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Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2019 (May 16, 2020, 05:46:40 PM) quote  
2019 Bird List - first reported date.
Great Crested Grebe (1st Jan 2019), Little Grebe (1st Jan 2019), Cormorant (19th Jan 2019), Bittern (Not recorded in 2019), Grey Heron (1st Jan 2019), White Stork (10th Jan 2019), Little Egret (3rd Mar 2019), Great White Egret (3rd Feb 2019), Mute Swan (1st Jan 2019), Black Swan (Not recorded in 2019), Greylag Goose (1st Jan 2019), Canada Goose (1st Jan 2019), Barnacle Goose (4th Jan 2019), Egyptian Goose (1st Jan 2019), Shelduck (1st May 2019), Mandarin (11th Mar 2019), Wigeon (1st Jan 2019), Goosander (6th Mar 2019), Pintail (10th Jul 2019), Teal (1st Jan 2019), Gadwall (1st Jan 2019), Garganey (2nd Jun 2019), Mallard (1st Jan 2019), Shoveler (1st Jan 2019), Pochard (8th Feb 2019), Red-crested Pochard (15th Mar 2019), Tufted Duck (1st Jan 2019), Goldeneye (30th Mar 2019), Red Kite (1st Jan 2019), Sparrowhawk (17th Jan 2019), Buzzard (1st Jan 2019), Kestrel (28th Jan 2019), Hobby (11th May 2019), Peregrine Falcon (6th Oct 2019), Osprey (Not recorded in 2019), Pheasant (18th Jan 2019), Water Rail (12th Feb 2019), Moorhen (1st Jan 2019), Coot (1st Jan 2019), Oystercatcher (23rd Feb 2019), Little Ringed Plover (4th Apr 2019), Golden Plover (Not recorded in 2019), Lapwing (18th May 2019), Snipe (3rd Jan 2019), Jack Snipe (Not recorded in 2019), Greenshank (16th Apr 2019), Green Sandpiper (1st Jan 2019), Common Sandpiper – unconfirmed (19th Aug 2019), Common Gull (1st Jan 2019), Black-headed Gull (1st Jan 2019), Herring Gull (1st Jan 2019), Lesser Black-backed Gull (11th May 2019), Common Tern (24th Apr 2019), Arctic Tern (Not recorded in 2019), Stock Dove (1st Jan 2019), Collared Dove (13th Jun 2019), Woodpigeon (1st Jan 2019), Feral Pigeon (Feral Rock Dove) (16th Feb 2019), Ring-necked Parakeet (1st Jan 2019), Cuckoo (15th May 2019), Barn Owl (Not recorded in 2019), Tawny Owl (24th Feb 2019), Swift (26th Apr 2019), Kingfisher (17th Jan 2019), Green Woodpecker (5th Jan 2019), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st Jan 2019), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (13th Mar 2019), Swallow (8th Apr 2019), House Martin (2nd Apr 2019), Sand Martin (10th Apr 2019), Meadow Pipit (25th Jan 2019), Yellow Wagtail (Not recorded in 2019), Grey Wagtail (5th Jan 2019), Pied Wagtail (28th Jan 2019), Wren (1st Jan 2019), Dunnock (1st Jan 2019), Robin (1st Jan 2019), Blackbird (1st Jan 2019), Fieldfare (6th Jan 2019), Song Thrush (16th Feb 2019), Redwing (1st Jan 2019 and 4th Oct 2019), Mistle Thrush (20th Jan 2019), Cetti's Warbler (9th Jun 2019), Sedge Warbler (Not recorded in 2019), Reed Warbler (19 Apr 2019), Garden Warbler (20th Apr 2019), Whitethroat (6th May 2019), Lesser Whitethroat (26th Aug 2019), Blackcap (24th Mar 2019), Chiffchaff (5th Jan 2019), Willow Warbler (9th Apr 2019), Goldcrest (14th Jan 2019), Firecrest (Not recorded in 2019), Spotted Flycatcher (13th Sep 2019), Stonechat (2nd Oct 2019 – First record for the reserve), Long-tailed Tit (1st Jan 2019), Coal Tit (6th Feb 2019), Blue Tit (1st Jan 2019), Great Tit (1st Jan 2019), Nuthatch (28th Jan 2019), Treecreeper (14th Jan 2019), Magpie (1st Jan 2019), Jackdaw (1st Jan 2019), Rook (18th Feb 2019), Carrion Crow (1st Jan 2019), Raven (26th Mar 2019), Jay (3rd Jan 2019), Starling (11th May 2019), House Sparrow (Not recorded in 2019), Chaffinch (1st Jan 2019), Brambling (30th Nov 2019), Greenfinch (13th Jan 2019), Goldfinch (1st Jan 2019), Siskin (1st Jan 2019), Bullfinch (20th Mar 2019), Hawfinch (Not recorded in 2019) and Reed Bunting (18th Jan 2019).

Dec 14th – Dec 31st 2019
Coal Tit (14th – 16th , 18th , 20th – 21st , 23rd & 29th Dec), Jay (3 on 14th – 15th Dec, 2 on 18th & 30th Dec, 21st Dec), Buzzard (3 on 14th & 16th Dec, 17th & 20th – 21st Dec, 2 on 18th & 23rd Dec), Nuthatch (14th – 15th , 18th & 21st Dec), Teal (5 on 14th & 27th Dec, 12 on 16th Dec, 2 on 18th Dec, 10 on 20th Dec, 4m&3f on 23rd Dec, 25th Dec), Siskin (30+ on 14th Dec, 2 on 15th & 29th Dec, c6 on 17th Dec, 28th Dec), Mute Swan (14th – 15th , 19th , 21st – 22nd & 25th Dec), Goldcrest (15th , 17th , 19th & 25th Dec, 2 on 16th & 22nd Dec), Water Rail (15th , 22nd , 27th – 28th & 30th – 31st Dec), Goldfinch (15th , 22nd & 28th Dec, 6 on 18th Dec, 3 on 21st Dec, 2 on 25th Dec), Long-tailed Tit (9 on 15th Dec, 7 on 18th Dec, 4 on 21st Dec, 5 on 22nd & 25th Dec), Grey Heron (2 on 15th Dec), Wren (2 on 15th Dec, 4 on 16th Dec, 5 on 18th, 21st & 25th Dec), Gadwall (2 on 15th , 18th & 21st Dec, 25th Dec), Ring-necked Parakeet (2 on 15th & 18th Dec), Grey Wagtail (15th , 21st , 25th & 28th Dec, 3 on 18th Dec), Robin (3 on 15th Dec, 6 on 16th Dec, 2 on 18th Dec, 21st Dec), Kingfisher (2 on 15th Dec, 21st & 25th Dec, 3 on 23rd Dec), Dunnock (15th & 21st Dec, 4 on 17th Dec), Mallard (3 on 15th Dec, 7 on 17th Dec, 38 on 19th Dec, 57 on 21st Dec, 60+ on 23rd Dec), Redwing (4+ on 15th Dec, c6 on 17th Dec, 23rd & 25th Dec, 30+ on 29th Dec), Cetti’s Warbler (16th , 20th – 22nd & 27th Dec), Green Sandpiper (16th , 18th , 20th & 22nd Dec), Common Gull (16th – 18th , 23rd , 25th & 30th Dec), Thrush sp (16th Dec), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 17th – 18th Dec, f on 20th Dec, 21st Dec, m on 29th Dec), Wigeon (6 on 17th Dec, 5 on 21st Dec, 22nd Dec, 9 on 23rd Dec, 25th Dec, 13 on 27th Dec), Stock Dove (35 on 17th Dec), Great Crested Grebe (On Lynsters 17th & 25th Dec), Tufted Duck (17th & 25th Dec, 2m on 21st Dec, 2 on 22nd Dec, 3 on 30th Dec), Blue Tit (20 on 17th Dec, 10+ on 21st Dec), Great Tit (10 on 17th Dec, 15+ on 21st Dec), Crow (3 on 17th Dec, 4 on 30th Dec), Red Kite (18th Dec), Egyptian Goose (2 on 18th & 23rd Dec, 3 on 23rd Dec, 25th Dec), Little Grebe (18th , 25th & 28th Dec, 3 on 20th Dec, 2 on 21st & 27th Dec, 4 on 23rd Dec), Blackbird (3 on 18th Dec, 21st Dec, 2 on 25th Dec), Magpie (4 on 18th Dec, 9 on 21st Dec, 30th Dec), Canada Goose (18th & 21st Dec, 15 on 30th Dec), Song Thrush (19th Dec), Green Woodpecker (21st , 25th & 31st Dec), Crow (21st Dec, 2 on 22nd Dec), Chaffinch (21st & 25th Dec), Greylag Goose (21st Dec), Woodpigeon (21st Dec), Jackdaw (21st Dec), Coot (21st Dec, 3 on 22nd & 30th Dec), Moorhen (21st – 22nd & 30th Dec), Meadow Pipit (22nd Dec), Sparrowhawk (22nd Dec), Pheasant (23rd & 28th Dec), Reed Bunting (23rd Dec), Herring Gull (23rd & 30th Dec), Barnacle Goose (26th Dec), Shoveler (7 on 27th Dec), Snipe (30th – 31st Dec), Greenfinch (30th Dec) and Cormorant (30th Dec).

Squirrel (3 on 14th Dec), Muntjac (2 on 14th Dec), Fox (1 on 15th & 30th Dec), Rabbit (2 on 15th Dec, 6 on 16th & 18th Dec, 3 on 21st Dec, 5 on 30th Dec), Bank Vole (1 on 16th & 20th Dec, 2 on 18th & 23rd Dec, 3 on 22nd & 30th Dec), Rat (16th – 17th Dec, 2 on 18th Dec, 3 on 21st Dec), Shrew (30th Dec) and Mouse (30th Dec).

Bracket Fungus sp (17th Dec), Badhamia utricularis (17th & 22nd Dec), Oyster Mushroom (17th Dec), Jelly Ear (18th Dec), Dead Man’s Fingers (21st Dec), Brain Fungus (21st Dec), Witches’ Butter (Exidia glandulosa) (22nd & 25th Dec), Scarlet Elf Cup (29th Dec), Turkey Tail (30th Dec), Jelly Spot (30th Dec), Southern Bracket (30th Dec), Candlesnuff (30th Dec) and Stump Puffball (30th Dec).

Dec 1st – Dec 13th 2019
Nuthatch (1st – 2nd , 4th , 8th & 11th Dec), Coal Tit (1st – 2nd , 4th , 7th – 8th & 11th Dec), Tufted Duck (2m&2f on 1st Dec, 5m&2f on 8th Dec, 6 on 13th Dec), Pochard (2 on 1st Dec, pair on 11th Dec), Green Woodpecker (1st Dec), Grey Wagtail (1st Dec), Siskin (1st Dec, 6 on 4th Dec, 20+ on 5th Dec), Sparrowhawk (m on 1st Dec, 8th Dec), Treecreeper (1st Dec), Goldcrest (1st – 2nd & 4th Dec), Long-tailed Tit (1st Dec), Chiffchaff (2 on 2nd Dec), Reed Bunting (m on 2nd & 11th Dec, 2 on 4th Dec), Kingfisher (2nd & 4th Dec), Buzzard (2 on 4th Dec, 1 on 6th , 8th & 11th Dec), Common Gull (4th . 9th , 11th & 13th Dec, 2 on 5th Dec), Herring Gull (2 on 4th Dec), Wigeon (15 on 4th Dec, 20 on 8th Dec, 17 on 9th Dec, 12 on 13th Dec), Egyptian Goose (2 on 4th & 9th Dec, 7th Dec), Jay (5 on 4th Dec, 7th Dec), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4th Dec, m&f on 6th & 13th Dec, 2f&1m on 8th Dec), Pheasant (m on 4th Dec), Goldfinch (20+ on 4th Dec, 1 on 7th Dec, 9 on 13th Dec), Pied Wagtail (2 on 4th Dec), Teal (m on 4th Dec, pair on 8th Dec, 3m&1f on 9th Dec, 3 on 11th Dec), Shoveler (pair on 4th Dec, 3 on 7th Dec, 4 on 13th Dec), Little Grebe (4th Dec, 4 on 6th & 11th Dec), Redwing (5th & 11th Dec), Green Sandpiper (5th , 8th – 9th , 11th & 13th Dec), Ring-necked Parakeet (7th Dec), Cetti’s Warbler (11th Dec), Water Rail (11th Dec) and Little Egret (11th Dec).

Rabbit (1st Dec), Squirrel (3 on 1st Dec), Fox (1st Dec) and Bank Vole (1st ,8th & 13th Dec, 2 on 11th Dec).

Nov 23rd - Nov 30th 2019
Siskin (c60 on 23rd Nov, 29th Nov, 1 on 30th Nov), Coal Tit (23rd , 25th & 30th Nov), Nuthatch (23rd Nov), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 23rd Nov, 4 on 30th Nov), Jay (23d Nov), Shoveler (23rd Nov), Tufted Duck (23rd Nov, 3m&2f on 30th Nov), Pochard (23rd Nov), Magpie (2 on 23rd Nov, 30th Nov), Kingfisher (23rd , 27th & 29th Nov, 2 on 30th Nov), Ring-necked Parakeet (3 on 23rd Nov, 30th Nov), Goldcrest (2 on 23rd – 24th & 30th Nov, 28th – 29th Nov), Wren (23rd Nov, 2 on 30th Nov), Blackbird (23rd Nov, 2+ on 30th Nov), Long-tailed Tit (23rd Nov, 5+ on 30th Nov), Cormorant (23rd Nov), Cormorant (23rd & 30th Nov), Pochard (2f on 24th Nov), Treecreeper (2 on 24th & 29th Nov, 1 on 30th Nov), Teal (6 on 24th Nov, 14 on 26th Nov, 19 on 25th Nov, 4+ on 30th Nov), Little Grebe (2 on 25th & 27th Nov, 4 on 30th Nov), Water Rail (Heard on 25th Nov), Cetti’s Warbler (25th, 27th & 29th Nov), Egyptian Goose (2 on 25th Nov), Mistle Thrush (25th Nov), Snipe (1 on 25th Nov, 2 on 26th Nov), Green Sandpiper (27th Nov), Green Woodpecker (28th & 30th Nov), Raven (29th Nov), Brambling reported from Rotunda Hide (30th Nov), Robin (6 on 30th Nov), Jay (2 on 30th Nov), Chiffchaff (30th Nov), Mute Swan (2 over on 30th Nov), Buzzard (1 in Plantation on 30th Nov), Grey Heron (30th Nov), Moorhen (5 on 30th Nov), Coot (30th Nov), Redwing (1 on 30th Nov), Crow (30th Nov), Jackdaw (30th Nov), Blue Tit (5+ on 30th Nov), Great Tit (3+ on 30th Nov), Chaffinch (30th Nov), Black-headed Gull (30th Nov), Goldfinch (2 on 30th Nov), Mallard (30th Nov), Woodpigeon (30th Nov) and Pheasant (30th Nov).

Mottled Umber (23rd Nov) and Red Admiral (30th Nov).

Brown Rat (3 adults +2 young on 23rd Nov, 2 on 25th Nov, 1 small one on 30th Nov), Squirrel (7 (including 1 in Little Owl box and 1 in Owl box near stream) on 23rd Nov, 3 on 30th Nov), Rabbit (23rd & 30th Nov, 1 dead one on 30th Nov), Red Fox (25th & 27th Nov) and Bank Vole (25th Nov).

Oyster Mushroom (23rd & 30th Nov), Golden Scalycap (23rd Nov), Rusted Gill (30th Nov), Candlesnuff (30th Nov), Dog’s Vomit (Scrabbled Egg) Slime mould (30th Nov), Jelly Ear (30th Nov) and Southern Bracket Fungus (30th Nov).

Nov 9th - Nov 22nd 2019
Water Rail (2 on 9th , 15th , 17th & 20th Nov, 1 on 18th – 19th Nov), Nuthatch (9th – 10th , 13th , 15th & 17th Nov), Cormorant (2 on 9th Nov), Blue Tit (20+ on 9th Nov), Great Tit (20+ on 9th Nov), Kingfisher (9th – 10th & 17th Nov, 2 on 11th & 13th Nov), Chaffinch (8 on 9th Nov), Great Spotted Woodpecker (9th Nov), Coal Tit (9th – 10th , 13th & 15th Nov, 2 on 17th Nov), Long-tailed Tit (9th Nov), Little Grebe (9th Nov, 3 on 13th Nov), Blackbird (2 on 9th Nov), Sparrowhawk (9th & 18th Nov), Jay (9th Nov), Wren (2 on 9th Nov), Tufted Duck (Pair on 10th Nov, 4 on 15th Nov), Pochard (f on 10th Nov, 1 on 17th Nov), Wigeon (15 on Lynsters on 10th Nov, Pair on 13th Nov, 5 on 15th Nov), Egyptian Goose (3 on 10th Nov, 2 on 15th Nov), Teal (Pair on 10th Nov, 15 on 15th Nov, 4 on 20th Nov, 17 on 22nd Nov), Kestrel (10th Nov), Green Sandpiper (11th , 13th , 15th & 17th – 18th Nov), Buzzard (2 on 13th , 15th & 17th Nov), Tawny Owl (Calling on 13th Nov), Cetti’s Warbler (15th Nov), Goldcrest (15th Nov), Lapwing (c30 on 15th Nov), Grey Wagtail (15th & 18th Nov, 2 on 20th Nov), Treecreeper (15th Nov), Canada Goose (135 on 15th Nov), Greylag Goose (8 on 15th Nov), Raven (2 over calling on 15th Nov), Jackdaw (c100 on 15th Nov), Goldfinch (c20 on 15th Nov), Siskin (1 on 15th Nov, 4 on 22nd Nov), Song Thrush (10 on 17th Nov), Redwing (1 on 17th Nov, 2 on 20th Nov), Snipe (1 on 17th – 18th & 22nd Nov), 2 Great Crested Grebe (4 on Lynsters Lake on 17th Nov), Red Kite (2 on 17th Nov), White Goose (From Rotunda on 17th Nov), Grey Heron (3 on 17th Nov), Reed Bunting (3 on 17th Nov), Common Gull (17th – 18th , 20th & 22nd Nov), Shoveler (17th Nov, 8 on 20th Nov), Herring Gull (2 on Lynsters on 18th & 20th Nov) and Fieldfare (15-20 on 18th Nov).

Harvest Mouse (Nest in Rotunda Meadow on 9th Nov), Brown Rat (9th & 17th Nov), Bank Vole (10th , 17th & 22nd Nov), Shrew (16th Nov) and Fox (17th Nov).

Giant Puffball (17th Nov).

Common Darter (10th Nov).

Nov 1st – Nov 8th 2019
Coal Tit (1st – 2nd & 6th Nov, 2 on 4th Nov), Great Spotted Woodpecker (m on 1st Nov, 2nd & 6th Nov), Treecreeper (1st Nov), Kingfisher (1st , 6th & 8th Nov, 2 on 4th Nov), Gadwall (1st – 2nd Nov), Teal (1st – 2nd Nov), Tufted Duck (1st – 2nd Nov), Siskin (8 on 2nd Nov), Nuthatch (2nd , 6th & 8th Nov), Little Grebe (3 on 2nd & 4th Nov, 2 on 6th Nov), Blackbird (2nd Nov), Shoveler (2nd Nov, 9m&3f on 6th Nov), Mallard (2nd Nov), Goldcrest (2 on 4th Nov, 8th Nov), Pochard (6th Nov), Goldfinch (6th Nov), Buzzard (2 on 6th Nov), Pied Wagtail (6th Nov), Jay (6th Nov), Red-crested Pochard (8th Nov) and Wigeon (1 on Lynsters on 8th Nov).

Agonopterix alstromeriana (micro moth) (2nd Nov).

Bank Vole (2 on 1st & 4th Nov, 1 on 6th & 8th Nov), Squirrel (2nd Nov), Rabbit (2nd Nov) and Fox (2nd Nov).

Oct 19th - Oct 31st 2019
Redwing (5 on 19th Oct), Kingfisher (19th , 21st , 25th – 26th & 30th – 31st Oct, 2 on 20th , 22nd & 27th Oct), Nuthatch (19th , 21st – 22nd & 26th Oct), Great Spotted Woodpecker (19th Oct), Jay (19th & 26th Oct), Red Kite (2 on 19th Oct), Buzzard (2 on 19th , 22nd & 25th Oct, 1 on 21st & 26th Oct), Green Sandpiper (19th – 21st & 31st Oct, 2 on 27th Oct), Goldcrest (20th Oct), Stonechat (m on Lynsters fence on 20th Oct), Wigeon (f on 20th Oct), Shoveler (4 on 20th & 25th Oct, 3 on 21st – 22nd Oct, c8 on 27th Oct, 9 on 30th Oct, 15 on 31st Oct), Teal (12 on 20th Oct, 7 on 21st Oct, 20 on 25th Oct), Gadwall (11 on 20th Oct, 20 on 21st Oct, 11 on 31st Oct), Coal Tit (21st – 22nd & 27th Oct, 2 on 26th Oct), Little Grebe (2 on 21st , 27th & 30th Oct, 22nd & 26th Oct, 3 on 31st Oct), Sparrowhawk (22nd & 26th Oct), Cetti’s Warbler (22nd & 25th – 28th Oct), Mistle Thrush (22nd Oct), Grey Wagtail (25th Oct), Blue Tit (10+ on 26th Oct), Great Tit (5+ on 26th Oct), Goldfinch (26th Oct), Blackbird (26th Oct), Cormorant (26th & 31st Oct, 2 on 27th Oct), Pochard (f on 27th Oct), Tufted Duck (Pair on 27th Oct), Magpie (30+ on 27th Oct), Starling (c 50 on 27th Oct), Pheasant (1m & 2f on 29th Oct), Canada Goose (30th Oct), Coot (30th Oct), Moorhen (30th Oct), Mallard (30th Oct), Little Egret (31st Oct) and Robin (31st Oct).

Comma (19th , 21st , 28th & 30th Oct), Speckled Wood (19th Oct) and Red Admiral (2 on 28th Oct). Common Darter (1 on 19th Oct, 12+ pairs ovipositing on 21st Oct, lots on 27th Oct, 5+ on 28th Oct), Migrant Hawker (21st Oct) and Ruddy Darter (m&f on 30th Oct).

Verdigris Roundhead Mushroom commonly known as Verdigris Agaric (Stropharia aeruginosa) (19th Oct), Candle-snuff (19th – 20th Oct), Slender Club (Macrotyphula juncea) (19th Oct), Sulphur Tuft (20th Oct), Glistening Inkcap (20th Oct), Shaggy Parasol (26th Oct) and Penny Bun (26th Oct).

Rabbit (19th & 26th Oct, 3 on 20th Oct, 4 on 30th Oct), Squirrel (19th Oct, 2 on 20th & 26th Oct), Bank Vole (21st, 25th & 30th Oct, 2 on 28th & 31st Oct) and Bat sp (30th Oct).

Snail (26th Oct).

Oct 1st – Oct 18th 2019
Spotted Flycatcher (2nd Oct), Sparrowhawk (2nd , 6th & 8th Oct), Jay (2 on 2nd Oct, 5th Oct), Lapwing (14 on 2nd Oct, 25 on 4th Oct, 7 on 5th Oct, 20 on 6th Oct), Kingfisher (3 on 2nd & 5th – 6th Oct, 4th , 13th – 14th & 16th Oct, 2 on 11th & 18th Oct), Little Egret (2nd Oct), Wigeon (f on 2nd , 4th & 14th Oct, 2f on 7th Oct, 2 on 16th Oct), Willow Warbler (2nd & 5th Oct), Pied Wagtail (2nd Oct), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2nd & 14th Oct, 2 on 5th Oct), Nuthatch (2nd , 5th , 11th & 18th Oct, 2 on 7th & 14th Oct), Little Grebe (3 on 2nd & 5th Oct, 4 on 6th Oct, 5 on 11th Oct), Stonechat (*) – Male recorded by Graham Smith with Geoff Lapworth 2 Oct 2019 from Lynsters viewpoint – First record for the reserve, Blackcap (2nd & 4th – 6th Oct), Snipe (4th Oct, 2 on 7th Oct), Green Sandpiper (4th , 8th , 14th & 16th Oct, 3 on 6th Oct, 2 on 7th Oct), Shoveler (2m on 4th Oct, 2 on 6th Oct, Pair on 7th & 16th Oct), Teal (40 on 4th Oct, 5th Oct, 30 on 6th -7th Oct, 28 on 13th Oct, 20 on 14th Oct), Coal Tit (5th , 7th - 8th , 11th & 18th Oct, 2 on 6th Oct), Cormorant (5th Oct), Buzzard (5th & 8th – 9th Oct), Egyptian Goose (2 on 5th , 7th – 8th & 11th Oct, 3 on 6th Oct), Chiffchaff (5th Oct, 2 on 6th Oct), Magpie (22 on 5th Oct, 44 on 8th Oct), Pheasant (m on 5th Oct), Blackbird (5th Oct), Grey Heron (5th Oct), Blue Tit (5th Oct), Great Tit (5th Oct), Long-tailed Tit (5th Oct), Dunnock (5th Oct), Robin (5th Oct), Mallard (5th Oct), Moorhen (5th Oct), Coot (5th Oct), Crow (10+ on 5th Oct, 9th Oct), Wren (5th Oct), Peregrine (6th Oct), Redwing (4 on 6th Oct, 8 on 12th Oct, 25 on 16th Oct, 17th Oct), Goldcrest (2 on 6th Oct), Tufted Duck (m on 6th Oct), Gadwall (5 on 6th Oct, 7 on 7th Oct, 9 on 13th Oct), Canada Goose (17 on Lynsters Farm on 8th Oct), Kestrel (9th Oct), Red Kite (3 on 9th Oct), Treecreeper (11th Oct), Cetti’s Warbler (Heard on 11th , 13th & 16th Oct), Goldfinch (12th Oct), Pochard (f on 14th & 18th Oct), Common Gull (17th Oct) and Grey Wagtail (18th Oct).

Willow Emerald (2 on 2nd Oct, m on 16th Oct), Migrant Hawker (2 on 5th Oct, 6th & 10th Oct, m on 9th Oct) and Common Darter (6th – 7th, 10th & 17th Oct, 2 on 9th Oct). Snout (4th Oct), Pale Tussock (Caterpillar on 10th Oct), Brick Moth (17th Oct), Red Admiral (6th – 7th & 10th Oct, 2 on 9th Oct), Small White (6th Oct), Comma (6th – 7th & 10th Oct, 2 on 17th Oct) and Speckled Wood (10th Oct). Figwort Sawfly (Larva on 4th Oct), Pill Woodlouse (5th Oct), Hornet (5+ on 5th Oct), Wasp (10+ on 5th Oct), Ivy Bee (10th Oct), Hoverfly sp (10th Oct), Blue Shieldbug (2 on 10th Oct) and Red-legged Shieldbug (10th Oct).

Jelly Ear (2nd Oct), Yellow Brain, Bonnet species (2nd Oct), Oysterlings (2nd Oct), Saffron-drop Bonnet (Mycena crocata) (2nd Oct), Silver Leaf (2nd Oct), Turkey-tail (2nd Oct), Bracket sp (6th Oct), Dead Man’s fingers (16th & 18th Oct), Ink Cap (16th & 18th Oct), Puffball (18th Oct), Sheathed Woodtuft (Galerina mutabilis) (3 on 18th Oct), Willow Shield Mushroom (Pluteus salicinus) (18th Sep), Golden Scalycap (Pholiota aurivella) (18th Oct), Southern Bracket (Ganoderma australe) (18th Oct), Artist’s Fungus (Ganoderma applanatum) (18th Oct) and Wood Mushroom (5+ on 18th Oct).

Red Fox (5th – 6th Oct), Squirrel (4 on 5th Oct), Rabbit (4 on 5th Oct, 6th Oct) and Bat sp (6th Oct). 12th Oct - Thanks to Patty for surveying the boxes on a very wet day and to Colin for helping out. The good news is that there was some success. Two Common Pipistrelle were found in Bat Box 10, hanging on the Rotunda end of the Double Decker Hide and a mating triplet (2 females and 1 male) were found in Bat Box 2, which is hanging on a Poplar on the corner just before the Double Decker Hide.

Common Newt (5th Oct) and Frog (5th Oct).

Sep 7th - Sep 30th 2019
Kingfisher (3 on 7th , 9th , 21st & 24th -25th Sep, 2 on 8th , 11th , 13th – 14th , 16th , 20th , 22nd – 23rd & 26th – 29th Sep), Red Kite (7th Sep), Nuthatch (7th , 9th , 11th , 14th , 16th , 20th , 22nd , 25th & 29th Sep, 2 on 24th Sep), Coal Tit (7th , 13th – 14th , 20th , 22nd , 24th & 29th Sep, 2 on 8th – 9th , 16th & 22nd Sep), Grey Wagtail (7th , 11th – 12th , 15th , 22nd & 29th Sep, 3 on 8th – 9th , 25th & 27th Sep, 2 on 13th -14th & 21st Sep, 4 on 16th Sep), Great Tit (30+ on 7th Sep), Mute Swan (7th Sep), Blackbird (7th Sep), Chaffinch (7th Sep, 4 on 8th Sep), Robin (7th Sep, 2 on 8th Sep), Jay (7th , 14th & 28th Sep, 2 on 9th & 29th Sep), Great Spotted Woodpecker (7th – 8th , 14th – 15th , 22nd & 28th – 30th Sep), Green Sandpiper (3 on 7th & 30th Sep, 1 on 8th , 12th , 14th , 16th , 21st & 25th Sep, 2 on 27th – 29th Sep), Herring Gull (7th Sep), Dunnock (7th Sep), Blue Tit (5 + on 7th Sep), Little Grebe (7th – 8th , 14th , 25th & 28th Sep, 2 on 11th Sep, 6 on 22nd & 29th Sep, 3 on 24th Sep), Coot (7th Sep), Crow (7th Sep), Black-headed Gull (7th Sep, 53 on 20th Sep, 180 on 24th Sep, 200+ on 25th Sep, 150 on 27th Sep), Grey Heron (7th , 14th & 20th Sep, 2 on 8th & 29th Sep, 3 on 24th Sep), Treecreeper (7th & 15th Sep), Willow Warbler (7th – 9th & 14th – 15th Sep), Long-tailed Tit (7th & 20th Sep, 7 on 14th Sep, 20 on 16th Sep, 15 on 22nd Sep), Blackcap (Pair on 8th Sep, 4 on 9th Sep, 2 on 16th Sep, 1 on 21st Sep), Teal (15 on 8th Sep, 17 on 9th Sep, 22 on 11th Sep, 14 on 13th & 15th Sep, 24 on 20th Sep, 27 on 22nd Sep, 38 on 23rd Sep, 70 on 24th Sep, 50+ on 25th Sep, 108 on 28th Sep, 60+ on 29th Sep), Common Tern (2 imm on 8th – 9th Sep), Water Rail (9th & 25th Sep), Lapwing (3 on 9th Sep, 20 on Lynsters on 24th Sep, 11 on 25th Sep, 35 on 27th Sep, 48 on 28th – 29th Sep), Gadwall (m on 11th Sep, 4 on 24th Sep, 15+ on 26th Sep, 10 on 29th Sep), Pheasant (m on 12th & 27th – 28th Sep , 8 on 15th Sep), Spotted Flycatcher (13th Sep), Egyptian Goose (9 over on 14th Sep, 2 on 22nd Sep), Goldfinch (Adult and juv 14th Sep), Wren (2 on 14th Sep), Sparrowhawk (15th – 16th , 20th , 22nd & 25th Sep), Little Egret (16th & 29th Sep, 2 on 20th & 24th Sep, 3 on 22nd Sep, 4 on 23rd Sep), Tawny Owl (16th Sep), Mallard (2 on 20th Sep, 100+ on 25th Sep), Chiffchaff (3 on 22nd Sep, 2 on 29th Sep), Buzzard (22nd & 28th – 29th Sep, 2 on 24th Sep), Green Woodpecker (22nd & 30th Sep, 2 on 29th Sep), Snipe (2 on 23rd & 29th – 30th Sep, 1 on 27th – 28th Sep), Shoveler (2 on 24th Sep, m on 27th Sep) and Wigeon (f on 27th & 29th – 30th Sep).

Small White (7th & 28th Sep, 3 on 13th Sep, 1 on 20th Sep), Red Admiral (2 on 8th Sep, 13th , 20th & 28th Sep), Comma (7 on 8th & 30th Sep, 15th , 17th , 20th & 22nd Sep, 3 on 23rd Sep, 4 on 27th Sep, 2 on 28th Sep), Green-veined White (8th Sep), Painted Lady (9th & 12th – 13th Sep), Small Copper (15th & 21st Sep, 3 on 20th Sep), Ringlet (15th Sep) and Speckled Wood (20th Sep). Common Wainscot (7th Sep), Burnished Brass (7th Sep), Brimstone Moth (12th Sep) and Elephant Hawk-moth (Caterpillar on 15th Sep).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 21 Sep 2019. All four traps were deployed at Maple Lodge last night in an effort to find something rare. The highlight was the second record of Clifden Nonpareil for the reserve plus Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria) and Deep-brown Dart (Aporophyla lutulenta), both of which were new for the reserve list. Also an alarmingly large number of wasps (mostly German Wasps) and Hornets. 165 moths of 45 species in total. 2 Dingy Footman, 22 Snout, 17 Square Spot Rustic, 3 Tinea semifulvella, 1 Epinotia nisella, 21 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Endrosis sarcitrella, 7 Argyresthia goedartella, 2 White Poin, 3 Lunar Underwing, 3 Common Wainscot, 5 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 20 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 1 Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 3 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 3 Light Emerald, 2 Rosy Rustic, 1 Copper Underwing, 3 Vine’s Rustic, 1 Garden Rose Tortrix, 2 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 3 Willow Beauty, 1 Burnished Brass, 1 Riband Wave, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 7 Dusky Thorn, 1 Clifden Nonpareil, 1 Centre Barred Sallow, 1 Celypha lacunana, 1 Beautiful Hook Tip, 1 Oak Hook Tip, 3 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 1 Angle Shades, 1 Light Brown Apple Moth, 3 Black Rustic, 1 Pinion Streaked Snout, 1 Common Marbled Carpet, 2 Sallow, 2 Turnip Moth, 1 Brimstone, 1 Vestal (Rhodometra sacraria) **, 1 Deep-brown Dart (Aporophyla lutulenta) ** and 1 Epinotia immudana.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 10 Sep 2019. Having trapped a Dark Crimson Underwing at the reserve a few weeks ago, I thought that I had seen the highlight of my moth trapping at the reserve for the year. Wrong. A fabulous Clifden Nonpareil (Just the 3rd record for Herts and the first this century) trumped it. Also new for the reserve list (and for me) was Orange Sallow. 5 Light Emerald, 2 Dusky Thorn, 3 Sallow, 1 Brimstone, 1 Dark Spectacle, 1 Ypsolopha parenthesella, 17 Large Yellow Underwing, 5 Mother of Pearl, 30 Snout, 2 Dingy Footman, 16 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 3 Celypha lacunana, 2 Eudonia angustea, 2 Oak Hook Tip, 8 Square Spot Rustic, 1 Scrobipalpa costella, 5 Vines Rustic, 2 Pinion Streaked Snout, 4 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 9 White Point, 4 Common Wainscot, 2 Blastobasis adustella, 2 Light Brown Apple Moth, 1 Riband Wave, 2 Turnip Moth, 1 Green Carpet, 1 Large Wainscot, 5 Epinotia nisella, 1 Clifden Nonpareil - Blue Underwing (Catocala fraxini) **, 1 Burnished Brass, 1 Rosy Rustic, 1 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 1 Cyclamen Tortrix and 1 Orange Sallow (Tiliacea citrago, previously Xanthia citrago) **.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list

Migrant Hawker (8th Sep, 5 on 22nd – 23rd Sep, 3 on 27th Sep, 2 on 28th Sep, 7 on 30th Sep), Common Darter (2 on 8th Sep, 6 on 20th Sep, 3 on 23rd Sep, 28h Sep) and Ruddy Darter (23rd Sep). Acorn Weevil (10 on 8th Sep), Chalcid Wasp (8th Sep), Cuckoo Wasp (8th & 20th Sep), Hornet (2 on 13th Sep, 16th , 20th & 22nd Sep), Picture-winged Fly (15th & 23rd Sep), Snail Killing Fly (15th Sep), Grasshopper (16th Sep), German Wasp (Many on 22nd Sep), Sawfly sp (22nd Sep), Tachnid Fly (23rd Sep), Parasitic Wasp (2 on 23rd Sep), Weevil sp (23rd Sep) and Red-legged Shieldbug (3 on 28th Sep).

Rat (7th Sep, 2 on 13th Sep), Squirrel (7th & 28th Sep, 3 on 13th Sep, 6 on 22nd Sep), Rabbit (7th & 28th Sep, 4 on 13th & 22nd Sep), Weasel (15th Sep), Bank Vole (15th Sep), Fox (22nd – 23rd Sep) and Muntjac (f on 23rd Sep).

Smooth Newt (4 young on 7th Sep) and Snake (not green, 7th Sep).

Sep 1st – Sep 6th 2019
Green Sandpiper (2 on 1st & 6th Sep, 1 on 2nd – 3rd Sep, 3 on 4th Sep), Kingfisher (1st – 3rd & 6th Sep, 2 on 4th Sep), Grey Wagtail (1st – 2nd & 6th Sep), Common Tern (1st & 4th Sep), Water Rail (1st Sep), Kestrel (1st Sep), Buzzard (1st Sep), Goldfinch (1st Sep, 2 on 4th Sep), Lapwing (2 on 1st Sep), Teal (12 on 2nd Sep, 41 on 4th Sep, 23 on 6th Sep), Chaffinch (2nd Sep), Little Grebe (5 on 2nd Sep, 6 on 4th Sep, 3 on 6th Sep), Raven (Over and calling on 3rd Sep), Green Woodpecker (3rd Sep), Jay (3rd Sep, 5 on 6th Sep), Coal Tit (4th & 6th Sep), Great Spotted Woodpecker (4th Sep), Nuthatch (6th Sep),

Comma (6 on 3rd Sep, 2 on 4th Sep), Red Admiral (3rd & 6th Sep), Green-veined White (3rd – 4th Sep), Small White (6+ on 3rd Sep, 4th Sep), Painted Lady (4th Sep) and Large White (4th Sep). Red Underwing (Dead on 2nd Sep), Light Emerald (3rd Sep), Angle Shades (3rd Sep) and Knot-grass (Caterpillar on 3rd Sep). Willow Emerald (3 on 3rd Sep), Migrant Hawker (6+ on 3rd Sep), Common Darter (3 on 3rd Sep, 4th Sep) and Ruddy Darter (4th Sep). Hoverfly sp (Volucella inanis) (3rd Sep) and Hoverfly sp (Volucella pelucens) (3rd Sep).

Fox (4th Sep, 2 on 5th Sep).

Grass Snake (2nd – 3rd Sep).

Aug 18th – Aug 31st 2019
Green Sandpiper (5 on 18th Aug, 2 on 19th , 23rd ,25th - 27th & 29th – 30th Aug, 3 on 21st , 24th & 28th Aug, 4 on 30th Aug, 1 on 31st Aug), Garganey (f on 18th – 19th , 21st – 25th & 30th Aug), Kingfisher (18th & 20th - 22nd Aug, 2 on 19th & 25th – 26th Aug, f on 23rd Aug, with fish on 24th Aug, 3 on 28th – 29th Aug), Lapwing (50+ on 18th Aug, 31 on 24th Aug), Teal (25 on 18th – 19th Aug, 12 on 26th & 28th Aug, 11 on 29th Aug, 20+ on 30th Aug), Coal Tit (18th , 24th & 26th Aug), Jay (18th , 24th & 29th Aug, 3 on 26th Aug), Grey Wagtail (18th & 22nd Aug, 4 on 24th Aug, 3 on 21st & 31st Aug, 2 on 26th & 28th Aug), Goldfinch (2 on 18th Aug, 1 on 24th Aug), Little Egret (18th Aug), Common Tern (19th Aug), Little Grebe (5+ on 19th Aug, 24th Aug, 3 on 29th Aug, 4 on 30th Aug), Common Sandpiper – unconfirmed (19th Aug), Tufted Duck (20th Aug, imm on 29th – 30th Aug), Grey Heron (20th Aug), Nuthatch (2 on 21st & 26th Aug), Water Rail (21st Aug), Greenfinch (2 on 21st Aug, 1 on 24th Aug), Whitethroat (22nd Aug), Willow Warbler (22nd Aug), Snipe (24th & 27th Aug, 2 on 26th Aug), Long-tailed Tit (16 on 24th Aug), Lesser Whitethroat (26th Aug), Chaffinch (4 on 26th Aug), Siskin – unconfirmed (3 on 26th Aug), Blackcap (27th Aug) and Pied Wagtail (31st Aug).

Brown Argus (2 on 18th – 19th Aug), Painted Lady (2 on 19th Aug, 1 on 21st & 24th – 25th Aug), Comma (2 on 19th & 24th Aug), Red Admiral (19th & 24th Aug), Brimstone (m on 19th , 28th & 30th Aug), Holly Blue (19th Aug), Speckled Wood (24th Aug), Common Blue (24th Aug), Small White (8+ on 24th Aug) and Green-veined White (2 on 24th Aug). Mother-of-Pearl (18th & 24th Aug), Common Footman (18th Aug), Light Emerald moth (21st , 23rd & 30th Aug), Angle Shades (25th Aug), Bordered Beauty (27th Aug) and Ruby Tiger (27th Aug). Migrant Hawker (18th Aug, m&f on 19th Aug, 2 on 21st Aug, 5 on 23rd Aug, 6 on 25th & 28th Aug), Common Darter (18th Aug, 5+ on 24th Aug), Ruddy Darter (18th Aug, 2 on 24th Aug), Emperor Dragonfly (18th Aug), Brown Hawker (18th Aug), Willow Emerald (f on 19th Aug, m on 21st Aug, Pair on 24th Aug) and Hawker sp (5+ on 24th Aug). Noon Fly (18th Aug), Beetle sp (Carabus Granulatus) (24th Aug) and Net-winged Beetle (Platycis minutus) (24th Aug).

Fox (3 on 18th & 25th Aug), Brown Rat (2 on 18th Aug, 1 on 24th Aug), Rabbit (24th Aug), Squirrel (24th Aug) and Muntjac (m on 25th Aug).

Aug 12th – Aug 17th 2019
Kingfisher (3 on 12th & 17th Aug, m on 14th Aug, 2 on 16th Aug), Little Grebe (4 on 12th & 14th Aug, On nest on 16th Aug + 2+4y on 16th Aug, 3 on 17th Aug), Green Sandpiper (4 on 12th Aug, 2 on 14th Aug, 5 on 15th Aug, 3 on 16th – 17th Aug), Willow Warbler (Heard on 12th Aug), Cetti’s Warbler (Heard on 12th Aug), Grey Wagtail (12th & 17th Aug, 2 on 14th Aug), Lapwing (6 on 12th Aug, 41 on 13th Aug, 45 on 14th Aug, 15th & 17th Aug, 32 on 17th Aug), Tufted Duck (f+3y on 12th , 14th & 15th Aug), Common Tern (1 on 14th & 17th Aug), Nuthatch (14th & 16th – 17th Aug), Green Woodpecker (imm on 14th Aug), Teal (25+ on 14th Aug, 30+ on 16th Aug, 10+ on 17th Aug), Black-headed Gull (160 on 14th Aug), Egyptian Goose (2 on 14th & 17th Aug), Buzzard (1 on 14th & 17th Aug), Great Spotted Woodpecker (m on 14th Aug), Water Rail (14th & 16th Aug), Coal Tit (14th & 17th Aug), Greylag Goose (118 on 14th Aug), Grey Heron (15th Aug, 2 on 17th Aug), Robin (15th Aug), Treecreeper (2 on 16th Aug), Mute Swan (2 on 17th Aug), Snipe (not confirmed, 17th Aug, Swallow (17th Aug), Kestrel (17th Aug), Garganey (2 on 17th Aug), Blackcap (f on 17th Aug), Goldfinch (3 on 17th Aug), Chaffinch (17th Aug), Blue Tit (10+ on 17th Aug), Great Tit (20+ on 17th Aug), Mallard (17th Aug), Blackbird (17th Aug), Robin (17th Aug), Coot (17th Aug), Moorhen (17th Aug) and Magpie (5+ on 17th Aug).

Small Copper (12th & 17th Aug), Painted Lady (15th & 17th Aug), Comma (2 on 17th Aug), Red Admiral (17th Aug), Gatekeeper (17th Aug), Green-veined White (17th Aug), Small White (17th Aug) and Brown Argus (17th Aug). Migrant Hawker (15th Aug, 2 on 17th Aug), Brown Hawker (17th Aug), Southern Hawker (2 on 17th Aug), Ruddy Darter (17th Aug), Common Darter (17th Aug), Willow Emerald (17th Aug) and Common Blue Damselfly (10+ on 17th Aug). Wolf Spider (15th Aug), Lesser Garden Spider (15th Aug), Daddy Long-legs (15th Aug), Harvestman (15th Aug), Coreus Acutanguate (tbc) (4 on 17th Aug), Volucela inavis (17th Aug), Volucella Pecucens (17th Aug), Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (17th Aug) and Ruby-tailed Jewel Wasp (17th Aug).

Bank Vole (2 on 12th Aug), Fox (15th & 17th Aug), Squirrel (15th Aug, 3 on 17th Aug), Rabbit (2+ on 17th Aug), Rat (3 including 2y on 17th Aug) and Muntjac 17th Aug).

Aug 11th (Discovery Day) 2019
Nuthatch (11th Aug), Mute Swan (2 on 11th Aug), Great Tit (11th Aug), Mallard (11th Aug), Teal (11th Aug), Little Grebe (2 on 11th Aug), Gadwall (11th Aug), Black-headed Gull (11th Aug), Blue Tit (11th Aug), Crow (11th Aug), Woodpigeon (11th Aug), Magpie (11th Aug), Coot (11th Aug), Kingfisher (11th Aug), Chaffinch (11th Aug), Common Tern (11th Aug), Moorhen (11th Aug), Tufted Duck (11th Aug), Swallow (2 on 11th Aug), Red Kite (3 on 11th Aug), Dunnock (11th Aug), Green Sandpiper (5 on 11th Aug), Buzzard (11th Aug), Canada Goose (11th Aug), Song Thrush (2 on 11th Aug), Blackbird (11th Aug), Greylag Goose (11th Aug), Willow Warbler (11th Aug), Goldfinch (11th Aug), Little Egret (2 on 11th Aug), Grey Heron (11th Aug), Teal (6 on 11th Aug), Coal Tit (2 on 11th Aug), Chiffchaff (2 on 11th Aug) and Lapwing (21 on 11th Aug).

Painted Lady (11th Aug), Red Admiral (11th Aug), Large White (11th Aug), Comma (11th Aug), Meadow Brown (11th Aug), Green-veined White (11th Aug), Common Blue Butterfly (11th Aug), Common Footman (11th Aug) and Mother-of-Pearl (11th Aug). Black-tailed Skimmer (11th Aug), Common Darter (11th Aug), Common Blue Damselfly (11th Aug), Red-eyed Damselfly (11th Aug), Brown Hawker (11th Aug) and Emperor Dragonfly (11th Aug). Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (11th Aug), Speckled Bush Cricket (11th Aug) and Cinnamon Bug (11th Aug).

Squirrel (11th Aug) and Brown Rat (11th Aug).

Grass Snake (11th Aug).

Aug 1st – Aug 10th 2019
Green Sandpiper (At least 5 on 2nd Aug, 3 on 3rd – 4th Aug, 7 on 5th Aug, 6 on 7th & 9th Aug, 4 on 10th Aug), Tufted Duck (f+3y on 2nd Aug, 4th Aug, 3y on 7th Aug), Teal (25 on 2nd & 7th Aug, 24 on 4th Aug, 20 on 9th Aug), Lapwing (35 on 2nd , 7th & 9th Aug, 40 on 4th Aug, 37 on 5th Aug), Kingfisher (At least 2 on 2nd & 7th Aug, f on 4th Aug, m on 7th Aug, 2 on 9th Aug), Little Egret (2 on 2nd & 7th Aug, 1 on 5th , 7th & 9th – 10th Aug), Nuthatch (2 on 2nd Aug, 1 on 3rd , 7th & 9th – 10th Aug), Coal Tit (2nd & 10th Aug), Pintail (f on 3rd – 4th Aug), Blue Tit (2 on 3rd Aug), Great Tit (3rd & 7th Aug), Dunnock (3rd & 7th Aug), Grey Heron (Killing f duck on 3rd Aug, 2 on 4th Aug), Common Tern (1 on 5th & 9th Aug), Green Woodpecker (5th & 10th Aug), Great Spotted Woodpecker (7th Aug), Little Grebe (7th Aug, 4 on 9th Aug), Tawny Owl (Alarm calling on 8th Aug), Grey Wagtail (2 on 9th Aug) and Stock Dove (10th Aug).

Brown Argus (4 on 2nd Aug, 2m on 7th Aug, 8th – 9th Aug), Small Copper (2 on 2nd Aug, 8th Aug), Red Admiral (2 on 3rd – 4th Aug, 1 on 7th Aug, 9th Aug), Painted Lady (4th – 5th Aug), Common Blue (m on 7th Aug, 8th – 9th Aug), Comma (8th – 9th Aug, 2 on 10th Aug), Meadow Brown (8th – 9th Aug), Gatekeeper (9th Aug, 4 on 10th Aug), Brimstone (9th Aug), Small White (9th – 10th Aug), Green-veined White (9th Aug) and Jersey Tiger Moth (Euplagia quadripunctaria) (8th Aug). Southern Hawker (8 exuvia on 3rd Aug (1 later seen emerging and 1 flying away), 9 exuvia and 1 f emerging on 4th Aug), Brown Hawker (3rd & 8th – 9th Aug), Emperor Dragonfly (8th Aug), Ruddy Darter (8th – 9th Aug), Banded Demoiselle (f on 9th Aug), Willow Emerald (f on 9th Aug), Red-eyed Damselfly (9th Aug), Common Blue Damselfly (9th Aug, 10+ on 10th Aug), Migrant Hawker (9th Aug) and Common Darter (9th Aug). Hornet (Dead on 3rd Aug), Willoughby’s Leafcutter Bee (8th Aug) and Patchwork Leafcutter Bee (8th Aug).

Fox (3 on 5th Aug, 1 on 8th Aug), Rat (7th & 10th Aug), Rabbit (10th Aug) and Squirrel (10th Aug).

Grass Snake (5th Aug).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 2 Aug 2019. 690 moths representing 100 species came from the traps at the reserve last night. The undoubted highlight was a fabulous Dark Crimson Underwing. This was just the second record for Herts and a first for the reserve. Also new for the reserve was the micro Stigmella trimaculella. 4 Clouded Border, 1 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 2 Yellow Tail, 35 Dingy Footman, 1 September Thorn, 1 Cydia splendana, 5 Euzophera pinguis, 24 Common Rustic agg, 145 Mother of Pearl, 5 Black Arches, 8 Small Seraphim, 3 Pebble Hook-Tip, 1 Bright Line Brown Eye, 1 Yponomeuta evonymella, 144 Diamond-back Moth, 1 Coxcomb Prominent, 2 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 35 Blastobasis adustella, 3 Metalampra italica, 4 Gypsonoma dealbana, 2 Cochylis dubitana, 7 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 3 Dingy Shell, 1 Helcystogramma rufescens, 3 Gypsonoma aceriana, 42 Argyresthia goedartella, 1 Buff Footman, 1 Scalloped Oak, 8 Eudonia mercurella, 26 Agriphila straminella, 9 Riband Wave, 19 Scoparia ambigualis, 2 Common Footman, 3 Willow Beauty, 2 Rustic, 8 Crassa unitella, 1 Lime Speck Pug, 4 Least Carpet, 2 Small Magpie, 6 Iron Prominent, 6 Swallow Prominent, 2 Common White Wave, 7 Calamotropha paludella - Little Slender (5th Herts record and 2nd for the reserve), 5 Tree Lichen Beauty, 3 Pale Prominent, 7 Dunbar, 4 Poplar Hawkmoth, 4 Single Dotted Wave, 1 Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 3 Buff Ermine, 1 Blood-vein, 4 Shuttle Shaped Dart, 1 Calybites phasianipennella, 2 Ypsolopha scabrella, 1 Rhopobota naevana, 1 Lyonetia clerkella, 3 Ruby Tiger, 2 Gypsy Moth, 1 Phyllocnistis xenia, 1 Small Rufous, 1 Small Dotted Buff, 2 Cochylis atricapitana, 1 Light Brown Apple Moth, 2 Dusky Thorn, 2 Turnip Moth, 1 Agriphila tristella, 1 Nut Tree Tussock, 1 Emmelina monodactyla, 1 Crambus pascuella, 1 Box Tree Moth, 1 Dark Crimson Underwing (Catocala sponsa) **, 1 Dark Arches, 3 Uncertain, 2 Agonopterix alstromeriana, 3 Pebble Prominent , 1 Small Phoenix, 1 Elephant Hawkmoth, 2 Least Yellow Underwing, 2 Brimstone, 1 Ostrinia nubilalis, 2 Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Common Carpet, 1 Olive, 1 Dagger agg, 2 Common Wave, 1 Snout, 1 Scorched Carpet, 1 Scarce Footman, 1 Obscure Wainscot, 1 Acleris emargana, 1 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 1 Catoptria falsella, 1 Hypsopygia costalis, 1 Water Veneer, 1 Acrobasis advenella, 3 Phyllonorycter kleemannella, 1 Stigmella trimaculella - Black-poplar Pigmy **, 1 Argyresthia pruniella, 1 Epinotia nisella and 1 Argyresthia albistria.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Jul 14th - Jul 31st 2019
Tufted Duck (f + 3y on 14th , 19th , 21st , 26th , 28th & 31st Jul, f+2y on 24th Jul, f+1y on 27th Jul), Green Sandpiper (5 on 14th – 15th , 20th , 22nd & 28th – 29th Jul, 1 on 16th , 21st & 26th -27th Jul, 4 on 17th Jul, 2 on 19th & 30th Jul, 3 on 21st , 24th & 31st Jul), Teal (21+ on 14th Jul, 14 on 22nd & 27th Jul, 20 on 24th & 28th – 29th Jul, 18 on 26th Jul), Kingfisher (14th , 17th & 19th Jul, 2 on 20th , 24th & 29th Jul, 2 on 26th Jul), Lapwing (3 on 14th – 15th & 17th Jul, 5 on 16th Jul, 12 on 20th Jul, 18 on 21st Jul, 15 on 22nd Jul, 21 on 24th Jul, 30 on 26th & 29th – 31st Jul, 8 on 27th Jul, 29 on 28th Jul), Shoveler (5 on 14th Jul, 1 on 16th & 24th Jul), Hobby (14th & 29th Jul), Little Egret (3 on 14th Jul, 1 on 17th , 23rd , 29th & 31st Jul, 2 on 19th , 24th & 26th – 27th Jul, 8 on 20th – 21st Jul, 6 on 22nd Jul), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 14th & 31st Jul, 5 (2m, 1f & 2 juv) on 19th Jul, 1 on 20th , 27th & 30th Jul), Pintail (2 on 16th Jul, 1 on 22nd – 24th , 26th , 28th – 31st Jul), Crow (5 on 16th & 23rd Jul), Nuthatch (17th , 19th , 21st , 23rd – 24th , 26th , 28th & 30th Jul, 2 (Adult and imm) on 27th & 31st Jul), Stock Dove (17th Jul), Coal Tit (19th , 21st , 23rd – 24th , 28th & 30th – 31st Jul), Coot (12 on 20th Jul), Moorhen (5 on 20th Jul, 2 on 31st Jul), Blackcap (20th Jul, 2 on 30th Jul), Little Grebe (4 on 21st & 24th Jul, 1 on 23rd & 27th Jul, 3 on 30th Jul), Grey Heron (2 on 21st Jul, 1 on 23rd Jul), Jay (2 on 23rd Jul), Greylag Goose (+ juvs on 23rd Jul), Green Woodpecker (2 on 24th Jul), Red Kite (2 on 24th Jul, 1 on 30th Jul), Reed Bunting (f on 24th Jul), Dunnock (27th Jul), Great Tit (c34 on 27th Jul), Blue Tit (c8 on 27th Jul, 15 on 31st Jul), Robin (27th Jul), Blackbird (27th Jul), Swift (27th Jul, 2 on 30th Jul), Mute Swan (2 on 27th Jul), Ring-necked Parakeet (young one on 27th Jul), Egyptian Goose (2 on 27th & 31st Jul), Black-headed Gull (50+ on 27th Jul), Little Ringed Plover (28th Jul), Cetti’s Warbler (28th Jul), Rook (1 on 30th Jul), Common Tern (2 on 30th Jul, 1 on 31st Jul), Reed Warbler (2 on 30th Jul), Buzzard (1 on 30th - 31st Jul), Swallow (c20 on fence on Lynsters Farm on 30th Jul) and Chaffinch (m&f on 31st Jul).

Gatekeeper (5 on 14th Jul, 16th & 24th Jul, 2 on 25th Jul, 3 on 17th Jul, 10+ on 21st Jul), Ringlet (3 on 14th Jul, 16th -17th & 26th Jul), Painted Lady (16th Jul), Red Admiral (16th & 24th – 25th Jul), Comma (16th & 24th – 25th Jul, 2 on 17th Jul, 6 on 21st Jul), Peacock (16th & 24th -25th Jul, 2 on 17th Jul, 5 on 21st Jul, 12+ on 22nd Jul), Small White (16th Jul, 2 on 17th Jul), Brimstone (16th & 22nd Jul), Small Copper (16th , 20th – 22nd & 26th Jul, 2 on 29th & 31st Jul), Small Skipper (16th & 22nd Jul, 3 on 28th Jul, 4 on 29th Jul), Meadow Brown (16th & 25th Jul, fem aberration form Bioculata i.e. 2 eye spots on 24th Jul), Speckled Wood (16th Jul, 4 on 24th Jul), Essex Skipper (17th & 29th Jul, 2 on 22nd Jul), Brown Argus (17th Jul, 4+ on 22nd Jul, 4 on 24th Jul, 3 on 25th Jul, 2 on 26th Jul, 8+ on 29th Jul, 10+ on 31st Jul), Large White (3 on 17th Jul, 24th – 25th Jul), Large Skipper (21st – 22nd Jul), Holly Blue (22nd Jul), Small Tortoiseshell (15+ Caterpillars on 22nd Jul) and Common Blue (2m on 31st Jul). Clouded Border Moth (20th Jul). Brown Hawker (17th Jul, 3+ on 22nd Jul, 2 on 25th Jul, 4 on 29th Jul), Ruddy Darter (12+ on 17th Jul, 10+ on 22nd Jul, 2 on 26th Jul), Black-tailed Skimmer (17th Jul), Banded Demoiselle (17th Jul), Migrant Hawker (m on 21st & 29th Jul), Southern Hawker (f on 22nd Jul), Red-eyed Damselfly (5+ on 22nd Jul), Blue-tailed Damselfly (22nd Jul, infuscans variety (green) on 31st Jul) and Willow Emerald Damselfly (m on 29th Jul). Banded General (Soldier Fly) (17th Jul), Woundwort Shieldbug (17th Jul) and Thick-headed Fly (Conopids) (2 on 17th Jul).

Squirrel (14th & 27th Jul), Shrew (dead – 15th Jul), Stoat or Weasel (17th Jul), Fox (17th & 30th Jul), Bank Vole (2 on 21st & 28th Jul, 1 on 24th & 29th Jul), Muntjac (25th Jul), Rabbit (9 on 26th Jul, 3 on 27th Jul) and Brown Rat (1 large & 1 small on 27th Jul).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 25 Jul 2019. Another perfect night and another bumper catch in the reserve traps. 1791 moths of 138 species threw up three new moths for the reserve list. 18 Clouded Border, 11 Dusky Thorn, 16 Yponomeuta evonymella, 12 Ruby Tiger, 7 Buff Ermine, 49 Tree Lichen Beauty, 6 Iron Prominent, 32 Least Carpet, 37 Dun-bar, 26 Calamotropha paludella, 3 Pammene aurita, 3 Phycita roberella, 426 Mother of Pearl, 57 Common Rustic agg, 7 Small Magpie, 35 Riband Wave, 127 Scoparia ambigualis, 81 Argyresthia goedartella, 14 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 28 Cydia splendana, 33 Dingy Footman, 3 Black Arches, 2 Oak Hook Tip, 4 Euzophera pinguis, 13 Canary Shouldered Thorn, 5 Dark Arches, 27 Gypsonoma dealbana, 98 Blastobasis adustella, 39 Crassa unitella, 1 Yellow Tail, 5 Lyonetia clerkella, 3 Nut Tree Tussock, 27 Endotricha flammealis, 48 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 32 Agriphila straminella, 5 Smoky Wainscot, 29 Uncertain, 7 Small Seraphim, 3 Swallow Prominent, 2 Cochylis atricapitana, 3 Agonopterix alstromeriana, 4 Small Dotted Buff, 2 Chequered Fruit Tree Tortrix, 8 Eudonia mercurella, 3 Agapeta hamana, 1 Crambus perlella, 1 Common Wave, 1 Pammene regiana, 9 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 6 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 4 Metalampra italica, 2 Gypsonoma minutana, 3 Poplar Hawkmoth, 3 Caloptilia stigmatella, 1 Dusky Sallow, 8 Pebble Prominent, 2 Fan Foot, 3 Pale Prominent, 31 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Acleris forsskaleana, 1 Argyresthia pruniella, 1 Ear Moth agg, 3 Blastobasis lacticolella, 1 Catoptria falsella, 18 Single Dotted Wave, 1 Scalloped Oak, 14 Shuttle Shaped Dart, 7 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 1 Common Footman, 2 Maidens Blush, 1 Olive, 1 Rhopobota naevana, 5 Brachmia blandella, 2 Straw Dot, 5 Common Carpet , 12 Rustic, 1 Tachystola acroxantha, 2 Bright Line Brown Eye, 3 Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 4 Anania coronata, 6 Double Square Spot , 1 Swammerdamia pyrella, 179 Water Veneer, 1 Pterophorus pentadactyla, 4 Agriphila tristella, 4 Carcina quercana, 1 Small China-mark, 2 Small Rivulet, 3 Dingy Shell, 1 Brown China-mark, 1 Limnaecia phragmitella, 10 Heart and Dart, 1 Elephant Hawkmoth, 2 Peppered Moth, 4 Silky Wainscot , 2 Copper Underwing, 2 Small Fan Footed Wave, 1 Knot Grass, 7 Sallow Kitten, 3 Lime-speck Pug, 1 Double Lobed, 1 Evergestis pallidata, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 2 Ypsolopha scabrella, 1 Bulrush Wainscot, 4 Least Yellow Underwing, 2 Recurvaria nanella, 1 Leopard Moth, 2 Monopis weaverella, 2 Crambus pascuella,1 Clay, 2 Red Barred Tortrix, 1 Brown-line Bright Eye (Mythimna conigera) **, 1 Turnip Moth, 2 Cloaked Minor, 1 Dwarf Cream Wave, 2 Flame Shoulder, 1 Obscure Wainscot, 1 Acrobasis suavella, 2 Snout , 2 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 1 Mottled Beauty, 1 Poplar Kitten, 1 Silver Y, 1 Catoptria pinella, 2 Batrachedra praeangusta, 1 Acrobasis consociella, 1 Phalonidia manniana, 1 Small Rufous (Coenobia rufa) **, 1 Acrobasis advenella, 1 Marbled Beauty, 1 Epinotia nisella, 1 Batia lunaris, 1 Apotomis betuletana, 1 Phyllonorycter klemannella, 2 Eudemis profundana - Diamond-back Marble **, 1 Udea prunalis and 1 Common White Wave.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 23 Jul 2019. In perfect conditions last night, the traps at the reserve yielded 1408 moths of 119 species of which four were new for the reserve list. 425 Mother of Pearl, 27 Calamotropha paludella, 2 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 24 Tree Lichen Beauty, 4 Pebble Prominent, 28 Endotricha flammealis, 78 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 6 Acrobasis consociella, 35 Crassa unitella, 31 Cydia splendana, 2 Yellow Tail, 6 Anania coronata, 16 Clouded Border, 2 Burnished Brass, 7 Common Footman, 139 Scoparia ambigualis, 3 Buff Ermine, 1 Dingy Shell, 2 Scarce Footman, 6 Agapeta hamana, 4 Canary Shouldered Thorn, 31 Dingy Footman, 1 Oak Hook Tip, 9 Dusky Thorn, 8 Small Magpie, 18 Least Carpet, 6 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 18 Riband Wave, 7 Silky Wainscot, 42 Blastobasis adustella, 19 Dun-bar, 46 Argyresthia goedartella, 3 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 3 Phycita roborella, 18 Large Yellow Underwing, 4 Rhopobota naevana, 4 Lyonetia clerkella, 24 Gypsonoma dealbana, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 7 Agonopterix alstromeriana, 3 Bright Line Brown Eye, 2 Lamnaecia phragmitella, 19 Agriphila straminella, 1 Caloptilia stigmatella, 1 Peppered Moth, 3 Acleris forsskaleana, 4 Snout, 10 Double Square Spot, 7 Metalampra italica, 2 Double Lobed, 3 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 6 Diamond-back Moth, 1 Catoptria falsella, 1 Euzophera pinguis, 64 Water Veneer, 3 Yponomeuta evonymella, 2 Tinea trinotella, 1 Acleris literana - Lichen Button **, 3 Nut Tree Tussock, 8 Smoky Wainscot, 1 Small Fan Footed Wave, 7 Blastobasis lacticolella, 11 Eudonia mercurella, 1 Small Phoenix, 2 Olive, 3 Black Arches, 9 Single Dotted Wave, 1 Eudonia lacustrata, 2 Shuttle Shaped Dart, 2 Flame Shoulder, 12 Common Rustic agg, 3 Brachmia blandella, 15 Uncertain, 1 Chequered Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Swallow Prominent, 6 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 3 Spectacle, 3 Dark Arches, 3 Iron Prominent, 5 Ypsolopha scabrella, 2 Stathmopoda pedella, 2 Pale Prominent, 2 Crambus perlella, 1 Waved Black, 1 Coronet, 4 Ruby Tiger, 1 Straw Dot, 1 Tinea semifulvella, 1 Common Wainscot, 3 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Rosy Rustic, 1 White Point, 1 Poplar Kitten, 1 Twenty Plume Moth, 1 Udea prunalis, 2 Sallow Kitten, 3 Acleris emargana, 3 Lime Speck Pug, 1 Elephant Hawkmoth, 3 Heart and Dart, 2 Small Rivulet, 1 Gypsonoma sociana, 1 Rustic, 1 White Spotted Pug, 1 Bulrush Wainscot, 1 Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 1 Garden Carpet, 1 Plain Pug (Eupithecia simpliciata).**, 1 Crambus pascuella, 1 Marbled Minor agg, 1 Acrobasis suavella, 1 Evergestis pallidata, 1 Calybites phasianipennella - Little Slender **, 4 Pammene aurita, 3 Pammene regiana, 1 Morophaga choragella, 1 Batrachedra praeangusta, 1 Argyresthia pruniella and 2 Recurvaria nanella - Brindled Groundling.**.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 20 Jul 2019. The traps at the reserve last night attracted 431 moths of 89 species which included two new moths for the reserve list. 10 Small Magpie, 19 Dingy Footman, 16 Clouded Border, 8 Common Footman, 1 Dun-bar, 2 Small Seraphim, 102 Scoparia ambigualis, 4 Celypha lacunana, 7 Small Fan Footed Wave, 7 Least Carpet, 1 Agapeta hamana, 21 Eudonia lacustrata, 1 Fan-foot, 21 Endotricha flammealis, 11 Eudonia mercurella, 2 Agriphila tristella, 1 Rhopobota naevana, 2 Phyllocnistis xenia, 11 Common Rustic agg, 3 Rustic, 10 Uncertain, 16 Crassa unitella, 1 White Point, 4 Lyonetia clerkella, 10 Gypsonoma dealbana, 1 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 6 Cydia splendana, 1 Nut Tree Tussock, 2 Anania coronata, 13 Single Dotted Wave, 1 Metalampra italica, 13 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 2 Yellow-tail, 2 Riband Wave, 1 Canary Shouldered Thorn, 1 Oncocera semirubella, 7 Double Square Spot, 3 Dark Arches, 3 Buff Ermine, 6 Heart and Dart, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 2 Peppered Moth, 5 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Mompha propinquella, 4 Bright Line Brown Eye, 12 Mother of Pearl, 2 Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Agriphila straminella, 1 Tachystola acroxantha, 2 Tree Lichen Beauty, 1 Scalloped Oak, 1 Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 1 Silky Wainscot, 1 Brachmia blandella, 1 Argyresthia goedartella, 2 Pale Prominent, 1 Hypsopygia costalis, 1 White Satin Moth, 1 Black Arches, 1 Bordered Beauty, 1 Oak Hook-tip, 1 Swallow Prominent, 1 Aethes rubigana, 1 Smoky Wainscot, 3 Pebble Prominent, 1 Caloptilia stigmatella, 2 Waved Black, 1 Diamond-back Moth, 1 Snout, 1 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 1 Ruby Tiger, 1 Acleris forsskaleana, 1 Burnished Brass, 1 Elephant Hawkmoth, 2 Calamotropha paludella, 1 Dusky Thorn, 1 Euzophera pinguis, 1 Pterophorus pentadactyla, 1 Tinea trinotella, 1 Buff-tip, 1 Catoptria pinella, 4 Acrobasis consociella - Broad-barred Knot-horn **, 1 Spilonota ocellana, 1 Epinotia brunnichana, 1 Brown-tail (Euproctis chrysorrhoea) **, 1 Apotomis betuletana, 2 Gypsonoma minutana, 1 Phyllonorycter joannisi and 1 Red Twin Spot Carpet.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 16 Jul 2019. Another decent catch from the reserve last night with 631 moths of 97 species of which three were new for the reserve list. 5 Canary Shouldered Thorn, 3 Dusky Thorn, 2 Peppered Moth, 19 Least Carpet, 96 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 101 Water Veneer , 3 Buff Tip, 10 Common Footman, 4 Small Seraphim, 1 Cydalima perspectalis, 4 Nut Tree Tussock, 7 Riband Wave, 21 Endotricha flammealis, 64 Mother of Pearl, 15 Uncertain, 14 Clouded Border, 18 Small Magpie, 2 Common Wave, 48 Scoparia ambigualis, 1 Dingy Shell, 1 Tree Lichen Beauty, 1 Hedya pruniana, 3 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 3 Buff Ermine, 6 Brachmia blandella, 7 Eudonia lacustrata, 4 Celypha lacunana, 19 Crassa unitella, 1 Mottled Beauty, 3 Ancylis achatana, 2 Eucosma cana, 4 Pale Prominent, 1 Metalampra italica, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 2 Rhopobota naevana, 7 Dingy Footman, 6 Agapeta hamana, 6 Yponomeuta evonymella, 2 Common White Wave, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix , 2 Short Cloaked Moth, 5 Small Fan Footed Wave, 1 Garden Rose Tortrix, 1 Gypsonoma dealbana, 2 Anania coronata, 10 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Engrailed, 3 Heart and Dart, 4 Eudonia mercurella, 6 Rustic, 3 Ypsolopha scabrella, 1 Blue Bordered Carpet, 1 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Bordered Beauty, 1 Common Carpet, 5 Smoky Wainscot, 2 Celypha striana, 1 Batia lunaris, 2 Aethes rubigana, 3 Dark Arches, 2 Hedya nubiferana, 7 Single Dotted Wave, 2 Agriphila straminella, 5 Double Square Spot, 3 Tinea semifulvella, 1 Hypsopygia costalis, 2 Snout, 1 Fan-foot, 1 Coronet, 1 Double Lobed, 1 Dun-bar, 1 Udea prunalis, 1 Tinea trinotella, 4 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Common Rustic agg, 1 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 1 Acleris emargana, 1 Acleris forsskaleana, 2 Burnished Brass, 1 Shuttle Shaped Dart, 1 Olive, 2 Hofmannophila pseudospretella, 1 Silky Wainscot, 1 Turnip Moth, 1 Ruby Tiger, 1 Swammerdamia pyrella, 1 Blastodacna hellerella, 1 Phyllonorycter rajella, 1 Scythropia crataegella, 1 Small Dotted Buff, 1 Phycita roberella, 1 Flounced Rustic, 2 Limnaecia phragmitella, 1 Cochylis dubitana - Little Conch **, 1 Phtheochroa inopiana - Plain Conch **, 1 Bryotropha terrella - Cinerous Neb ** and 1 Phyllocnistis xenia.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Jul 1st – Jul 13th 2019
Pochard (f+1y on 1st Jul, f with 2 ducklings on 10th Jul), Common Tern (1st , 7th & 13th Jul, 2 on 5th & 12th Jul), Little Egret (1st – 3rd & 6th Jul, 2 on 7th – 8th Jul, 3 on 12th Jul), Gadwall (f+1y on 1st & 3rd Jul, 2 broods on 5th Jul, 1 on 12th Jul), Kingfisher (2nd – 5th , 8th & 10th – 13th Jul, 2 on 6th – 7th Jul), Grey Heron (2 on 2nd Jul, 4th & 6th -7th Jul), Teal (8 on 3rd Jul, 3m&7f on 7th Jul, 9 on 8th Jul, 17 on 10th Jul, 12 on 12th Jul, 13th Jul), Great Spotted Woodpecker (3rd , 7th & 12th – 13th Jul, 3 on 4th Jul, 2 on 5th Jul), Buzzard (3rd & 12th Jul), Blackcap (3 on 3rd Jul), Little Grebe (3 on 3rd Jul, 6th – 7th Jul), Green Sandpiper (3 on 4th & 7th – 8th Jul and possibly on 13th Jul, 1 on 5th & 10th Jul, 2 on 6th & 12th Jul), Jay (5th Jul), Mistle Thrush (5th Jun), Woodpigeon (2 on 5th Jul), Tufted Duck (6th Jul, Pair on 7th Jul, Female with 5 ducklings on 10th Jul, f with 3 ducklings on 12th Jul), Mute Swan (6th Jul), Reed Warbler (2 on 7th Jul), Green Woodpecker (7th Jul), Song Thrush (7th Jul), Mallard (With 5 ducklings on 7th Jul), Hobby (8th Jul), Grey Wagtail (2 on 10th & 12th Jul), Pintail (2 on 10th & 12th Jul), Lapwing (2 on 10th Jul, 1 on 12th Jul), Jay (12th Jul), Shoveler (12th Jul), Cormorant (12th Jul), Nuthatch (12th Jul, 2 on 13th Jul), Jackdaw (c300 on 12th Jul), Stock Dove (2 on 12th Jul) and Wren (13th Jul).

Gatekeeper (2 on 1st Jul, 3 on 8th Jul, 12th Jul), Comma (10+ on 1st Jul, 2 on 3rd & 13th Jul, 12th Jul), Large Skipper (6 on 1st Jul, 2 on 8th Jul), Ringlet (10+ on 3rd Jul, 8 on 8th Jul, 12th Jul), Meadow Brown (10+ on 3rd Jul, 12th – 13th Jul), Large White (2 on 3rd Jul, 12th Jul), Red Admiral (5 on 3rd Jul, 12th – 13th Jul), Small Tortoiseshell (3rd Jul), Brimstone (2 on 3rd Jul), Marbled White (6th Jul), Painted Lady (6th & 11th Jul), Speckled Wood (12th Jul) and Small White (12th – 13th Jul). Ruddy Darter (4 on 1st Jul, 5+ on 3rd Jul, 20+ on 8th Jul), Common Darter (6 on 1st Jul), Red-eyed Damselfly (3rd Jul), Emerald Damselfly (m on 3rd Jul), Brown Hawker (3rd & 5th Jul, 3+ on 8th Jul), Black-tailed Skimmer (3rd Jul, 4+ on 8th Jul, 13th Jul), Emperor Dragonfly (6th Jul, 4+ on 8th Jul) and Banded Demoiselle (f on 8th Jul).

Bank Vole (2 on 1st & 7th Jul, 1 on 3rd, 5th, 8th & 12th Jul), Squirrel (3 on 7th Jul), Brown Rat (7th Jul) and Rabbit (7th Jul).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 12 Jul 2019. The undoubted highlight from the traps at the reserve last night was Dewick’s Plusia, which appears to be just the second record for Herts. Also new for the reserve list was Epinotia brunnichana. The total catch was down on recent hauls but still a respectable 338 moths of 78 species. 2 Peppered Moth, 11 Small Fan Footed Wave, 1 Dewick’s Plusia (Macdunnoughia confusa) (2019) - 2nd record for Herts. **, 1 Canary Shouldered Thorn, 33 Scoparia ambigualis, 23 Common Footman, 2 Agonopterix alstromeriana, 2 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 9 Small Magpie, 15 Endotricha flammealis, 6 Dark Arches, 8 Heart and Dart, 3 Buff Ermine, 13 Crassa unitella, 8 Clouded Border, 21 Mother of Pearl, 1 Nut Tree Tussock, 19 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 10 Least Carpet, 1 Anania coronata, 4 Celypha lacunana, 1 Diamond-back Moth, 4 Eudonia lacustrata, 1 Round Winged Muslin, 5 Dwarf Cream Wave, 3 Mottled Rustic, 2 Dun-bar, 7 Rustic, 7 Poplar Hawkmoth, 2 Early Thorn, 5 Eudonia mercurella, 14 Uncertain, 2 Scalloped Oak, 3 Ruby Tiger, 1 Dingy Footman, 1 Bright Line Brown Eye, 7 Riband Wave, 5 Red-Barred Tortrix, 2 Double Square Spot, 1 Pammene regiana, 2 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 11 Single Dotted Wave, 1 White Satin Moth, 1 Pale Prominent, 4 Brachmia blandella, 1 Swallow Tailed Moth, 4 Common White Wave, 1 Dingy Shell, 1 Water Veneer, 2 Black Arches, 1 Cinnabar, 3 Common Rustic agg, 2 Agapeta hamana, 3 Burnished Brass, 1 Double Lobed, 1 July Highflyer, 1 Metalampra italica, 1 Snout, 1 Homoeosoma sinvella, 1 Silky Wainscot, 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Flounced Rustic, 1 Large Yellow Underwing, 2 Mottled Beauty, 1 Hedya pruniana, 1 Spectacle, 1 Smoky Wainscot, 2 Heart and Club, 1 Herald, 1 Acleris forsskaleana, 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 1 Phycitodes binaevella, 2 Rhopobota naevana, 1 Aethes rubigana, 1 Blastobasis lacticolella, 2 Cochylis atricapitana, 1 Epinotia brunnichana - Large Birch Bell ** and 1 Phalonidia manniana.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 11 Jul 2019. A bumper haul of moths from the reserve last night numbered 613 individuals of 106 species. There were five new species for the reserve list. 36 Endotricha flammealis, 74 Scoparia ambigualis, 12 Clouded Border, 9 Eudonia mercurella, 2 Buff Ermine, 55 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 13 Common Footman, 2 Snout, 1 Carcina quercana, 14 Riband Wave, 3 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Dusky Thorn, 83 Mother of Pearl, 7 Small Seraphim, 2 Acleris forsskaleana, 17 Small Magpie, 5 Yponomeuta evonymella, 4 Least Carpet, 9 Small Fan Footed Wave, 16 Uncertain, 3 Flame, 2 Fan-foot, 18 Eudonia lacustrata, 21 Brachmia blandella, 4 Dingy Footman, 1 Engrailed, 6 Dwarf Cream Wave, 3 Calamotropha paludella, 1 Pterophorus pentadactyla, 2 Caloptilia stigmatella, 3 Anania coronata, 12 Crassa unitella, 7 Celypha lacunana, 4 Double Square Spot, 3 Buff-tip, 10 Heart and Dart, 1 Early Thorn, 3 Stathmopoda pedella, 1 Tachystola acroxantha - Ruddy Streak **, 2 Catoptria falsella, 4 Batia lunaris, 1 Swallow Tailed Moth, 1 Bordered Beauty, 7 Poplar Hawkmoth, 3 Ancylis achatana, 1 Cydia splendana, 1 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 6 Single Dotted Wave, 4 Smoky Wainscot, 7 Common Rustic agg, 3 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 3 Phalonidia manniana, 2 Diamond-back Moth, 5 Dun-bar, 2 Argyresthia goedartella, 3 Scalloped Oak, 1 White Point, 4 Heart and Club, 1 Pinion Streaked Snout, 6 Rustic, 4 Silky Wainscot, 2 Mottled Rustic, 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Obscure Wainscot, 1 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 3 Common Wave, 1 Peppered Moth, 1 Dingy Shell, 11 Water Veneer, 1 Double Lobed, 1 Herald, 2 Mottled Beauty, 1 White Satin Moth, 1 Nut-Tree Tussock, 7 Dark Arches, 1 Treble Brown Spot, 1 Ypsolopha scabrella, 1 Canary Shouldered Thorn, 1 Agriphila straminella, 1 Elephant Hawkmoth, 1 Short Cloaked Moth, 2 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Oncocera semirubella - Rosy-striped Knot-horn**, 1 Cream Bordered Green Pea, 1 Clay, 2 Marbled Minor agg, 1 Pale Prominent, 1 Clouded Silver, 1 Pebble Prominent, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 1 Turnip Moth, 1 Celypha striana, 2 Gypsonoma sociana, 1 Tinea trinotella, 1 Poplar Grey, 1 Dusky Sallow ((Eremobia ochroleuca) **, 1 Brown Silver-line (Petrophora chlorosata) **, 1 Homoeosoma sinvella, 1 Rhopobota naevana, 1 Cydia fagiglandana - Large Beech Piercer **, 1 Cochylis atricapitana, 2 Paraswammerdamia nebulella, 2 Argyresthia albistria, 1 Gelechia senticetella and 1 Acleris hastiana.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 5 Jul 2019. 522 moths of 97 species from the traps at Maple Lodge last night. Scythropia crataegella was a new addition to the reserve list. 1 Cinnabar, 2 Ancylis achatana, 13 Small Seraphim, 5 Dwarf Cream Wave, 12 Dingy Shell, 3 White Satin Moth, 22 Riband Wave, 17 Celypha lacunana, 10 Common Footman, 9 Eudonia mercurella, 1 Buff Ermine, 30 Clouded Border, 4 Fan-foot, 2 Treble Brown Spot, 43 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 3 Phyllonorycter klemannella, 1 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 38 Eudonia lacustrata, 27 Small Magpie, 82 Scoparia ambigualis, 15 Crassa unitella, 3 Least Carpet, 2 Scoparia pyralella, 7 Red Barred Tortrix, 16 Heart and Dart, 22 Uncertain, 2 Metalampra italica, 2 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 10 Small Fan Footed Wave, 3 Brachmia blandella, 1 Herald, 1 Black Arches, 3 Mother of Pearl, 1 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Tinea trinotella, 7 Diamond-back Moth, 1 Phtheochroa rugosana, 1 Anthophila fabriciana, 3 Obscure Wainscot, 3 Celypha striana, 1 Large Yellow Underwing, 8 Single Dotted Wave, 1 Bright Line Brown Eye, 2 Bordered Beauty, 1 Hypsopygia costalis, 1 Stathmopoda pedella, 3 Burnished Brass, 1 Pterophorus pentadactyla, 6 Double Square Spot, 4 Marbled Minor agg, 1 Batia lunaris, 4 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Mottled Beauty, 2 Olive, 5 Endotricha flammealis, 5 Mottled Rustic, 3 Silky Wainscot, 2 Caloptilia stigmatella, 3 Dun-bar, 3 Dingy Shears, 1 Small Yellow Wave, 1 Argyresthia goedartella, 2 Gypsonoma dealbana, 1 Gypsonoma sociana, 2 Double Striped Pug, 3 Dark Arches, 1 Snout, 1 Hypsopygia glaucinalis, 2 Buff Arches, 1 Myelois circumvoluta, 1 Treble Lines, 2 Flame Shoulder, 1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 2 Heart and Club, 2 Acleris forsskaleana, 1 Rustic, 3 Coronet, 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Peppered Moth, 1 Buff-tip, 2 Pebble Prominent, 2 Common Wainscot, 1 Barred Straw, 1 Spectacle, 1 Smoky Wainscot, 1 Flame, 1 Water Veneer, 1 Flounced Rustic, 1 Acrobasis repandana, 1 Blastobasis lacticolella, 1 Limnaecia phragmitella, 1 Green Pug, 1 Aethes beatricella, 1 Scythropia crataegella **, 1 Blastodacna hellerella,,1 Gypsonoma minutana and 1 Morophaga choragella.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 4 Jul 2019. Peak season and good numbers of moths from the reserve last night. 515 moths of 92 species included Large Tabby (Aglossa pinguinalis), a new moth for the reserve. 1 Leopard Moth, 4 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 18 Clouded Border, 27 Riband Wave, 7 Small Seraphim, 9 Common Footman, 1 Clouded Silver, 65 Scoparia ambigualis, 18 Celypha lacunana, 3 Buff Ermine, 4 Green Pug, 6 Peppered Moth, 4 Coronet, 13 Small Magpie, 57 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 2 Double Striped Pug, 1 Batia lunaris, 10 Eudonia mercurella, 35 Eudonia lacustrata, 3 Mottled Rustic, 1 Endotricha flammealis, 16 Crassa unitella, 2 Least Carpet, 2 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 1 Small Yellow Wave, 1 Dwarf Cream Wave, 3 Large Yellow Underwing, 18 Small Fan Footed Wave, 3 Notocelia uddmanniana, 12 Diamond-back Moth, 5 Double Square Spot, 9 Snout, 18 Heart and Dart, 3 Brachmia blandella, 2 Pebble Prominent, 8 Dingy Shears, 2 Udea olivalis, 6 Common Wave, 1 Fan-foot, 3 Barred Straw, 1 Swallow-tailed Moth, 6 Poplar Hawkmoth, 5 Mother of Pearl, 7 Dingy Shell, 1 Straw Dot, 1 Lyonetia clerkella, 3 Acleris forsskaleana, 11 Red Barred Tortrix, 17 Uncertain, 9 Single Dotted Wave, 2 Mottled Beauty, 1 Metalampra italica, 6 Dark Arches, 1 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Beautiful Hook-tip, 1 Heart and Club, 2 Burnished Brass, 1 Small China-mark, 1 Eucosma cana, 1 Anania coronata, 1 Miller, 2 Marbled Minor agg, 1 Gypsonoma sociana, 4 Gypsonoma dealbana, 1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 1 Hedya nubiferana, 1 Scoparia pyralella, 1 Euzophera pinguis, 3 Flame, 1 Calamotropha paludella, 1 Dun-bar, 1 Bright Line Brown Eye, 1 Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix, 2 Hypsopygia costalis, 2 Buff-tip, 1 Treble Brown Spot, 2 Ancylis achatana, 2 Willow Beauty, 1 Common Rustic agg, 1 Common Wainscot, 1 Buff Arches, 1 Light Emerald, 2 Water Veneer, 1 Silky Wainscot, 1 Round Winged Muslin, 2 Phyllonorycter klemannella, 1 Argyresthia goedartella, 1 Phalonidia manniana, 1 Epagoge grotiana, 1 Yponomeuta evonymella, 1 Apotomis betuletana and 1 Aglossa pinguinalis - Large Tabby **
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

+ Capperia britanniodactylus (previously Capperia britanniodactyla) - Wood-sage Plume ** Confirmed by county recorder (Sep 2019).

Jun 17th - Jun 30th 2019
Little Egret (17th , 23rd & 30th Jun), Red Kite (17th Jun), Garden Warbler (17th & 23rd Jun), Kingfisher (17th , 22nd , 24th -26th & 28th Jun, 2 on 30th Jun), Hobby (2 on 17th Jun), Egyptian Goose (2+1y on 17th Jun), Black-headed Gull (38+13y on 17th Jun), Coal Tit (17th , 21st , 23rd & 28th Jun), Gadwall (18th Jun, With 6 ducklings on 21st Jun, 120 on 24th Jun, 60 on 30th Jun), Teal (f on 21st Jun, 4 on 28th Jun, 3 on 30th Jun), Common Tern (2 on 21st & 28th Jun, 1 on 23rd & 25th Jun), Mistle Thrush (21st Jun), Cormorant (23rd Jun), Blackcap (10 on 23rd Jun), Red-crested Pochard (on Lynsters on 23rd Jun, f+2y on CH Lake on 24th Jun), Reed Warbler (23rd Jun), Nuthatch(imm on 24th & 28th Jun), Song Thrush (delivering food to nest on 24th Jun), Jackdaw (c300 on 25th Jun), Shoveler (3 on 25th Jun), Pochard (f+2y on 25th – 26th & 30th Jun), Swift (2 on 25th Jun), Stock Dove (at nest hole on 25th Jun), Reed Bunting (26th – 27th Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (24th & 28th Jun), Reed Warbler 27th Jun), Oystercatcher (2 over on 28th Jun), Green Woodpecker (28th Jun), Grey Heron (28th Jun), Chiffchaff (3 on 30th Jun), Treecreeper (30th Jun) and Little Grebe (30th Jun).

Red Admiral (17th , 19th , 22nd & 28th Jun, 2 on 23rd & 26th Jun, 10+ on 30th Jun), Meadow Brown (2 on 17th Jun, 1 on 19th & 22nd Jun, 6 on 23rd Jun, 10 on 26th Jun), Painted Lady (21st , 26th & 28th Jun, 2 on 23rd Jun), Brimstone (6 on 21st Jun), Small White (2 on 21st Jun, 1 on 23rd Jun), Comma (2 on 23rd Jun, 1 on 26th Jun, 3 on 30th Jun), Cinnabar Moth (2 on 23rd Jun) and Ringlet (26th Jun). Black-tailed Skimmer (2 on 17th Jun, 1 on 20th , 23rd & 28th Jun, 5 on 21st Jun, 4 on 30th Jun), Blue-tailed Damselfly (7 on 17th Jul, 1 on 19th & 23rd Jun), Banded Demoiselle (2 on 20th Jun, 1 on 23rd Jun), Broad-bodied Chaser (20th & 28th Jun), Common Blue Damselfly (21st Jun), Common Darter (21st , 24th & 28th Jun, 4 on 26th Jun, 3 on 30th Jun), Emerald Damselfly (22nd Jun), Brown Hawker (28th Jun) and Ruddy Darter (30th Jun). Roeselles Bush Cricket (20th Jun, 2 on 22nd Jun), Golden-bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle (22nd Jun), Yellow and Black Spotted Longhorn Beetle (22nd Jun) and Woundwort Shieldbug (22nd Jun).

Muntjac (17th & 24th Jun), Bank Vole (3 on 19th & 21st Jun, 1 on 23rd – 24th & 28th Jun), Rabbit (2 on 20th Jun, 3 on 22nd Jun), Shrew (21st Jun), Mouse or Vole (22nd Jun) and Fox (28th Jun).

Leech sp (21st Jun).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 29 Jun 2019. Another failed trap overnight restricted the session to a single trap but in bumper conditions 435 moths of 91 species were recorded, four of which were new for the reserve list. 10 Clouded Border, 14 Flame, 5 Small Magpie, 2 Small Seraphim, 38 Eudonia lacustrata, 1 Treble Brown Spot, 1 Light Emerald, 31 Crassa unitella, 13 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 4 Riband Wave, 35 Scoparia ambigualis, 3 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 15 Celypha lacunana, 3 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 4 Udea olivalis, 30 Eudonia mercurella, 5 Ancylis achatana, 6 Snout, 6 Diamond-back Moth, 1 Common Wave, 5 Barred Straw, 17 Heart and Dart, 6 Marbled Minor agg, 2 Common Footman, 24 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 7 Red Barred Tortrix, 15 Small Fan Footed Wave, 2 Common Carpet, 2 Pale Mottled Willow, 10 Uncertain, 2 Fanfoot, 1 Common Rustic agg, 1 Cyclamen Tortrix, 3 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 3 Hedya nubiferana, 2 Least Carpet, 1 Dun-bar, 1 Brachmia blandella, 2 Scoparia pyralella, 2 Large Yellow Underwing, 3 Double Square Spot, 1 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Buff-tip, 6 Mottled Rustic, 1 Hedya pruniana, 8 Poplar Hawkmoth, 2 Argyresthia albistria, 1 Hornet Moth, 2 Rustic, 1 Treble Lines, 2 Burnished Brass, 2 Notocelia uddmanniana, 2 Flame Shoulder, 3 Heart and Club, 1 Small Yellow Wave, 1 Bordered Beauty, 1 Pebble Prominent, 2 Dingy Shears, 1 Bee Moth, 1 Cream Bordered Green Pea, 1 Brown Rustic (Rusina ferruginea) **, 1 Middle Barred Minor, 1 Anthophila fabricana, 1 Green Pug, 1 Eucosma cana, 1 Mottled Beauty,1 Buff Ermine, 1 Dark Arches, 1 Smoky Wainscot, 1 Lyonetia clerkella, 1 Batia lunaris, 1 Single Dotted Wave, 26 Water Veneer, 1 Obscure Wainscot, 1 Pinion Streaked Snout, 1 Agapeta hamana, 1 Euzophera pinguis, 1 Dingy Shell, 2 Gelechia senticetella - Cypress Groundling **, 1 Teleiodes luculella - Crescent Groundling **, 1 Limnaecia phragmitella, 1 Silky Wainscot, 1 Calamotropha paludella, 1 Homoeosoma sinuella - Twin-barred Knot-horn **, 1 Phyllonorycter klemannella, 1 Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella, 1 Argyresthia pruniella, 2 Pammene regiana, 1 Acrobasis advenella, 1 Teleiodes vulgella and 1 Small Blood Vein.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 28 Jun 2019. No new moths from Maple Lodge last night and with the electrics tripping on one of the traps, the remaining trap threw up 208 moths of 56 species. 1 Carcina quercana, 8 Celypha lacunana, 21 Crassa unitella, 6 Eudonia mercurella, 1 Aleimma loeflingiana, 3 Small Magpie, 5 Common Wave, 11 Riband Wave, 13 Scoparia ambigualis, 23 Eudonia lacustrata, 8 Mottled Rustic, 9 Uncertain, 11 Heart and Dart, 1 Blue Bordered Carpet, 6 Clouded Border, 2 Ancylis achatana, 9 Diamond-back Moth, 2 Heart and Club, 1 Obscure Wainscot, 1 Metalampra italica, 2 Marbled Minor agg, 2 Common White Wave, 2 Scoparia pyralella, 1 Udea olivalis, 5 Red Barred Tortrix, 1 Cinnabar, 2 Buff-tip, 5 Flame, 1 Peppered Moth, 2 Snout, 9 Small Fan Footed Wave, 4 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 2 Batia lunaris, 2 Large Yellow Underwing, 2 Double Square Spot, 2 Dingy Shears, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Spectacle, 1 Coronet, 1 Mottled Beauty, 3 Poplar Hawkmoth, 2 Hedya nubiferana, 1 Vine’s Rustic, 1 Dark Arches, 2 Treble Brown Spot, 1 Notocelia uddmanniana, 1 Common Footman, 1 Small China-mark, 1 Common Wainscot, 1 Hypsopygia costalis, 1 Beautiful Hook-tip, 1 Light Emerald, 1 White Satin Moth, 1 Phycitodes binaevella, 1 Brachmia blandella and 1 Blastobasis lacticolella.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 25 Jun 2019. Good overnight trapping conditions yielded by far the best number of moths this year from Maple Lodge. 510 moths of 85 species included three new species for the reserve list in the form of Reddish Light Arches, Clouded Brindle and the micro moth Mompha ochraceella. 1 Common Carpet, 7 Small Seraphim, 78 Scoparia ambigualis, 4 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 11 Celypha lacunana, 3 Dark Fruit Tree Tortrix, 34 Eudonia lacustrata, 2 Common Wave, 2 Clouded Silver, 13 Obscure Wainscot, 9 Riband Wave, 31 Eudonia mercurella, 5 Hedya pruniana, 1 Aleimma loeflingiana, 1 Poplar Grey, 7 Large Yellow Underwing, 9 Small Magpie, 1 White Ermine, 70 Heart and Dart, 16 Flame, 4 Notocelia uddmanniana, 6 Barred Straw, 1 Short Cloaked Moth, 7 Mottled Beauty, 2 Willow Beauty, 12 Marbled Minor agg, 2 Shoulder Striped Wainscot, 21 Plutella xylostella, 1 Smoky Wainscot, 2 Middle Barred Minor, 16 Uncertain, 1 Dingy Shell, 1 Blastobasis lacticolella, 1 Ingrailed Clay, 5 Snout, 21 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 1 Small Yellow Wave, 8 Crassa unitella, 1 Common Emerald, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 1 Agapeta hamana, 9 Mottled Rustic, 2 Eudonia pallida, 2 Burnished Brass, 1 Bright Line Brown Eye, 6 Small Fan Footed Wave, 2 Treble Lines, 18 Dark Arches, 2 Dingy Shears, 2 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Beautiful Hook Tip, 2 Double Square Spot, 4 Poplar Hawkmoth, 2 Hedya nubiferana, 4 Rustic, 2 Round Winged Muslin, 1 Flame Shoulder, 1 Ostrinia nubilalis, 2 Heart and Club, 1 Nematopogon swammerdamella, 1 Common Wainscot, 1 Miller, 6 Clouded Border, 1 Lychnis, 1 Scorched Wing, 1 Peppered Moth, 2 Large Twin Spot Carpet, 2 Lesser Yellow Underwing, 1 Ancylis achatana, 1 Dun-bar, 1 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing, 1 Reddish Light Arches (Apamea sublustris)**, 1 Blue Bordered Carpet, 1 Brown China-mark, 2 Cinnabar, 1 Spectacle, 2 Single Dotted Wave, 1 Turnip Moth, 1 Shuttle Shaped Dart, 1 Small China-mark, 1 Clepsis consimilana, 1 Mompha ochraceella - Buff Mompha**, 1 Brindled Pug and 1 Clouded Brindle (Apamea epomidion).**.
Subsequently identified (cApr 2020) - Coleophora albidella - White Sallow Case-bearer ** and Endothenia marginana - Bordered Marble **
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 22 Jun 2019. The overnight breeze kept restricted the number of moths that made it into the traps last night but 136 moths of 52 species did get into the notebook. 6 Clouded Border, 17 Small Magpie, 4 Eudonia lacustrata, 9 Celypha lacunana, 12 Scoparia ambigualis, 2 Common Wave, 4 Mottled Rustic, 1 Dingy Shell, 3 Hedya pruniana, 16 Heart and Dart, 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Notocelia trimaculana, 3 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Marbled Minor agg, 1 Eudonia angustea, 5 Eudonia mercurella, 5 Uncertain, 2 Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix, 2 Obscure Wainscot, 1 Gypsonoma dealbana, 1 Pale Prominent, 1 Middle Barred Minor, 2 Ancylis achatana, 2 Cinnabar, 2 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Nematopogon swammerdamella, 1 Iron Prominent, 1 Flame, 1 Buff Ermine, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Pinion Streaked Snout, 1 Small Fan-Footed Wave, 1 Rustic, 1 Buff Footman, 2 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Mottled Beauty, 2 Double Square Spot, 1 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 1 Pebble Prominent, 1 Light Arches, 1 Heart and Club, 1 Flame Shoulder, 1 Double Striped Pug, 1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 1 Variegated Golden Tortrix, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 2 Buff-tip, 2 Light Emerald, 1 Maiden’s Blush, 1 Shoulder Striped Wainscot, 1 Common White Wave and 1 Orange Footman.
** denotes a new moth for the reserve list

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 21 Jun 2019. A much better catch from Maple Lodge last night as we run into the peak moth period. 202 moths of 58 species with the highlight being Monochroa palustrella, a new moth for the reserve list. 3 Green Pug, 3 Poplar Hawkmoth, 4 Dingy Shell, 5 Cinnabar, 9 Common Wave, 11 Small Seraphim, 20 Celypha lacunana, 7 Clouded Border, 4 Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix, 24 Small Magpie, 2 Notocelia trimaculana, 1 Flame, 6 Snout, 5 Mottled Rustic, 1 Straw Dot, 3 Uncertain, 2 Hedya pruniana, 1 Dingy Shears, 3 Common Wainscot, 1 Blastobasis lacustrata, 2 Peppered Moth, 1 Aleimma loeflingiana, 1 Red Barred Tortrix, 4 Marbled Minor agg, 2 Crassa unitella, 1 Light Arches, 3 Light Emerald, 1 Small Yellow Wave, 2 Chrysoteuchia culmella, 1 Buff Ermine, 1 Common Marbled Carpet, 2 Middle Barred Minor, 1 White Ermine, 1 Pale Oak Beauty, 1 Ingrailed Clay, 1 Grey Arches, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Obscure Wainscot, 3 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Rustic, 1 Dark Arches, 1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana, 1 Cream Bordered Green Pea, 1 Maiden’s Blush, 1 Gypsonoma sociana, 1 Ancylis achatana, 1 Monochroa palustrella – Wainscot Neb**, 1 Paraswammerdamia lustrea, 1 Argyresthia spinosella,1 Agonopterix arenella and 1 Eucosma cana

Jun 16th 2019. Open Day
Little Egret (16th Jun), Crow (16th Jun), Mute Swan (2 on 16th Jun), Wren (16th Jun), Coot (with chicks on 16th Jun), Great Tit (16th Jun), Grey Heron (16th Jun), Nuthatch (Heard on 16th Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (16th Jun), Little Grebe (16th Jun), Garden Warbler (16th Jun), Blackcap (16th Jun), Robin (16th Jun), Shoveler (16th Jun), Mallard (16th Jun), Woodpigeon (16th Jun), Black-headed Gull (16th Jun), Common Tern (16th Jun), Kingfisher (16th Jun), Jackdaw (16th Jun), Blue Tit (16th Jun), Gadwall (16th Jun), Dunnock (16th Jun), Cormorant (16th Jun), Chaffinch (16th Jun), Starling (On cricket pitch on 16th Jun), Magpie (16th Jun), Swift (16th Jun), Ring-necked Parakeet (5 on 16th Jun), Treecreeper (16th Jun), Egyptian Goose (16th Jun), Long-tailed Tit (16th Jun), Blackbird (16th Jun), Pied Wagtail (16th Jun) and Stock Dove.

Cinnabar Moth (and caterpillars on 16th Jun), Brimstone (and Larvae on 16th Jun), Red Admiral (16th Jun), Meadow Brown (16th Jun), Speckled Wood (16th Jun), Mullein Moth (Caterpillar on 16th Jun), Orange Tip (Larvae on 16th Jun), Peacock (Larvae on 16th Jun) and Bagworm (16th Jun). Banded Demoiselle (16th Jun), Common Blue Damselfly (16th Jun) and Blue-tailed Damselfly (16th Jun). Hornet (16th Jun), Yellow and Black Longhorn (16th Jun), Jewel Wasp (at least 4 types on 16th Jun), Wasp Beetle (16th Jun), Hairy Shieldbug (5 on 16th Jun), Woundwort Shieldbug (3 on 16th Jun), Dock Bug (lots on 16th Jun) and Mint Beetle (20+ on 16th Jun).

Squirrel (16th Jun), Rat (16th Jun), Wood Mouse (16th Jun) and Rabbit (16th Jun).

Newt (16th Jun).

Jun 1st - Jun 15th 2019
Reed Warbler (4 on 2nd Jun, 9th Jun), Ring-necked Parakeet (fledged young on 2nd Jun), Robin (2 juvs on 2nd Jun), Jackdaw (2 carrying food on 2nd Jun, 85+ on 5th Jun, carrying food on 10th Jun), Garganey (f on 2nd – 3rd Jun), Egyptian Goose (1 with 1 young on 2nd Jun, 3 on 6th Jun, Adult with 2y on 8th Jun, 2 with 1y on 14th Jun), Black-headed Gull (With 6 broods and at least 9y on tern raft on 3rd Jun, 10+ young on raft on 5th Jun, 16y on raft on 9th Jun, 30 + 21y on 14th Jun), Kingfisher (3rd & 9th Jun, m on 10th Jun), Moorhen (Adult and 2 young on 3rd Jun), Great Crested Grebe (2 on 5th Jun, 1 on 10th Jun), Gadwall (45 on 5th Jun, m with 6 ducklings on 7th Jun, 82 on 8th Jun, f+6y on 12th & 14th Jun), Pochard (3 on 5th Jun, Pair on 8th Jun, 9th Jun), Buzzard (5th Jun), Little Grebe (5th & 7th – 9th Jun), Pied Wagtail (2 on 6th Jun), Teal (m on 7th , 12th & 14th Jun, 9th Jun), Lesser Black-backed Gull (Taking Coot chicks on 8th Jun), Great Spotted Woodpecker (m&f on 8th – 9th Jun, juv on 12th Jun, f&2 juv on 13th & 15th Jun), Great Tit (8th Jun), Chaffinch (8th Jun, 4m&3f on 15th Jun), Tufted Duck (8th Jun), Stock Dove (Nest in Poplar by Sluice on 8th Jun), Treecreeper (8th Jun), Oystercatcher (8th Jun), Red Kite (9th Jun), Kestrel (9th Jun), Blackcap (9th Jun), Cetti’s Warbler (9th Jun), Little Egret (9th Jun), Long-tailed Tit (9th Jun), Goldeneye (m on 10th Jun on Clubhouse Lake), Shoveler (5 on 10th Jun), Nuthatch (Juv on 12th -13th & 15th Jun), Collared Dove (Calling 13th Jun), Garden Warbler (3 or 4 on 14th Jun), Swift (20+ over Lynsters 14th Jun), Hobby (2 on 14th Jun), Cuckoo (f on 15th Jun), Jay (15th Jun), Robin (15th Jun) and Wren (2 on 15th Jun).

Red and Black Froghopper (5 on 1st Jun), Rhombic Leatherbug (1st Jun), Water Ladybird (8th Jun), Mint Beetle (20+ on 8th Jun), Flecked General (Soldier Fly) (8th Jun), Black Colonel (Soldier Fly) (3 on 8th Jun), Chrysolina Polita (8th Jun), Woundwort Shieldbug (8th May), Golden Bloomed Grey Longhorn Beetle (8th Jun), Great Pied Hoverfly (9th Jun) and Hornet (9th Jun). Brimstone (2 on 1st Jun and 6 caterpillars, 9th Jun, 2 m on 14th Jun, 1 on 15th Jun), Speckled Wood (1st & 9th Jun), Red Admiral (1st , 9th & 14th Jun, 2 on 6th & 15th Jun), Small White (1st & 14th Jun), Orange Tip (6 and caterpillars on 1st Jun, caterpillars on 14th -15th Jun), Meadow Brown (2nd , 6th & 15th Jun), Painted Lady (6th Jun), Small Tortoiseshell (6th Jun), Mother Shipton Moth (8th Jun), Large Skipper (9th & 11th Jun), Brown Argus (m on 9th & 12th Jun), Gatekeeper (9th Jun), Silver Ground Carpet Moth (11th Jun), Cinnabar Moth (30+ caterpillars on 12th Jun, Adult on 14th Jun) and Peacock (Caterpillars on 14th -15th Jun). Common Blue Damselfly (Lots on 1st & 9th Jun), Blue-tailed Damselfly (1st Jun, m on 9th Jun, 2 on 10th , 12th & 15th Jun), Red-eyed Damselfly (3 on 1st Jun), Black-tailed Skimmer (f on 2nd & 12th Jun, 5th & 9th Jun, 3 on 6th Jun, 2 on 15th Jun), Broad-bodied Chaser (f on 2nd – 3rd & 5th – 6th Jun, m on 9th Jun), Banded Demoiselle (2nd & 9th Jun, f on 11th Jun), Emperor Dragonfly (m on 3rd Jun, 3 on 9th Jun, 1 on 15th Jun), Common Darter (2 on 8th Jun) and Brown Hawker (14th Jun).

Bank Vole (3rd Jun, 2 on 5th , 9th & 12th Jun, 1 on 14th Jun), Fox (7th & 9th Jun), Rabbit (9th Jun) and Muntjac (9th Jun, female and fawn on 10th Jun).

Frog (2 on 8th Jun) and Grass Snake (14th Jun).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 8 Jun 2019. More quality than quantity from the moth traps at the reserve last night. 61 moths of 26 species included two new moths for the reserve list. 5 Clouded Border, 1 Common Wave, 4 Scoparia ambigualis, 3 Small Magpie, 5 Treble Lines, 6 Buff Ermine , 12 Heart and Dart, 1 Light Emerald, 1 Agapeta hamana, 1 Snout ,1 Lyonetia clerkella, 5 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Pale Prominent, 2 White Ermine, 1 Large Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Cyclamen Tortrix, 1 White Point, 1 Small Clouded Brindle, 1 Marbled Minor agg., 1 Pebble Prominent, 2 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 1 Eudonia angustea, 1 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Myelois circumvoluta - Thistle Ermine **, 1 Uncertain and 1 Carpatolechia proximella - Black-speckled Groundling **.
** represents a new moth for the reserve list

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 6 Jun 2019. 118 moths from Maple Lodge last night represented by 36 species (with a couple more going to the county recorder for identification). 4 Buff Ermine, 1 Straw Dot, 1 Dingy Shell, 2 Clouded Border, 6 Cinnabar, 2 White Ermine, 44 Heart and Dart, 1 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 7 Small Magpie, 3 Celypha lacunana, 3 Uncertain, 1 Notocelia trimaculana, 14 Treble Lines, 1 Large Yellow Underwing, 1 Swallow Prominent, 2 Pale Prominent, 2 Scoparia ambigualis, 1 Small Square Spot, 2 Poplar Hawkmoth, 1 Chequered Fruit Tree Tortrix, 2 Buff-tip, 3 Nematopogon swammerdamella, 1 Ingrailed Clay, 1 Hedya nubiferana, 1 Shuttle-shaped Dart, 1 Common Footman, 1 Cyclamen Tortrix, 1 Orange Footman, 1 Marbled Minor agg., 1 Common Wainscot, 2 Turnip Moth, 1 Rustic, 1 Light Emerald, 1 Treble Brown Spot, 1 Epiblema cynosbatella and 1 Argyresthia spinosella.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 4 Jun 2019. The moth traps went out at Maple Lodge last night for the first time this year. The catch consisted of 96 moths represented by 33 species. Notable was Gold Spot, which has been recorded at the reserve previously, but is rarely recorded in Herts. 6 Buff Ermine, 2 Clouded Border, 21 Heart and Dart, 9 Poplar Hawkmoth, 4 White Ermine, 2 Peppered Moth, 2 Setaceous Hebrew Character, 2 Scoparia ambigualis, 1 Hedya nubiferana, 1 Seraphim, 7 Treble Lines, 1 Barred Fruit Tree Tortrix, 1 Swallow Prominent, 2 Small Square Spot, 5 Celypha lacunana, 1 Gold Spot, 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Pale Oak Beauty, 1 Common Swift, 3 Light Emerald, 1 Silver Ground Carpet, 4 Small Magpie, 1 Epiblema cynosbatella, 1 Single Dotted Wave, 2 Cinnabar, 6 Marbled Minor agg.,1 Straw Dot, 2 Uncertain, 1 Nematopogon swammerdamella, 1 Buff-tip, 1 Common Wainscot, 1 Rustic Shoulder Knot, 1 Scrobipalpa costella, 1 Gold Spot, 1 Willow Beauty, 1 Pale Oak Beauty, 1 Common Swift, 3 Light Emerald, 1 Silver Ground Carpet, 4 Small Magpie and 1 Epiblema cynosbatella.

May 13th – May 31st 2019
Shelduck (2 on 13th-15th & 20th May, 1 on 30th May), Hobby (6 on 13th May, 18 on 14th May, 2 on 15th May, 1 on 18th – 19th May, 4 on 20th May, 5 on 24th May), Egyptian Goose (Adult+1y on 13th & 24th May, 2 + 1y on 26th May, 29th May, 3 on 30th May), Common Tern (6 on 13th May, 7 on 14th May, 12 on 15th May, 2 on raft on 17th & 23rd May, 12 on Lynsters Lake and 7 on Marsh Lake on 20th May, 10 at Lynsters and 1 on raft on 22nd May, 3 on 29th May), Garden Warbler (13th & 18th May, 2 on 14th May), Reed Warbler (3 on 13th May, 1 on 14th May), Great Crested Grebe (2 on 13th - 14th , 17th – 18th , 20th , 26th -27th & 30th May, 1 with fish on 29th May), Tufted Duck (3 pairs on 14th May, Pair on 20th May, 2m on 30th May), Pochard (2 on 14th May, 2m&2f on 20th May, 2m&1f on 22nd May), Mallard (2 pairs on 14th May, 21st May, With 7 young on 30th May), Cuckoo (15th - 19th May), Stock Dove (4 on 15th May), Song Thrush (15th May), Little Grebe (15th & 29th May, 1 adult and 1 young on 24th May, 3 on 26th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (15th , 21st & 25th May, 1m&1f on 22nd & 29th May), Lesser Black-backed Gull (16th May), Swift (30+ on 17th May, 19 on 27th May), Red-crested Pochard (17th & 19th May on Lynsters, 2 on 18th May, Pair and 1f&3m on 26th May), Shoveler (4 inc pair on 17th May, Pair on 19th May, 2m&1f on 20th May, 4 on 26th May, 2m on 29th May), Treecreeper (18th May), Lapwing (3 on 18th May), Teal (Pair on 18th May, m on 26th & 29th May), Green Woodpecker (18th May), Long-tailed Tit (Fledged family on 18th May), Blackcap (2 on 20th May, 1 on 25th May), Mute Swan (20th May, 2 on 26th – 27th May), Canada Goose (Pair and 4 young on 20th & 25th May), Great Tit (21st May, 7 on 29th May), Grey Heron (21st & 25th May, 2 on 29th May), Coot (21st May), Jay (21st May, 2 on 26th May), Red Kite (22nd May), Reed Warblers (2 seen on 25th May), Chiffchaff (25th May), Starling (3 on 25th May), Grey Wagtail (25th & 29th May), Little Egret (26th – 27th & 30th May), Mandarin Duck (26th May), Reed Bunting (26th May), Oystercatcher (2 on 29th May), Chaffinch (10 on 29th May) and Robin (29th May).

Mayfly (Lots on 13th May), Hoverfly (Larvae on 18th May) and Black and Red Froghopper (19th May). Banded Demoiselle (m on 16th , 18th & 25th May), Blue-tailed Damselfly (19th – 20th , 25th & 27th May), Azure Damselfly (20th May, f on 24th & 27th May), Hairy Dragonfly ((maybe) – f on 22nd May, Pair on 24th May, f on 26th – 27th May), Hairy Hawker (Probably – on 23rd May), Broad-bodied Chaser (f on 25th May, 2f on 27th May), Large Red Damselfly (25th May), Black-tailed Skimmer (f on 26th & 30th May), Emperor Dragonfly (2f on 27th May, f on 31st May), Four-spotted Chaser (f on 27th May) and Red-eyed Damselfly (m on 27th May). Brimstone (Larvae on 17th May, 18th & 22nd May, 5 on 25th May), Peacock (18th & 22nd – 23rd May, 2 on 25th May), Holly Blue (18th , 23rd & 25th May, 3 on 22nd May), Small Yellow Underwing (19th May), Green-veined White (22nd – 23rd & 25th May), Small Copper (23rd – 24th May), Brown Argus (2 on 24th May), Orange Tip (25th May), Small Magpie Moth (25th May) and Cinnabar (4 on 31st May).

Fox (14th, 18th & 21st May, cub on 22nd & 29th May), Muntjac (24th May, 2 on 26th May) and Squirrel (25th May).

Grass Snake (26th May).

Southern Marsh Orchid (19th May, 2725 on 25th May 2019, 2325 on 26th May 2018, 2093 on 20th May 2017, 1237 on 11th Jun 2016, 1431 on 30th May 2015, 438 on 31st May 2014, 1 on 7th Jun 2013, 100+ on 27th May 2012).

May 11th – May 12th 2019 – Open Weekend.
(11th May), Crow (11th -12th May), Robin (11th – 12th May), Little Grebe (11th -12th May), Coot (with 9 & 2 chicks on 11th May, 12th May), Cormorant (2 on 11th May, 1 on 12th May), Great Tit (11th -12th May, using new Nest Box in Lean-to on 11th May, using Nest Box 8 on 11th May, using Nest Box 9 on 11th May, using Nest Box E on 12th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (11th May), Ring-necked Parakeet (11th -12th May), Tufted Duck (11th – 12th May), Mallard (11th – 12th May), Blackcap (11th – 12th May), Shelduck (2 on 11th May), Dunnock (with 2y on 11th May, 12th May), Woodpigeon (11th – 12th May), Black-headed Gull (11th – 12th May), Great Crested Grebe (11th May), Starling (On cricket pitch on 11th -12th May), Long-tailed Tit (11th May), Pochard (Pair on 11th May), Chiffchaff (11th – 12th May), Magpie (11th – 12th May), Red Kite (11th – 12th May), Lesser Black-backed Gull (11th – 12th May), Blackbird (11th – 12th May), Common Tern (2 on 11th – 12th May), Treecreeper (Pair on 11th May), Gadwall (11th May), Mute Swan (11th May), Shoveler (Pair on 11th May, 12th May), Song Thrush (11th – 12th May), Buzzard (11th – 12th May), Grey Heron (11th May), Canada Goose (2+5y on 11th May), Greylag Goose (11th May), Moorhen (11th May), Jay (11th May), Jackdaw (11th – 12th May), Hobby (3 on 11th May, 4 on 12th May), Reed Warbler (11th -12th May), Stock Dove (11th May), Blue Tit (using Nest Box 40 on 11th May, Using Nest Box L (Left chamber) on 12th May), Garden Warbler (2 on 12th May), Swift (4 on 12th May), Egyptian Goose (with 1y on 12th May) and Grey Heron (12th May).

Squirrel (11th May, 2 on 12th May), Brown Rat (11th May), Fox (11th May, 2 on 12th May), Rabbit (12th May) and Roe Deer (12th May).

Holly Blue (11th – 12th (ovipositing) May), Orange Tip (11th – 12th May), Speckled Wood (11th May), Green-veined White (12th May), Small White (12th May), Brimstone (12th May), Red Admiral (12th May), Peacock (2 on 12th May) and Nettle-tap Moth (11th May). Brickwork Woodlouse (tbc) (11th May), Nettle Weevil (11th May), Cardinal Beetle (11th May), Black and Yellow coloured Mirid Bug (11th May), Red and Black Froghopper (11th May), Kidney Spot Ladybird (11th May), Hornet (12th May), Cucumber Green Orb Spider (12th May), 7-Spot Ladybird (12th May), Bee-fly (12th May) and Common Blue Damselfly (12th May).

Grass Snake (11th May) and Smooth Newt (11th May).

May 1st – May 10th 2019
Shelduck (m&f 1st & 8th May), Common Tern (2 on 1st May, 5 on 3rd May, 4 on 5th May, 7 on Reserve and 20 on Lynsters Lake on 8th May, 12+ on 10th May), Egyptian Goose (2 with 1y on 1st , 3rd & 8th May, 10th May), Goldeneye (f on 2nd & 10th May), Little Grebe (3 and 2+1y on 3rd May, 2 on 5th May, 6 on 6th May, 10th May), Mallard (+5y+8y+5y on 3rd May, Pair+5y on 5th May, +6y on 10th May), Canada Goose (2+5y & 2+1y on 3rd May, 2+5y on 4th & 8th – 10th May, 10th May), Greylag Goose (8 adults+5y+3y+3y on 3rd May, goslings on 10th May), Swift (3rd May, 10 on 8th May, 20+ on 10th May), Garden Warbler (3rd , 6th & 10th May), Robin (Pair with fledged young on 3rd May, 10th May), Reed Warbler (3rd May), Little Egret (4th & 6th May), Grey Heron (2 on 4th May), Gadwall (30 on 5th May, 24 on 8th May, 29 on 10th May), Great Tit (in Nest Box 3 on 5th May, feeding in Nest Box 23 on 10th May, feeding at Nest Box 8 on 10th May), Great Spotted Woodpecker (5th & 10th May), Mute Swan (5th & 10th May), Oystercatcher (1 on cricket pitch on 6th May, 1 on 8th May), Whitethroat (6th May), Treecreeper (6th May), Blue Tit (6th May, photographed using Nest Box 40 on 10th May, using Nest Box 21 on 10th May), Chaffinch (6th May), Kingfisher (m on 6th May), House Martin (15 on 8th, 10th May), Pochard (10th May), Jay (10th May), Blackbird (10th May), Black-headed Gull (10th May, 16+ on nests on 10th May), Magpie (10th May), Wren (with faecal sack on 10th May), Shoveler (Pair on 10th May) and Coot (30 including 2 pairs with young on 10th May).

Bank Vole (1st & 10th May), Muntjac (2nd May), Fox (Chasing Greylag young on 3rd May, 10th May), Rabbit (6 adults & 2 Kits on 5th May) and Roe Deer (On path to Lynsters Hide on 10th May) – J. Mullings.

Speckled Wood (1st May), Orange Tip (Pair on 1st May, 3rd – 4th May), Brimstone (4th May) and Peacock (4th May). Common Blue Damselfly (m on 1st May, 5 on 4th May), Large Red Damselfly (4th May) and Blue-tailed Damselfly (4th May). Black and Red Froghopper (2nd May), Red-headed Cardinal Beetle (2 on 4th May), Great Diving Beetle (5th May), Silver Diving Beetle (Larvae 5th May), Pond Olive (5th May) and Diving Beetle (2 on 5th May).

Smooth Newt (f on 5th May) and Grass Snake (2 foot specimen on 9th May).

Apr 20th – Apr 30th 2019
Garden Warbler (20th Apr), Great Tit (Nesting in Nest Box 8 and a pair using Nest Box 3 on 20th Apr), Mallard (With 11y on 20th – 21st & 24th Apr on Clubhouse Lake, with 8y at Rotunda on 21st Apr, 8y+8y from Long Hedge Hide on 21st Apr, with 3 broods of 8 on 22nd Apr, with broods of 7y+8y from Long Hedge on 24th Apr, 8y+8y on 26th Apr, 2y+4y on 27th Apr, 5y on 28th Apr, 5y on Barge Pond on 30th Apr), Blackcap (20th – 21st Apr, several on 23rd Apr), Mistle Thrush (21st Apr), Chiffchaff (2 on 21st & 23rd Apr), Reed Bunting (21st Apr), Little Grebe (2 adults+1y on 21st -22nd & 27th Apr, with 1y on 26th Apr), Egyptian Goose (2 adults+1y on 21st – 22nd , 24th , 26th & 28th Apr), Reed Warbler (21st Apr), Coot (4 on 21st Apr, 24th Apr, 28 on 24th Apr, with 4y on 26th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 21st Apr), Canada Goose (2 on 21st Apr), Grey Heron (2 on 21st Apr, 1 on 24th Apr), Dunnock (3 on 21st Apr), Greylag Goose (Pair with 7 goslings on 21st Apr, 4 pairs with 7+5+3+8 goslings on 24th Apr), Kingfisher (22nd Apr), Snipe (1 on 22nd Apr), Grey Wagtail (22nd & 26th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (22nd Apr), Jay (Pair on 22nd Apr, 5 on 23rd Apr, 2 on 24th Apr), Oystercatcher (1 over on 23rd & 24th Apr), Swallow (1 over on 23rd Apr, 2 on 24th Apr), Wren (nest building on 23rd Apr), Treecreeper (23rd Apr, 2 on 24th Apr), Pochard (10 on 24th Apr, 9 on 26th Apr), Goldeneye (f on 24th Apr), Tufted Duck (m&f on 24th Apr), Black-headed Gull (24th Apr), Common Tern (4 on 24th Apr, 2 on 26th Apr, 1 on 26th Apr), Mistle Thrush (24th Apr feeding juv, 1 on 27th Apr), Red-crested Pochard (4 on 24th Apr on Lynsters Lake), Sand Martin (10 on 24th Apr), Ring-necked Parakeet (6 on 24th Apr), Swift (5+ on 26th Apr), Buzzard (27th Apr) and Long-tailed Tit (with 5y on 30th Apr).

Hairy Shieldbug (20+ on 20th Apr, 2 on 30th Apr), Brassica Shieldbug (20th Apr, 20+ on 30th Apr) and Forget-me-not Shieldbug (5+ on 30th Apr). Large Red Damselfly (22nd Apr) and Common Blue Damselfly (f on 22nd Apr, m on 26th Apr, 5+ on 30th Apr). Speckled Wood (1 on 24th & 28th Apr), Green-veined White (24th & 30th Apr), Brimstone (1 on 26th Apr), Peacock (1 on 26th & 30th Apr), Holly Blue (5 on 26th Apr, 30th Apr), Orange Tip (m&f on 26th Apr, 30th Apr), Red Admiral (1 on 26th Apr), Comma (30th Apr) and Nematopogon swammerdamella micro moth (27th Apr). Wasp Beetle (30th Apr).

Rat (1 adult & 2y on 20th Apr, 1 on 28th), Rabbit (2 on 20th Apr, 10 on 24th Apr, 3 on 27th Apr), Fox (21st & 27th Apr), Bank Vole (21st, 24th, 26th & 28th Apr) and Shrew sp (1 on 24th Apr).

Apr 6th – Apr 19th 2019
Snipe (2 on 6th & 12th – 13th & 16th Apr, 1 on 7th , 14th & 17th Apr, 7 on 8th Apr, 3 on 10th Apr), Jay (5 together on 6th Apr, 7 in Paddock on 16th Apr, 6 on 19th Apr), Pied Wagtail (4 on 6th Apr (2 mobbing a Red Kite)), Red Kite (6th , 10th & 19th Apr), Magpie (11 on 6th Apr), Egyptian Goose (Pair with 1y on 6th-8th , 10th , 12th , 14th & 16th – 17th Apr and 2 adults flying over Lynsters Lake on 6th Apr, 2 on Clubhouse Lake on 10th Apr, 1 adult with 1y on 19th Apr), Blackcap (3 on 6th Apr, 1 on 9th Apr, 2 on 10th Apr, 3m&1f on 12th Apr, pair on 19th Apr, 2 on 30th Apr), Green Woodpecker (6th & 10th Apr), Great Spotted Woodpecker (6th , 8th & 10th Apr), Little Grebe (6th , 12th & 17th Apr, 5 on 10th Apr, 2 on 14th & 19th Apr, Pair with 1 chick on 18th Apr), Great Crested Grebe (6th & 12th Apr, 2 on 14th – 17th & 19th Apr), Mute Swan (2 on 6th & 12th Apr), Jackdaw (50+ on 6th Apr, with 2 in old Tawny Owl Nest Box W), Wren (2 on 6th Apr, 1 nest building 9th Apr, 2 on 19th Apr), Treecreeper (6th – 7th , 10th & 17th (with caterpillar) Apr), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (possibly, drumming 6th Apr), Shoveler (14 on 7th Apr, 1 on 10th & 19th Apr, 7 on 12th Apr, 6 on 14th Apr), Teal (7 on 7th Apr, 8th Apr, Pair on 10th Apr, 4 on 12th Apr, 2 on 14th Apr, 6 on 15th Apr, 3 on 17th Apr), Pochard (9 on 7th Apr, 2m on 10th Apr, 12th Apr, 8 on 14th Apr, 6m on 19th Apr), Oystercatcher (7th – 8th , 13th & 17th Apr), Reed Bunting (m on 8th , 10th & 12th Apr), Goldeneye (2m&2f on 8th Apr, m&f on 16th Apr), Red-crested Pochard (m&f on 8th Apr, 3 on 10th Apr, 4m on 15th Apr), House Martin (100+ on 8th Apr, 20+ on 10th Apr, 1 on 11th Apr, 8 on 28th Apr), Swallow (3 on 8th Apr, 10 on 10th Apr), Willow Warbler (9th – 10th & 17th Apr), Kingfisher (10th Apr), Sparrowhawk (10th Apr), Sand Martin (5+ on 10th Apr), Blackbird (2m on 10th Apr), Kestrel (m on 10th Apr), Mistle Thrush (Pair collecting food on Cricket Pitch on 11th Apr, 1 on 19th Apr), Gadwall (27 on 12th Apr, 15+ on 14th Apr, 20+ on 15th Apr, 8+ on 19th Apr), Coal Tit (Heard near Chilton Club on 13th Apr), Little Egret (9th & 16th Apr), Greenshank (over and calling on 16th Apr), Mallard (1 with 11 ducklings on 16th Apr, with 8y & 7y on 19th Apr), Robin (16th Apr), Moorhen (2 on 19th Apr), Coot (4 on 19th Apr), Canada Goose (9 on 19th Apr), Grey Heron (19th Apr), Dunnock (4 on 19th Apr), Buzzard (2 on 19th Apr), Reed Warbler (Heard 19th Apr) and Black-headed Gull (40 on 19th Apr).

Rabbit (18 on 6th Apr – 9 at Long Hedge including 3y, 4 on Lynsters Field, 2 in Plantation, 2 in the Paddock and 1 at Clubhouse, 5 on 19th Apr), Squirrel (1 on 6th Apr), Shrew sp (7th – 8th , 14th & 19th Apr), Bank Vole (1 on 7th – 9th , 12th , 15th & 19th Apr, 2 on 14th Apr), Common Shrew (9th Apr), Muntjac (13th Apr), Bat sp (Flying at 11:15am at Barge Pond), Brown Rat (1y on 19th Apr). Soprano Pipistrelle (19th Apr), Common Pipistrelle (19th Apr) and Nathusius (19th Apr).

Orange Tip (f & m on 10th Apr, 11th Apr, 6+ on 17th Apr, 4 on 18th Apr, 4+ on 19th Apr), Peacock (2 on 10th & 15th Apr, 11th Apr, 4+ on 19th Apr), Holly Blue (10th Apr, 5+ on 17th Apr, 6+ on 19th Apr), Small Tortoiseshell (11th Apr, 2 on 19th Apr), Comma (2 on 11th & 17th Apr, 1 on 15th Apr), Small White (15th Apr, 2 on 17th Apr), Green-veined White (15th , 17th & 19th Apr), Brimstone (3 on 15th Apr, 6+ on 17th Apr with f laying eggs near Lynsters Bridge, 5+ on 19th Apr) and Speckled Wood (17th Apr). Green Shieldbug (11th & 18th Apr), Hairy-Footed Flower Bee (11th Apr), Bee Fly (11th Apr), Scarce Fungus Weevil (11th Apr), May Fly (12th Apr), Pied Shieldbug (2 on 18th Apr) and Dock Bug (18th Apr).

Grass Snake (18th Apr) and Newt (In pond on 19th Apr).

Apr 1st – Apr 5th 2019
Snipe (3 on 1st Apr, 4 on 2nd Apr, 1 on 3rd Apr, 2 on 4th – 5th Apr), Egyptian Goose (Pair with 1 young on 1st , 3rd & 5th Apr), Goldeneye (Pair on 1st Apr), Red-crested Pochard (m on 1st Apr), Kingfisher (1st & 3rd Apr), Great Crested Grebe (1st & 3rd Apr), House Martin (10-15 over Paddock on 2nd Apr), Tufted Duck (4 on 3rd Apr), Gadwall (6 on 4th Apr), Reed Bunting (3rd Apr), Pheasant (3rd Apr), Jay (3rd Apr), Green Woodpecker (3rd Apr), Little Grebe (4 on 3rd Apr, nest making on 4th Apr), Mute Swan (2 on 3rd Apr), Blackcap (3rd Apr), Raven (2 over on 4th Apr), Little Ringed Plover (On Lynsters Farm on 4th Apr), Coot (Mating on 4th Apr), Teal (3 on 5th Apr), Pochard (8m&1f on 5th Apr), Coal Tit (5th Apr) and Treecreeper (2 on 5th Apr).

Shrew sp (1st, 3rd & 5th Apr) and Bank Vole (2 (possibly 3) on 3rd Apr, 1 on 6th Apr).

Comma (3+ on 1st Apr), Peacock (2 on 1st Apr), Orange-tip (1st Apr), Brimstone (1st Apr), Small Tortoiseshell (1st Apr) and Holly Blue (1st Apr).

Mar 1st – Mar 31st 2019
Snipe (1st , 4th – 6th , 8th , 11th , 15th , 18th , 22nd & 29th Mar, 2 on 3rd , 13th , 20th , 26th & 30th Mar, 4 on 17th Mar, 6 on 24th & 27th Mar, 5 on 25th Mar, 8 on 28th Mar), Green Sandpiper (1st , 6th , 8th , 11th , 13th , 15th , 17th ,20th , 22nd , 25th – 27th , 29th & 31st Mar), Barnacle Goose (1st Mar), Egyptian Goose (Pair with 5 young on 1st Mar, with 4 young on 3rd Mar, with 3 young on 4th – 6th , 8th , 11th & 13th Mar and a second pair (4 adults in total) on 6th & 9th – 10th Mar, a second male on 11th Mar, Pair with 2 young on 15th Mar, Pair now with 1 young on 17th , 19th -20th , 22nd , 24th – 27th , 29th & 31st Mar), Chiffchaff (1st , 5th , 9th , 20th & 29th Mar, 2+ on 24th Mar, 2 on 30th Mar), Treecreeper (1st , 10th , 20th , 29th & 31st Mar, 4 on 17th Mar), Red Kite (1st , 3rd , 20th & 29th – 30th Mar (possibly nest building 30th Mar in or near Paddock), 3 on 15th & 24th Mar), Little Grebe (2 on 1st & 29th Mar, 2 pair on 2nd Mar, 8 on 3rd Mar, 3 on 11th Mar, 11 on 15th Mar, 24th Mar, 10 on 25th Mar, 12 on 31st Mar), Teal (3m&3f on 1st Mar, 10 on 2nd Mar, 3rd & 24th Mar, 8 on 8th Mar, 7 on 11th & 22nd Mar, 15 on 13th Mar, 2 on 15th & 30th – 31st Mar, 5 on 29th Mar), Long-tailed Tit (2 on 2nd Mar, 5th Mar, 1 on 11th Mar), Great Tit (9 on 2nd Mar, 1 collecting moss on 29th Mar), Blue Tit (7 on 2nd Mar), Grey Heron (2nd & 29th Mar), Shoveler (5 on 2nd Mar, 3rd & 24th Mar, 15 on 18th & 31st Mar, 8 on 29th Mar, 3 on 30th Mar), Oystercatcher (2nd Mar, 2 on 3rd , 5th – 6th , 14th & 20th Mar, 1 on 8th & 17th – 18th Mar), Pochard (m&f on 3rd Mar, 24th & 29th – 30th Mar), Buzzard (2 on 3rd , 6th & 24th Mar, 1 on 11th & 17th Mar), Jay (3rd , 11th & 29th Mar), Little Egret (3rd Mar), Redwing (3rd & 19th Mar, 1 on 11th Mar), Siskin (c12 on 3rd Mar, 30+ on 4th Mar, 5th Mar, c20 on 6th Mar), Canada Goose (c85 on 5th Mar, 120 on 11th Mar, 124 on 15th Mar), Mute Swan (Pair on 5th , 24th & 29th Mar), Kingfisher (5th – 6th , 9th & 18th Mar), Goosander (f on 6th Mar), Water Rail (8th , 17th & 22nd Mar), Fieldfare (3 on 9th Mar), Great Spotted Woodpecker (10th & 29th Mar, 4 on 30th Mar), Grey Wagtail (10th Mar), Common Gull (3 on 11th Mar), Meadow Pipit (2 on 11th Mar, 4 on 13th Mar), Reed Bunting (Pair on 11th Mar, 1 on 29th Mar), Goldcrest (11th Mar), Mandarin (m on 11th Mar), Gadwall (44 on 11th Mar, 17 on 15th Mar, 12 on 18th Mar, 25 on 22nd Mar, 2 on 29th Mar, 3 on 30th Mar), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (drumming near car park on 13th Mar), Red-crested Pochard (3m on Lynsters on 15th Mar, m on 20th , 29th & 31st Mar, 5m on 22nd Mar, 6 on 26th Mar, 2m on 30th Mar), Stock Dove (58 on 15th Mar), Jackdaw (c100 on 15th Mar, 2 using old Tawny Owl Nest Box W on 29th Mar), Pied Wagtail (3 on 15th Mar), Magpie (15 on 15th Mar), Bullfinch (f on 20th Mar), Blackcap (3m on 24th Mar, 26th & 29th Mar, 2m on 30th Mar), Raven (2 over on 26th Mar), Crow (Pair at nest on 29th Mar, Nest in Alders in front of Rotunda plus nest in Poplar north end of reserve on 30th Mar), Tufted Duck (2 on 29th – 30th Mar), Blackbird (collecting nesting material on 29th & 30th Mar), Goldeneye (male and later a female on 30th Mar, female on 31st Mar), Robin (Collecting nest material on 30th Mar), Great Crested Grebe (Pair displaying on 30th Mar), Greylag Goose (Pair with juv on 30th Mar), Green Woodpecker (30th – 31st Mar) and Mallard (5+ on 30th Mar).

Bank Vole (2 on 1st , 6th , 20th, 24th & 27th Mar, 1 on 4th , 8th , 11th , 13th , 15th , 18th & 25th Mar), Shrew sp (coming to cheese in Shell hide on 1st , 4th , 8th , 10th – 11th , 13th , 15th , 18th , 20th & 25th Mar), Rabbit (3rd Mar, 6 on 24th Mar, 2 on 29th Mar), Fox (25th - 26th Mar), Squirrel (1 on 24th & 29th – 30th Mar), Soprano Pipistrelle Bat (27th Mar) and Noctule Bat (27th Mar).

Red Admiral (5th Mar), Brimstone (3+ on 24th Mar, m on 29th Mar), Peacock (2+ on 24th Mar, 1 on 26th Mar, 4+ on 29th Mar, Small White (4 on 24th Mar), Small Tortoiseshell (2 on 24th & 29th Mar, 1 on 25th Mar), Orange-tip (m on 29th Mar) and Comma (29th Mar). Buff-tailed Bumblebee (1st Mar), Bee Fly (24th & 26th Mar, 4 on 29th Mar), Harlequin Bug (c 200 in lower Double-Decker Hide plus c200 in upper Double-Decker Hide on 29th Mar) and Wasp (2 on 29th Mar).

Lesser Celandine (5th, 11th, 14th & 25th Mar), White Violet (11th Mar), Ground Ivy (blossoms on 11th Mar), Sweet Violet (11th Mar), Cowslip (14th & 22nd Mar), Snakeshead Fritillary (20th Mar) and Scarlet Elf Cup (24th Mar).

Frogspawn (15th & 19th Mar) and Smooth Newt (27th Mar).

Feb 16th – Feb 28th 2019
Water Rail (16th , 18th , 20th , 22nd – 23rd & 26th – 27th Feb), Great Crested Grebe (Pair displaying, mating and nest building on 16th Feb, 2 on 17th – 18th Feb, 1 on 24th - 25th & 27th – 28th Feb), Chiffchaff (2 singing on 16th Feb, 1 on 20th – 21st , 23rd – 25th & 28th Feb), Shoveler (11m on 16th Feb, 4 on 21st Feb, 15m and some females on 23rd Feb, 24th Feb), Jay (16th , 23rd & 26th Feb), Meadow Pipit (16th & 24th Feb), Canada Goose (96 on Lynsters on 16th Feb, 100 on 18th Feb, 115 on Lynsters on 28th Feb), Pied Wagtail (15+ on Lynsters on 16th Feb), Greylag Goose (4 on Lynsters on 16th Feb, 3 on 28th Feb), Magpie (15 on Lynsters on 16th Feb, 12+ on 23rd Feb), Egyptian Goose (1 on Lynsters on 16th & 18th Feb, Pair with 5 young on 20th & 22nd - 28th Feb), Feral Pigeon (On Lynsters on 16th Feb), Buzzard (16th & 21st Feb, 2 on 23rd Feb), Siskin (2 on 16th Feb, 1 on 23rd Feb, 5 on 25th Feb), Long-tailed Tit (10+ on 16th Feb), Little Grebe (16th Feb, 4 on 17th , 21st , 24th & 28th Feb, 5 on 18th Feb, 1 on 23rd Feb, 3 on 24th Feb), Song Thrush (16th Feb), Redwing (11 on 16th Feb, 10 on 23rd Feb, 6 on 24th Feb, 10+ on 25th Feb), Fieldfare (c20 on 16th Feb, 1 on 23rd Feb, 2 on 24th Feb), Treecreeper (16th & 23rd Feb), Blue Tit (16th Feb), Great Tit (16th Feb), Pochard (4f&2m on 16th Feb, 18th Feb, 4m&2f on 22nd Feb, 23rd Feb, 3 on 24th Feb, 6 on 27th Feb), Snipe (2 on 17th – 18th , 20th & 22nd Feb, 1 on 23rd – 24th Feb, 4-5 on 25th Feb, 6 on 26th Feb, 5-6 on 27th Feb), Rook (3 on 8th Feb, 1 over on 23rd Feb), Teal (3 on 18th Feb, 4 on 24th Feb), Stock Dove (41 on 18th Feb, 23rd Feb, 70 on 28th Feb), Green Woodpecker (18th Feb), Green Sandpiper (18th , 20th , 22nd & 24th Feb), Reed Bunting (2 on 19th Feb, 21st Feb, 3 on 24th & 26th – 27th Feb), Gadwall (2 on 21st Feb, 4 on 24th Feb), Tufted Duck (2 on 21st Feb, 23rd Feb), Grey Heron (21st & 24th Feb), Mute Swan (2 on 21st , 23rd – 24th & 28th Feb), Pheasant (21st Feb), Great Spotted Woodpecker (21st & 23rd Feb), Red Kite (2 on 23rd Feb, 1 on 28th Feb), Oystercatcher (23rd – 25th & 27th Feb), Mallard (23rd Feb), Kingfisher (24th Feb), Grey Wagtail (2 on 24th Feb), Greenfinch (24th Feb), Tawny Owl (24th Feb), Sparrowhawk (1m&1f on 24th Feb) and Jackdaw (c1000 on 24th Feb).

Squirrel (2 on 16th Feb, 4 on 23rd Feb), Rabbit (7 on 16th Feb, 3 on 23rd Feb) and Bank Vole (20th, 22nd – 23rd & 27th Feb).

Scarlet Elf Cup (16th Feb).

Brimstone (17th & 25th – 26th Feb, 2 on 24th Feb), Small Tortoiseshell (24th & 26th Feb) and Red Admiral (25th & 27th Feb). 7-spot Ladybird (21st Feb, 2 on 26th Feb) and Lygaeid bug species (Arocatus roeselii) (23rd Feb).

Feb 1st – Feb 15th 2019
Fieldfare (5 on 2nd Feb, 20 on 10th Feb, 6 on 15th Feb), Jackdaw (500+ on 2nd Feb), Blue Tit (2nd – 3rd Feb), Great Tit (2nd – 3rd Feb, 6 on 14th Feb), Long-tailed Tit (2nd & 12th Feb, Pair on 10th Feb, 4 on 11th Feb), Robin (2nd , 10th & 14th Feb, 8 on 3rd Feb), Dunnock (2nd Feb, 4 on 3rd & 11th Feb), Blackbird (2nd Feb), Ringed-necked Parakeet (2nd Feb), Mute Swan (2nd Feb), Mallard (2nd Feb), Coot (2nd Feb), Moorhen (2nd Feb), Magpie (10+ on 2nd Feb, 32 on 11th Feb), Woodpigeon (2nd Feb), Green Woodpecker (2nd Feb), Wigeon (12 on 3rd Feb), Buzzard (2 on 3rd Feb, 1 on 14th – 15th Feb), Siskin (100+ on 3rd Feb, 12th Feb), Great White Egret (3rd Feb), Pheasant (3rd , 7th & 12th Feb), Snipe (2 on 3rd & 15th Feb, 1 on 4th & 6th Feb), Great Spotted Woodpecker (2 on 3rd & 11th Feb, 1 on 12th Feb), Reed Bunting (3rd Feb, 8 on 11th Feb, 1 on 12th Feb, 6 on 14th Feb, 3 on 15th Feb), Redwing (4 on 3rd Feb, c12 on 10th Feb, 10+ on 13th Feb), Redwing and Fieldfare (mixed flock of 60+ on 3rd Feb), Chaffinch (9 on 3rd Feb, 2f&1m on 11th Feb), Chiffchaff (4th , 10th & 15th Feb), Teal (26 on 4th Feb, 12 on 7th Feb, 17 on 8th Feb, 19 on 10th Feb, 10m&4f on 11th Feb), Little Grebe (2 on 4th & 15th Feb, 1 on 11th Feb), Treecreeper (5th & 10th Feb, Pair on 11th Feb), Coal Tit (6th Feb), Grey Wagtail (6th & 15th Feb), Siskin (50+ on 6th & 12th Feb, 12+ on 13th Feb), Shoveler (12 on 7th Feb), Grey Heron (7th Feb), Pochard (4m&3f on 8th Feb), Jay (10th Feb), Canada Goose (130 on 11th Feb), Green Sandpiper (12th – 13th Feb), Meadow Pipit (3 on 12th Feb) and Water Rail (12th & 14th – 15th Feb).

Fox (1st Feb), Squirrel (2nd Feb), Rabbit (3 on 3rd & 14th Feb), Molehills (3rd Feb), Bank Vole (4th, 8th & 13th – 14th Feb, 2 on 11th Feb), Wood Mouse (2 on 9th Feb) and Muntjac (14th Feb).

Scarlet Elf Cup (2nd Feb).

Peacock (14th Feb).

Jan 2nd – Jan 31st 2019
Siskin (50+ on 2nd , 7th , 20th & 25th Jan, 10 on 3rd Jan, 8 on 5th Jan, 6th Jan, 25 on 18th Jan, 100+ on 27th -28th Jan, 70+ on 30th Jan), Green Sandpiper (2nd & 6th – 7th Jan), Snipe (3rd , 11th , 13th – 14th , 23rd & 27th – 28th Jan, 2 on 4th , 6th & 9th Jan, 3 on 16th & 30th Jan), Goldfinch (3rd & 20th Jan, 6 on 28th Jan), Dunnock (3rd Jan), Jay (2 on 3rd Jan, 1 on 5th & 28th Jan), Egyptian Goose (4 on 3rd Jan, 2 on 4th & 12th Jan, 6th Jan), Teal (12 on 4th Jan, 13 on 6th Jan, 11 on 11th – 12th Jan, 10 on 13th Jan, 2 pairs on 14th Jan, 21 on 16th Jan, 43 on 27th Jan, 5 on 28th Jan), Barnacle Goose (4th & 18th Jan), Wigeon (9 on 4th Jan, f on 6th – 7th , 9th & 11th – 13th Jan), Buzzard (2 on 4th , 13th & 20th Jan, 6th , 12th , 17th , 19th & 28th Jan), Grey Wagtail (5th , 11th & 13th Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (5th – 6th & 19th Jan, Pair on 21st Jan), Shoveler (5th Jan, 3 on 20th Jan, 2m on 28th Jan), Little Grebe (5th , 16th – 17th & 27th Jan, 2 on 28th Jan), Chiffchaff (5th , 18th & 20th Jan, 2 on 9th & 17th Jan), Red Kite (5th & 28th Jan), Grey Heron (5th & 19th Jan), Green Woodpecker (5th Jan), Common Gull (5th , 16th & 28th Jan), Herring Gull (3 on 6th Jan), Redwing (6th Jan, 30+ on 7th Jan, 60+ on 12th Jan, 10 on 18th & 28th Jan, 3 on 25th Jan, 20+ on 30th Jan), Fieldfare (6th Jan, 15 on 7th Jan, 2 on 20th Jan, 4 on 28th Jan, 15+ on 30th Jan), Jackdaw (c500 on 7th Jan, c1000 on 17th – 18th Jan), Robin (8th & 20th Jan, 6 on 18th Jan), White Stork (Circled over for 10mins on 10th Jan), Mute Swan (3 on 12th Jan), Greenfinch (13th Jan), Treecreeper (14th & 19th Jan), Goldcrest (14th Jan), Sparrowhawk (17th Jan), Kingfisher (17th & 28th Jan), Magpie (66 on 17th Jan, 28 on 18th Jan), Reed Bunting (18th Jan, Pair on 20th Jan, 6 on 25TH Jan), Pheasant (18th , 20th & 28th Jan), Coot (3 on 18th Jan, 2 on 26th Jan), Moorhen (18th Jan), Long-tailed Tit (5 on 18th Jan), Cormorant (19th Jan), Mistle Thrush (2 on 20th Jan), Great Tit (20th Jan), Blue Tit (20th Jan), Chaffinch (Pair on 20th Jan), Mallard (Pair on 20th Jan), Blackbird (4 on 20th Jan), Meadow Pipit (25th Jan), Nuthatch (28th Jan), Pied Wagtail (28th Jan) and Kestrel (28th Jan).

Scarlet Elf Cup (3rd , 23rd , 27th & 29th Jan), Velvet Shank (29th Jan), Glistening Inkcap (29th Jan) and Stump Balls (29th Jan).

Squirrel (4 on 5th Jan, 6th Jan), Fox (12th & 31st Jan), Molehills (12th Jan), Rabbit (2 on 19th Jan, 1 on 26th Jan), Vole sp (4 on 28th Jan) and Bank Vole (2 on 30th Jan).

Jan 1st 2019 – Mild and Dry
Egyptian Goose (4 on 1st Jan), Robin (1st Jan), Black-headed Gull (100+ on Lynsters on 1st Jan), Tufted Duck (1st Jan), Great Tit (1st Jan), Blue Tit (1st Jan), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st Jan), Mallard (1st Jan), Moorhen (1st Jan), Chaffinch (1st Jan), Dunnock (1st Jan), Mute Swan (2 on 1st Jan), Grey Heron (1st Jan), Goldfinch (1st Jan), Red Kite (1st Jan), Buzzard (2 on Lynsters 1st Jan), Wigeon (10+ on Lynsters on 1st Jan), Teal (18+ on 1st Jan), Common Gull (3 on Lynsters on 1st Jan), Herring Gull (1 on Lynsters on 1st Jan), Canada Goose (15+ on Lynsters 1st Jan), Greylag Goose (30+ on Lynsters 1st Jan), Ring-necked Parakeet (5 on 1st Jan), Jackdaw (40+ on Lynsters 1st Jan), Stock Dove (2 on 1st Jan), Carrion Crow (1st Jan), Great Crested Grebe (On Lynsters 1st Jan), Coot (50+ on Lynsters 1st Jan), Gadwall (5+ on 1st Jan), Magpie (10+ 1st Jan), Wren (1st Jan), Long-tailed Tit (1st Jan), Siskin (100+ on 1st Jan), Redwing (5 on 1st Jan), Shoveler (3m&2f on 1st Jan), Blackbird (1st Jan), Woodpigeon (1st Jan), Green Sandpiper (1st Jan) and Little Grebe (1st Jan).

Squirrel (3 on 1st Jan), Bank Vole (1st Jan) and Muntjac (1st Jan).

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