apr), Small Tortoiseshell (21st & 28th Apr), Orange Tip (21st Apr, 2 on 30th Apr), Hairy-footed Flower Bee (10 on 28th Apr – 1st reserve record), Buff-tailed Bumblebee (28th Apr), Common Carder Bee (28th Apr), Rhingia sp (28th Apr), Pied Shieldbug ( 2 on 30th Apr), Brassica Bug (30th Apr – 1st reserve record) and Bee Fly (10+ on 30th Apr).

Apr 1st – Apr 15th 2016
Snipe (6th & 15th Apr, 2 on 2nd & 10th Apr, 3 on 8th Apr, 4 on 5th Apr, 6 on 3rd Apr), Blackcap (2nd & 10th Apr, Pair on 12th Apr, 2m on 8th & 14th Apr), Teal (14th Apr, 2 on 2nd & 8th Apr), Buzzard (14th Apr, 2 on 2nd Apr), Jay (2 on 2nd Apr), Goldfinch (2 on 2nd Apr), Little Grebe (2 on 14th Apr, 4 on 12th Apr, 6 on 3rd Apr), Siskin (2 on 4th Apr), Reed Bunting (6th Apr, Pair on 5th & 15th Apr, 2m on 12th Apr), Chiffchaff (5th & 10th Apr, 2 on 12th Apr), Song Thrush (5th Apr), Oystercatcher (2 on 5th & 6th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (2 at nest 8th Apr, 2 on 12th Apr, pair and 2 chicks on 10th & 15th Apr, 2 pairs on 5th Apr), Pochard (10th Apr, 2m on 6th Apr, 3m on 14th Apr, 6m+2f on 8th Apr, 12 on 12th Apr), Gadwall (10th & 14th Apr, 2 on 6th & 12th Apr), Grey Heron (6th Apr), Jackdaw (c100 on 6th Apr), Willow Warbler (8th Apr), Shoveler (2 pairs on 8th Apr), Mallard (with 11 young on 10th Apr, 2 on 12th Apr), Green Woodpecker (10th & 12th Apr), Sparrowhawk (10th & 14th Apr, female on nest 13th & 15th Apr), Jay (14th Apr, 5 on 12th Apr), Tufted Duck (4 on 12th Apr), Greylag Goose (4 on 12th Apr), Treecreeper (12th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (12th Apr), Kestrel (12th Apr), Green Sandpiper (12th Apr), Long-tailed Tit (3 on 12th Apr), Shelduck (2 on Lynsters 14th & 15th Apr), Red Kite (2 on 14th Apr), Little Egret (15th Apr), Sedge Warbler (15th Apr), House Martin (15th Apr over Lynsters Lake) and Wigeon (Injured male on 15th Apr).

Brimstone (5th, 10th & 15th Apr, 3 on 2nd Apr), Peacock (5th, 10th & 13th Apr, 2 on 2nd Apr), Tortoiseshell (5th Apr, 2 on 2nd Apr), Comma (2nd, 10th & 13th Apr), 7-Spot Ladybird (10th Apr), Red Admiral (10th & 13th Apr), Speckled Wood (13th Apr), Small White (13th Apr), Orange Tip (13th Apr) and Bee Fly (13th Apr).

Bloom on Gorse (2nd Apr), White Violet (2nd Apr) and Yellow Angel (14th Apr).

Grass Snake (2nd & 10th Apr) and Frogs (croaking left of Shell Hide on 2nd Apr, spawn towards Teal Hide on 2nd Apr).

Rabbit (11th Apr, 3 on 15th Apr), Grey Squirrel (11th Apr) and Weasel (15th Apr).

Mar 23rd – Mar 31st 2016
Reed Bunting (23rd Mar, Pair on 27th Mar), Brambling (Male on 23rd Mar), Snipe (24th & 29th Mar, 2 on 23rd & 30th Mar, 4 on 27th Mar), Dunnock (23rd & 29th Mar), Robin (23rd Mar), Mute Swan (Pair on 23rd Mar), Pochard (23rd Mar, 3 on 30th Mar, 10m+3f on 29th Mar), Little Grebe (27th Mar, 2 on 23rd & 30th Mar, 3 on 29th Mar, 4 on 31st Mar), Mallard (23rd Mar, With 6 ducklings on 27th Mar, With 8 ducklings on 28th Mar, Mum with 12 ducklings on 24th Mar), Shoveler (23rd Mar, 2 on 29th Mar, 4 on 31st Mar, 15 on 27th Mar), Teal (23rd & 29th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar, 3 on 27th Mar), Coot (23rd Mar), Moorhen (23rd Mar), Oystercatcher (2 on 23rd & 28th Mar), Canada Goose (55 on Lynsters 23rd Mar), Greylag Goose (27th Mar, 10 on Lynsters 23rd Mar), Magpie (27 on 23rd Mar), Jackdaw (23rd Mar), Sparrowhawk (23rd , 26th & 30th Mar), Treecreeper (23rd Mar), Chiffchaff (23rd & 26th – 28th Mar), Great Spotted Woodpecker (27th & 29th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar), Long-tailed Tit (27th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar), Great Crested Grebe (27th Mar, 4 on 30th Mar), Green Woodpecker (27th & 29th Mar), Buzzard (30th Mar, 2 on 27th & 29th Mar), Red Kite (27th 29th & 30th Mar), Egyptian Goose (27th & 30th Mar, 2 on 28th & 29th Mar), Swallow (27th Mar), Siskin (15 on 27th Mar), Song Thrush (27th Mar), Pied Wagtail (27th Mar), Black-headed Gull (130 on 28th Mar), Goldcrest (28th & 29th Mar), Gadwall (6 on 29th & 30th Mar), Blackcap (30th Mar) and Grey Heron (30th Mar, 4 on 31st Mar).

Comma (24th Mar) and Bee Fly (31st Mar).

Squirrel (2 on 27th Mar), Rabbit (12 on 27th Mar including 5 young) and Fox (28th, 29th & 31st Mar).

Grass Snake (5 (3 * 3inch + 2 * 12 inch) on 29th Mar).

Mar 1st – Mar 22nd 2016
Great Spotted Woodpecker (2nd, 4th, 6th, 7th & 20th-21st Mar, 2 on 1st Mar), Reed Bunting (3rd, 4th, 8th, 18th & 20th-21st Mar, 2 on 2nd, 6th, 16th & 19th Mar, 3 on 1st & 7th Mar, 4 on 12th & 14th Mar), Teal (1st & 3rd Mar, Pair on 2nd Mar, 2 on 6th Mar, 5 on 14th Mar, 7 on 20th Mar), Little Grebe (1st, 3rd, 4th & 7th Mar, 2 on 19th & 20th Mar, 3 on 11th Mar, 4 on 6th, 14th & 16th Mar), Pied Wagtail (20+ on 1st Mar), Buzzard (13th-15th Mar, 2 on 1st, 2nd, 11th & 12th Mar), Wigeon (20 on 1st Mar, 37 on 14th Mar, 38 on 8th Mar, c 40 on 15th Mar, 41 on 16th Mar, 44 on 2nd Mar, 49 on 10th Mar, 51 on 7th Mar, 53 on 6th Mar, 55 on 18th Mar), Egyptian Goose (22nd Mar, 2 on 1st, 6th, 7th, 13th & 18th Mar), Wren (4th Mar, 2 on 1st Mar, 5 on 11th Mar), Red Kite (8th, 12th, 15th & 19th Mar, 2 on 2nd, 4th & 7th Mar, 3 on 5th Mar), Cetti’s Warbler (2nd & 4th Mar), Goldcrest (2nd, 6th & 16th Mar, 2 on 8th Mar, 2+ on 14th Mar), Green Woodpecker (2nd, 6th- 8h, 14th, 18th & 19th Mar), Snipe (2nd, 11th, 13th & 16th Mar, 2 on 12th, 14th, 15th, 18th, 21st & 22nd Mar, 3 on 19th & 20th Mar), Shoveler (4th, 11th & 15th Mar, 2 on 19th Mar, 4 on 7th Mar, 2 pairs on 20th Mar, 6 on 2nd Mar, 4 pairs on 6th Mar, 8 on 18th Mar), Goldfinch (2 on 4th Mar, 3 on 11th Mar, 10 on 2nd & 18th Mar), Greylag Goose (2nd Mar, 4 on 6th Mar), Great Crested Grebe (3rd , 4th, 10th & 13th (1 egg) Mar, Pair on 6th, 16th & 18th (2 eggs), 4 on 20th & 21st Mar), Green Sandpiper (2 on 3rd Mar), Treecreeper (4th, 6th, 7th, 15th & 18th Mar, 2 on 8th, 12th & 22nd Mar, 2+ on 14th Mar), Siskin (4th Mar, 4 on 16th Mar, 15 on 8th Mar), Long-tailed Tit (4th Mar, nest on 22nd Mar, Pair on 19th Mar, 3 on 6th Mar), Pochard (4th & 11th Mar, 3 on 18th Mar, 4 on 19th Mar, 5 on 6th Mar, 8 on 12th Mar), Tufted Duck (4th & 11th Mar, 9 on 6th Mar), Redwing (5th, 10th, 13th & 20th Mar, 6 on 6th Mar, 20+ on 14th & 16th Mar, 25 on 18th Mar, 35 on 21st Mar), Canada Goose (68 on 6th Mar), Mute Swan (6th & 19th Mar, 4 on 10th Mar), Sparrowhawk (6th, 11th & 21st Mar), Kingfisher (7th & 12th Mar), Jay (2 on 7th & 19th Mar, 8 on 20th Mar), Gadwall (19th Mar, 2 on 7th & 15th Mar, 10 on 18th Mar), Oystercatcher (2 on 8th, 10th, 11th & 13th Mar), Water Rail (10th, 11th, 13th & 21st Mar, 4 on 18th Mar), Fieldfare (10th & 20th Mar, 5 on 18th Mar, 28 on 21st Mar), Mistle Thrush (10th & 18th Mar, 2 on 16th Mar), Pheasant (11th Mar), Little Egret (11th Mar), Magpie (29 on 11th Mar), Mallard (11th Mar, +6 ducklings on 18th & 20th Mar, +4 ducklings on 19th & 20th Mar ), Song Thrush (11th & 16th Mar), Cormorant (2 on 12th Mar), Blackbird (9 on 16th Mar), Grey Heron (19th Mar), Shelduck (2 on Lynsters 19th & 21st Mar), Starling (2 on 20th Mar), Kestrel (21st Mar) and Chiffchaff (22nd Mar).

Squirrel (2 on 20th Mar, 3 on 2nd & 12th Mar, 4 on 18th Mar), Brown Rat (2nd & 7th Mar, 2 young on 12th Mar), Rabbit (5 on 2nd, 12th & 18th Mar, 11 on 11th Mar), Badger (6th Mar), Fox (7th, 14th, 19th & 22nd Mar) and Weasel (dragging Rat on 16th Mar).

Clouded Drab (8th Mar), Small Tortoiseshell (22nd Mar), Peacock (22nd Mar) and Comma (2 on 22nd Mar). Tree Bumblebee (11th Mar), Buff-tailed Bumblebee (19th Mar), Bumblebee sp (20th & 22nd Mar), Hoverfly (Eristalis sp on 22nd Mar) and 7-Spot Ladybird (22nd Mar).

Frog (2 on 17th Mar, 4 and spawn on 22nd Mar).

Feb 14th - Feb 29th 2016
Sparrowhawk (23rd–24th & 26th Feb, Female on 17th Feb, Pair on 14th & 19th Feb), Chiffchaff (14th, 24th & 26th Feb), Treecreeper (22nd & 28th Feb, 2 on 14th Feb, 3 on 24th Feb), Goldcrest (24th & 28th -29th Feb, 2 on 14th Feb, 3 on 23rd Feb), Goldfinch (14th Feb, 2 on 23rd Feb, 4 on 25th Feb, 9 on 20th Feb), Fieldfare (28th Feb, 25 on Lynsters and 9 by Long Hedge 14th Feb), Redwing (20th, 25th , 26th , 28th & 29th Feb, 10 on Lynsters 14th Feb, 20+ on 15th Feb), Buzzard (14th-15th & 23rd Feb, 2 on 24th & 29th Feb, 3 on 28th Feb), Red Kite (20th , 24th & 28th Feb, 2 on 14th-15th Feb, 3 on 26th Feb), Cetti’s Warbler (14th & 21st-22nd & 29th Feb), Reed Bunting (14th, 20th, 21st & 26th Feb, 2 on 29th Feb, 3-4 on 16th Feb, 4 on 24th Feb), Siskin (3 on 23rd Feb, 10 on 14th Feb), Great Spotted Woodpecker (15th Feb, 2 on 14th, 20th & 24th Feb, 3 on 23rd Feb), Chaffinch (26th Feb, 4 on 14th Feb, 6+ on 20th Feb), Shoveler (28th Feb, 3 on 16th & 26th Feb, 4 on 14th Feb, 5 on 24th Feb), Robin (4 on 14th Feb), Green Woodpecker (15th, 24th, 25th , 26th & 28th Feb), Wigeon (40 on 15th Feb, 45 on 24th Feb, 50+ on 23rd Feb, 54 on 20th Feb, 59 on 22nd Feb, 60 on 26th & 28th Feb, 60+ on 24th Feb, 66 on 19th Feb), Mistle Thrush (15th & 20th Feb), Teal (2 on 28th Feb, 3 on 15th Feb, 6 on 24th Feb), Long-tailed Tit (3 on 15th Feb, 10 on 20th Feb), Pochard (28th Feb, 15th & 24th Feb, 4 on 23rd Feb), Little Grebe (15th Feb, 2 on 23rd Feb, 3 on 24th Feb), Great Crested Grebe (15th & 23rd Feb, 2 on 21st & 24th Feb), Grey Heron (15th, 23rd -24th & 26th Feb), Jackdaw (c1000 on 15th Feb), Egyptian Goose (28th Feb, 4 on 16th Feb), Blackcap (male on 16th Feb), Great Tit (10+ on 20th Feb), Coot (20th Feb), Moorhen (14 on 20th Feb), Pied Wagtail (8 on 20th Feb), Oystercatcher (2 on 20th & 26th Feb), Teal (2 on 24th & 28th Feb, 7 on 20th Feb, 8 on 21st Feb), Water Rail (22nd Feb, 3 heard on 26th Feb), Green Sandpiper (22nd Feb), Song Thrush (23rd Feb), Gadwall (28th Feb, 2 on 23rd–24th Feb), Cormorant (23rd -24th Feb), Tufted Duck (4 on 24th Feb, 5 on 26th Feb, 12 on 23rd Feb), Dunnock (2 on 23rd Feb), Jay (24th Feb), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 24th & 26th Feb), Black-headed Gull (c50 on 24th Feb), Mute Swan (2 on 24th Feb), Coal Tit (25th Feb), Wren (26th Feb), Blue Tit (box 19 on 26th Feb), Kingfisher (26th Feb) and Snipe (29th Feb).

Brown Rat (1 live and 1 dead 20th Feb, 2 on 14th Feb), Squirrel (20th Feb) and Fox (22nd & 26th Feb).

Feb 1st - Feb 13th 2016
Red Kite (1st & 6th Feb, 2 on 3rd, 9th & 11th Feb), Buzzard (1st Feb, 2 on 3rd & 6th Feb, 4 on 9th Feb), Great Crested Grebe (10th (starting nest) & 12th Feb, 2 on 1st, 3rd, 5th-6th & 12th Feb), Teal (10th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb, 3 on 1st Feb, 4 on 5th Feb, 10 on 3rd Feb, 15 on 9th Feb), Redwing (6th, 9th & 12th Feb, 2 on 4th Feb, 20 on 1st & 3rd Feb, 30 on 13th Feb), Wigeon (8th Feb, 9 on 12th Feb, 29 on 5th Feb, 38 on 3rd Feb, 40 on 13th Feb, 70 on 6th Feb, 80 on 10th Feb), Little Grebe (3rd & 6th Feb, 2 on 5th & 10th Feb), Grey Heron (3rd & 10th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb), Pochard (3rd & 6th Feb), Tufted Duck (6 on 3rd & 6th Feb), Mistle Thrush (3rd & 9th Feb, 2 on 4th Feb), Ring-necked Parakeet (6th Feb, 4 on 3rd Feb), Great Spotted Woodpecker (Pair 4th Feb, 2 on 6th, 9th & 12th Feb, 3 on 3rd Feb), Goldfinch (9th Feb, 5 on 10th Feb, 8 on 6th Feb, 12 on 3rd Feb), Long-tailed Tit (6 on 3rd Feb, 10+ on 6th Feb), Shoveler (10th Feb, 2 on 3rd Feb, 4 on 6th Feb), Mute Swan (2 on 3rd, 6th & 10th-11th Feb), Treecreeper (2 on 3rd Feb), Green Woodpecker (4th Feb), Chiffchaff (4th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb, 3 on 11th Feb), Goldcrest (4th & 6th Feb, 3 on 11th Feb), Egyptian Goose (6th Feb, 2 on 4th-5th & 9th Feb), Gadwall (10th Feb, 2 on 6th & 9th Feb, 3 on 4th Feb), Siskin (20+ on 10th & 12th Feb, c50 on 4th Feb, 100+ on 6th Feb), Golden Plover (6 over high on 6th Feb), Cormorant (10th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb), Mallard (6+ on 6th Feb), Cetti's Warbler (6th Feb), Blue Tit (10+ on 6th Feb), Great Tit (10+ on 6th Feb), Chaffinch (6th Feb), Robin (6th Feb), Dunnock (6th Feb, 3 on 9th Feb), Magpie (10+ on 6th Feb), Crow (6th Feb), Jackdaw (6th Feb, 40+ on 11th Feb), Stock Dove (5+ on 6th Feb), Woodpigeon (6th Feb), Greylag Goose (6th Feb), Canada Goose (6th Feb), Coot (6th Feb), Moorhen (6th Feb), Black-headed Gull (6th Feb), Song Thrush (6th Feb), Wren (6th Feb), Jay (6th & 12th Feb), Fieldfare (9th-10th Feb, 25 on 13th Feb), Green Sandpiper (10th Feb) and Rook (2 on 11th Feb).

Scarlet Elf Cup (5th Feb).

Ground Ivy (5th Feb).

Rabbit (12th Feb, 2 on 6th Feb, 3 on 11th Feb, 6 on 10th Feb), Squirrel (10th-11th Feb, 5 on 6th Feb), Red Fox (6th & 11th Feb), Brown Rat (10th Feb, 2 on 11th-12th Feb), Badger (Tracks on 10th Feb) and Muntjac (Tracks on 10th Feb).

Jan 16th - Jan 31st 2016
Treecreeper (22nd, 25th & 29th Jan, 3 on 16th & 28th Jan), Coal Tit (15th Jan), Siskin (17th, 19th & 25th Jan, 20 on 28th Jan, c30 on 16th & 18th Jan, c40 on 30th Jan, 50 on 22nd & 24th Jan, c100 on 29th Jan), Sparrowhawk (16th, 18th, 25th & 28th Jan), Buzzard (16th, 22nd & 24th Jan, 2 on 28th Jan), Goldcrest (16th, 25th & 31st Jan, 6 on 28th Jan), Redwing (16th-17th, 24th-25th & 31st Jan, 2 on 29th Jan, 3 on 28th Jan, 12 on 18th Jan, 30 on 22nd Jan), Stock Dove (3 on 16th Jan), Fieldfare (17th & 25th Jan, 4 on 16th Jan, 19 on 22nd Jan), Mistle Thrush (16th & 31st Jan), Red Kite (16th & 24th-25th Jan), Teal (29th Jan, 2 on 22nd Jan, 4 on 17th Jan, 4 pairs on 28th Jan, 12 on 24th Jan), Egyptian Goose (2 on 17th, 22nd & 24th Jan, 8 on 20th Jan), Snipe (2 on 17th Jan), Chaffinch (17th & 28th Jan), Chiffchaff (18th, 22nd & 31st Jan, 2 on 17th Jan, 4 on 20th Jan), Water Rail (17th-18th Jan), Reed Bunting (2 on 19th Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 19th, 25th & 28th Jan, 3 on 24th Jan), Jay (28th Jan, 3 on 20th Jan), Grey Wagtail (5 on 22nd Jan), Long-tailed Tit (6 on 28th & 29th Jan, 10+ on 25th Jan, 20 on 22nd Jan), Little Grebe (29th Jan, 2 on 22nd & 28th Jan), Little Egret (24th Jan), Shoveler (2 on 28th Jan, 3 on 25th Jan), Wren (28th Jan, 2 on 25th Jan), Pochard (5 on 28th Jan), Tufted Duck (29th Jan, 5 on 28th Jan), Mallard (4 on 28th Jan), Great Crested Grebe (28th Jan, 2 on 29th Jan), Coot (28th Jan), Moorhen (28th Jan), Pied Wagtail (6 on 28th Jan), Kestrel (28th Jan), Magpie (28th Jan), Ring-necked Parakeet (28th Jan, 16 on 31st Jan), Goldfinch (28th Jan), Rook (Pair on 28th Jan), Greylag Goose (28th Jan), Canada Goose (28th Jan), Wigeon (28th Jan, 61 on 29th Jan) and Gadwall (28th Jan).

Muntjac (17th Jan, male & female on 18th Jan), Fox (17th Jan), Rabbit (17th & 31st Jan, 2 on 28th Jan), Rat (17th Jan), Badger (Footprints on 18th & 28th Jan), Vole (Nest on 28th Jan), Grey Squirrel (28th Jan, 5 on 31st Jan), Molehill (10+ 28th Jan) and Stoat (31st Jan).

Leopard Slug (16 on 28th Jan).

Jan 7th - Jan 15th 2016
Red Kite (7th Jan), Little Egret (7th-8th Jan, 2 on 9th Jan), Sparrowhawk (7th-8th & 12th Jan), Teal (3 on 15th Jan, 10 on 8th Jan, 13 on 7th Jan), Great Crested Grebe (8th, 13th & 15th Jan, 2 on 7th Jan), Mistle Thrush (7th & 15th Jan, 3 on 10th Jan), Siskin (9th Jan, 10 on 15th Jan, 20+ on 8th Jan, 30 on 13th Jan, 50+ on 7th & 14th Jan, c100 on 11th Jan), Song Thrush (7th Jan), Buzzard (7th, 10th & 12th Jan, 2 on 13th & 15th Jan), Little Grebe (7th-8th Jan, 2 on 10th Jan, 4 on 13th Jan), Treecreeper (8th-9th & 14th Jan), Dunnock (3 on 8th Jan), Wren (3 on 8th Jan), Jay (8th Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (13th Jan, 2 on 8th Jan), Goldfinch (8th Jan), Wigeon (8th Jan), Gadwall (8th Jan), Egyptian Goose (8th & 10th Jan, 2 on 11th Jan), Shoveler (8th Jan), Goldcrest (2 on 8th Jan), Mallard (8th Jan), Blue Tit (8th Jan), Great Tit (8th Jan), Tufted Duck (Pair on 8th Jan), Chiffchaff (9th Jan), Kingfisher (9th Jan), Fieldfare (9th Jan, 14 on 15th Jan, 35+ on 13th Jan), Redwing (10th Jan, 2 on 15th Jan, 6 on 9th Jan, c10 on 14th Jan), Stock Dove (10th Jan, 4 on 11th Jan), Grey Heron (7 on 11th Jan), Greylag Goose (25 on 11th Jan), Reed Bunting (2 males on 12th Jan), Pochard (6 on 13th Jan), Green Sandpiper (15th Jan) and Pied Wagtail (15th Jan).

Jan 2nd - Jan 6th 2016
Little Grebe (5th Jan 2 on 3rd Jan), Shoveler (10 on 3rd Jan), Teal (8 on 6th Jan, 13 on 4th Jan, 18 on 3rd Jan), Grey Heron (3rd Jan), Great Crested Grebe (3 on 3rd & 4th Jan), Wigeon (3rd Jan), Siskin (c100 on 3rd Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (3rd Jan), Egyptian Goose (2 on 3rd Jan), Chiffchaff (2 on 3rd Jan), Snipe (3rd & 6th Jan), Coal Tit (3rd Jan), Kingfisher (3rd Jan), Pied Wagtail (51 on 3rd Jan), Reed Bunting (4th-6th Jan), Cetti's Warbler (4th Jan), Sparrowhawk (5th Jan (taking Reed Bunting)), Goldcrest (4th Jan) and Little Egret (6th Jan).

Footprints of Fox, Muntjac and Badger (3rd Jan).

Jan 1st 2016
Tufted Duck (2 (and 30+ on Lynsters) on 1st Jan), Shoveler (11 on 1st Jan), Black-headed Gull (20+ on 1st Jan), Dunnock (2 on 1st Jan), Moorhen (5 on 1st Jan), Coot (1st Jan), Chaffinch (1st Jan), Treecreeper (2 on 1st Jan), Blue Tit (1st Jan), Great Tit (1st Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (male on 1st Jan), Mallard (1st Jan), Jay (1st Jan), Teal (5 on 1st Jan), Little Egret (1st Jan), Little Grebe (2 on 1st Jan), Cormorant (2 on 1st Jan), Cetti's Warbler (1st Jan), Great Crested Grebe (3 on 1st Jan), Woodpigeon (1st Jan), Chiffchaff (1st Jan), Goldcrest (3 on 1st Jan), Wren (3 on 1st Jan), Robin (4 on 1st Jan), Blackbird (3 on 1st Jan), Long-tailed Tit (Flocks of up to 14 on 1st Jan), Green Woodpecker (1st Jan), Jackdaw (150+ on 1st Jan), Crow (50+ on 1st Jan), Pied Wagtail (50 on 1st Jan), Mistle Thrush (2 on 1st Jan), Egyptian Goose (2 on 1st Jan), Canada Goose (27 on 1st Jan), Greylag Goose (12 on 1st Jan), Wigeon (37 on 1st Jan), Gadwall (3 on 1st Jan), Magpie (10+ on 1st Jan), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 1st Jan), Grey Heron (1st Jan), Reed Bunting (1st Jan), Sparrowhawk (1st Jan), Snipe (1st Jan), Fieldfare (2 on 1st Jan) and Mute Swan (2 on 1st Jan).

Squirrel (6 on 1st Jan) and Rabbit (4 on 1st Jan).

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